2015 NCAA Cross Country Championships

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Louisville, KY
November 21, 2015

LRC Photos: *D1 Men’s Race (514 Photos) *D1 Women’s Race (486 Photos) *D1 Banquet *D1 Post-Race *DIII Men (257 Photos) *DIII Women (185 Photos)

Syracuse is back on top of the NCAAs for the first time since 1951 while Edward Cheserek is back in the only place he knows- on top. Full recap with interviews of Chris Fox, Mark Wetmore, Justy Knight, Grant Fisher, Patrick Tiernan and more.
The Foot Locker curse is over and the New Mexico women dominated.

Our Final Look at NCAA Cross: Was Syracuse Winning NCAAs The Most Significant Development In a Generation?

New Mexico and King Ches made history but Syracuse upset the apple cart. We break it all down.

Forget About the Winners: The Biggest Surprises and Underperformers at NCAA Cross

Edward Cheserek and Molly Seidel were the winners, but who exceeded/came up short of expectations?

RRW: Surprising Syracuse Wins Historic NCAA Cross Country Title

Video With New Mexico Women and Coach Joe Franklin Talk After NCAA XC Crown

Video with the first Footlocker and NCAA XC champ.

Molly Seidel Video After Winning 2015 NCAA Cross Country Title

Video with the first Footlocker and NCAA XC champ.

RRW: With Momentum Building, Syracuse A Threat for NCAA XC Title

RRW: Rising Star Teschuk Could Surprise at NCAA Cross Country Championships

Mark Wetmore Prays for Rain (and Fire), Chris Miltenberg Discusses the Rosas' Health and the NCAA Coaches Explain Why They Do/Don't Recruit Foreigners

The pre-NCAA XC press conference was held today and we share the highlights with you, including Molly Seidel's refusal to talk about the "Foot Locker curse" and where their coaches expect Ben Saarel and Grant Fisher to finish. Also be sure to tune to our live, on-course NCAA radio show Saturday at 11 a.m.

Your NCAA Fan Picks Are In: Colorado, New Mexico, King Ches and.... Allie Ostrander Your Cross Country Favorites

The first set of LRC Fan Nation Picks are in....

RRW: Villanova Men Still Motivated As Team at NCAA XC Championships

Patrick Tiernan, Rob Denault and Jordy Williamsz say it will be different to be at NCAAs as individuals after the team unexpectedly finished outside the top-2 at the Mid-Atlantic Regional. *MB: Villanova - 3 individual qualifiers but no team at NCAAs

2015 NCAA XC Women's Team Preview: Can New Mexico Prove Itself To Be The Greatest NCAA Team In History?

Joe Franklin's Lobos will be racing history on Saturday in Louisville.

2015 NCAA XC Women's Individual Preview: Can Allie Ostrander Become The First Freshman In 30 Years To Win NCAA XC? Or Will Molly Seidel Or Aisling Cuffe End The "Foot Locker Curse"?

A freshman woman hasn't won NCAAs in 30 years. A Foot Locker champ has never won. Which streak ends on Saturday?

RRW: Motivated By Devastating Fall, Dartmouth's Dana Giordano Ready For NCAA XC Championships

The Northeast Regional champ has had a sticky note on her computer for the last year as motivation.  "This is what I care about and sometimes it's really easy to forget that you care so much."

2015 NCAA XC Men's Individual Preview: Edward Cheserek Looks To Make History With Third Consecutive Title

There are two undefeated contenders in the NCAA field - none of whom are named Edward Cheserek. Is King Ches vulnerable?

2015 NCAA XC Men's Team Preview: Can #1 Colorado Hold Off #2 Syracuse And #3 Stanford And Three-Peat?

Colorado has won the last two years and they've been #1 all year long, but don't let that fool you. They could run pretty well and still lose. We tell you how.

Schedule and Streaming Information for 2015 NCAA Cross Country Championships

Which Unranked Teams Are Going Dancing? Which Ranked Teams Are Staying Home?

2015 NCAA Regionals Women's Cross-Country Preview: Who's On Track To Qualify For The Big Dance?

Thanks to former Duke runner Bo Waggoner, we can tell you who will qualify for NCAAs should the current USTFCCCA Regional Rankings hold. Will Mississippi State, Utah and Gonzaga be dancing for the first time ever?

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