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9 hours ago

Cheating in Chess: Chess.Com/WSJ: Niemann has cheated over 100 times in past 5 years

This thread  "Coach-athlete sex, rape and PEDs at Huntington University? Nick Johnson scandal gets grimmer thanks to David Woods expose" 

has all the top 10 voted posts right now, but is too dark to be the thread of the day.

We couldn't believe how many of you are into the thread: Chess.Com/WSJ: Niemann has cheated over 100 times in past 5 years but if one thing LRCers stand for it is clean competition.

22 hours ago

Mantz's Debut Still Getting a Lot of Positivity!

54 upvotes and 0 downvotes for this post on Conner Mantz's marathon debut:
"2:05:40 incoming.

Reading this thread tells me why Americans suck at the marathon. It's smallthink. Good thing Mantz doesn't think like that.

His track PRs are on par with guys who run 2:04. He's young and still improving. Do 21 year old Kenyans in their debut marathon think about getting a good effort in and hoping to hit their stride in their 4th or 5th marathon? Hell no, they compete for the win from the first effort.

USA is woefully underperforming at the marathon. My prediction is that this is finally going to change."

Mantz mania is so strong, Rojo got heavily downvoted for postinghe's more pumped for Grant Fisher's prospects in the marathon.

1 day ago

3 days ago

Thread of Day: Kenenisa Bekele gets another WR. 2:05:53 masters WR in London.

Bekele Masters World Record

LetsRun Nation was pumped Bekele got the Masters World Record in Berlin (even if many of them think Kipchoge is over 40). Bekele is so popular that this post: "The man is 40 and he's on pace to run the fastest ever marathon by a 40 year-old. He can definitely run 2:05. More to the point, the guy is a legend. If he wants to wind down his career running 2:05-2:08 then he's earned that right for what he's done in his career" on page 13 of the Live London Marathon threadgot 58 upvotes and 1 downvote.

4 days ago

RIP DyeStat Founder John Dye

Thank you John for all your contributions to the sport! Rest in Peace.

6 days ago

More on WMM Slashing Prize Purse

174 upvotes and 1 downvote is pretty good:) Sick of us focusing on the WMM prize reduction? These threads are great: Who is a better distance runner Eliud Kipchoge or Kenenisa Bekele? 
*Coe 81 vs Kipketer 97 vs Rudisha 2012 - Who wins in a perfectly paced race? 

1 week ago

Thread of Day: Chicago Marathon Weather HOT again

(posted 13 days before Chicago)

Chicago Marathon Hot Weather
click for thread

1 week ago

10 Years Ago Kipchoge Was PAST His Prime: What Happened?

Kipchoge: Past his prime what happened?
click for thread

From drug accusations to people pointing out his amazing consistency, this thread has it all.

1 week ago

Kipchoge 2:01:09 Official

What a race by Kipchoge! 59.51 through the first half, 61:18 second half. The guy just keeps making the impossible possible. Simply incredible! *Post here

(Lots of post like this one in the thread)

1 week ago

Thread of Day: How long could Jakob Ingebrigtsen stay with Eliud Kipchoge tomorrow if he tried?

Might have to reassess after Kipchoge ran 2:01:09 but this thread had the top six upvoted posts yesterday 

1 week ago

Somtimes you've got to toot your own horn.

Congrats to LRC's Jonathan Gault for a perfectly upvoted post breaking down NCAAs

And believe it or not. Rojo was the most upvoted user yesterday

1 week ago

The Most Handsome Runner is....

Keep it civil people!

Most handsome runner
Click for thread

2 weeks ago

Training advice of the day- up your mileage

Even in a thread "Are you an unemployed loser?" that got deleted yesterday was this gem of simple training advice.

Running Advice: Up your mileage

(If you want more training advice check out our training forum here)

2 weeks ago

Thread of the Week: what runners has the best "thing"

what runner has the best 'thing'

This thread is so good it kids it's own billing as "thread of the week"

2 weeks ago

A decent coach can turn pretty mediocre talent into an 18 minute 5ker.

2 weeks ago

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