Results and Splits for 2017 NCAA Cross Country Championships DI, DII and DIII

November 17, 2017

The 2017 NCAA Cross Country Championships for all three divisions I, II and III are in the books. You can get full results here:

11/18/17 NCAA DIII XC Championships IL North Farm Cross Country Course
11/18/17 NCAA Division II Cross Country Championships IN Evansville
11/18/17 NCAA DI Championships KY E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park

If you need mid-race splits , go to the timing sites: D1 Action Here , D2 Action Here  , D3 Action Here

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Official 2017 NCAA XC Discussion Thread The thread for D1 fans.

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Official 2017 NCAA Cross Country Champs D2 Live Discussion Thread

Official 2017 D3 Cross Country Thread 

fans-ncaa-xc-cross-countryMore: Editorial: Editorial: What about the fans? The NCAA needs to treat non-revenue sports equally when it comes to pay-per-view streaming The NCAA shouldn’t be fine with parents potentially getting charged $30 per month for the rest of their lives to watch their son or daughter compete in the national championships. Volleyball, field hockey and water polo parents don’t have to pay anything so why do cross country parents?

Complete DI 2017 NCAA XC Coverage.

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