2022 BMW Berlin Marathon

September 25, 2022
Berlin, Germany

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Live Updates
Live Updates

16 hours ago

LRC Eliud Kipchoge (2:01:09) Smashes World Record; Tigist Assefa (2:15:37) Stuns World at 2022 Berlin Marathon

Kipchoge shocked the world by going out in 59:51 while Assefa shocked the world by running  a 19-minute pb in her 2nd marathon.

18 hours ago

2:15:37 for Tigist Assefa

This was more shocking that Kipchoge breaking the World Record. She's a former Diamond League 800m winner.

18 hours ago

2:01:09 Pic for your memories!

18 hours ago

2:01:09 World Record for Kipchoge!

The time on its own would be pretty amazing but going out in 59:51 and holding on to smash the world record is harder.

18 hours ago

He's got it

The 39km split was most likely wrong. He's average under 3:00 since 36km

18 hours ago

Looks like he's going to get it. 2:01:20ish???

1:54:53 at 40k. 40k WR pace is 1:55:19. So he's got 26 seconds to cough up over the final 2.2km. 

18 hours ago

40km split 1:54:53 -2:01:11

Got a lot of cushion still for the final 2km.

18 hours ago

Kipchoge is slowing. Can he get it?

He's on 2:00:57 pace at 37k. His split was 1:46.09. WR pace is 1:46:40. So he's only got 31 seconds to cough up over the final 5k. Uh oh. The 36km split was 3:01 so he's only got 23 seconds to cough up. He won't get it if he keeps running over 3:00.

18 hours ago

Kipchoge's on 2:00:57 at 37km

2:01:00 seems to be the biggest question mark.

FYI The 28km split where he ran 3:00 is slightly uphill. Still holding it remarkable well together


18 hours ago


18 hours ago

Kipchoge 2:00:45 Pace at 35k

Unless he really falls apart he should get the world record. But 2:01:00 is the biggest question mark

18 hours ago

Keira D'Amato off of American Record Pace, but women on 2:15:59 at 30k

She's fallen off but this is nuts. The women are on 2:15 pace and only D'Amato was the only one who had run sub 2:20 before today.

18 hours ago

At 33k, Kipchoge is on 2:00:40 pace.

He hit 33k in 1:34:23. WR pace would be 1:35:08. So he has 45 seconds to cough away. WR pace is 2:52.98 per km.

18 hours ago

Kipchoge is slowing - 2:00:29 Pace at 30k

Those of you hoping for a sub 2:00 can give up on that.

At 30k 1:25:40 a(14:32)  he's on 2:00:29 pace.

18 hours ago

Kipchoge has run his first km 3:00

We're going to try and live blog here on out. Live km splits are here:

18 hours ago

6 Women on 2:16 Pace. Only 2 Women Have Run That Ever

Men at halfway

(D'Amaton on AR pace but only in 13th place!)

19 hours ago

This if officially nuts - Kipchoge 59:51 at halfway

Absolutely crazy and he's not all alone. In 2018, he split 61:06 halfway and ran 60:33 the back half which was the fastest half marathon split in a marathon until today.

1 day ago

Follow the race live on our discussion thread

It should be a good one. We're going to bed and waking up around haflway. In the meantime, you can follow the race on our live discussion thread. After the race, we'll do going a live video podcast to break it down at 5:45 am ET (11:45 am CEST).

2 days ago

LRC 2022 Berlin Marathon Preview Podcast: Kipchoge Goes for World Record

The crew analyzes Sunday's race which could be historic on the Kipchoge and American front.

2 days ago

LRC 2022 Berlin Marathon Preview: How Much Lower Can Eliud Kipchoge Take the World Record?

Kipchoge delayed his quest to win all six majors by deciding to chase his own world record of 2:01:39 in Berlin.

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