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"When thinking about this season, the first thing that comes to mind is extreme disappointment. ... It was the first time in my career where workouts were going well, and feeling strong but it wasn't translating."

- Dan Huling giving his assessment of his 2013 season, which started off with a promising 13:18 5,000 PR in April but was most remembered for an 8:37 bomb at Worlds.

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Day After: Kipsang Does 25-Minute Run, Limps Into Press Conference, Says His Next Marathon Is In April He is sponsored by adidas so is there any chance it's Boston? We highly doubt it. Kipsang says he was inspired by Paul Tergat's WR in Berlin 10 years ago as he's like "family" to him as they are from the same area.
Idiot Who Finished Ahead Of Kipsang Is Charged With "Trespassing"
Kipsang Is Finalist For IAAF AOY Award We say Bondarenko.

Recommended Read:
Renato Canova Analyzes The 2013 Berlin Marathon - Says W. Kipsang Is "Most Consistent Marathon Runner All Time" - Says Kipchoge Might Get WR Next Year He also lavishes praise on both for being two of the most professional and serious in Kenya. *Discuss

You Asked For It? You Get It: MB:
Renato Canova tells you what he thinks W. Kipsang could run for a mile

*Science Of Sport: Is The Sub-2-Hour Marathon Imminent? Don't Hold Your Breath
MB: Paul Tergat agrees with LetsRun - Sub-2 marathon is impossible
MB: Want Proof of Mo Farah's Doping? He's reportedly "plotting" a sub-2 hour marathon

*Kipsang's WR This Year Was Track's First Of Year - Meaning The Streak Of At Least One WR Per Year Since 1907 Continues
*Eurosport On Kipsang's WR: One of sport's greatest ever achievements, yet few people even noticed We disagree it was one of sport's greatest achievements. Get back to us when someone breaks 2:03:00.
*Boston's Column: Memo To The World, A Man Ran 2:03:02 In Boston In 2011
*How Long Could You Run With Wilson Kipsang?

Not Everyone Enjoyed A Successful 2013

Stupidity In Britain


Non-Twin Cities Weekend Results: Haile G Wins In Scotland

Non-NCAA XC News: MileSplit Weekend XC Coverage: Fast Times At Great American XC
*Former 5k WR Holder Zola Budd Wins Open Race In 17:47

More Marathon News: When Will Another Woman Run 2:15?

International Stuff: Want To Win A Free Trip To Monaco?

ING TCS New York City Marathon

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2013 BMW Berlin Marathon Photo Gallery

#1 Read On LRC On Friday: Guest Column From A Pro

LRC David Torrence Responds To John Bingham: The Blaming Of The Elites Has To Stop John Bingham recently wrote that the first pro to show "even a LITTLE interest in the rest of the pack will become a hero overnight." 3:52 miler David Torrence saw that and was spurred to share his story as he's been showing a ton of interest in the back of the pack and is far from a well-recognized hero. *Discuss

What Does The Penguin Say To This? Pros Inspiring The Youth At The 5th Avenue Mile Presented By Nissan

(5th Avenue Photo Gallery Updated)

  • US Marathon Champs Were Sunday At Twin Cities *Marathon Results *10k Results *5k Results

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    Don Valley Replacement Stadium Woodburn Road Opens In Sheffield, Hometown To UK's Jessica Ennis The stadium had £325,000 worth of improvements that were needed to make it fit for training and competition after a period of non-use.

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    LRC WTW Wilson Kipsang's WR, How Much Men's Marathoning Has Changed The Last Decade, How Little Women's Marathoning Has, Props To Eliud Kipchoge And Paula R, & College XC Talk We break down Wilson Kipsang's new world record in the marathon, look at how much men's marathoning has changed in the last ten years, realize how little women's marathoning has changed and give props to Paula Radcliffe. Eliud Kipchoge gets some praise as does Irina Mikitenko and we look at the Oregon men's and Providence women's chances in NCAA XC.

    Good News: Patrick Makau's Knee Pain Is Being Caused By Back Problems Says Doctor To The Stars, Full Return Expected The former world record holder's knee pain has been traced to back problems. A lot of you suffering from knee pain might want to look into this.

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    Government Shutdown

    How Is The Government Shutdown Affecting Runners? Many Running Routes Across The Country Are Inaccessible With National Parks Shutdown & Some Races Might Be Cancelled Even worse, intercollegiate sports at military academies have been suspended, so teams like West Point Cross-Country can't travel to meets and will miss Paul Short this weekend.
    *Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half Marathon Forced To Postpone Due To U.S. Government Shutdown
    *Sunday's Jersey Shore Half Marathon Will Likely Be Cancelled Due To Government Shutdown

    Crazy: Charging Moose Shot At Middle School XC Race In Anchorage, Alaska It was shot and killed by a police officer when it charged at a pack of girl runners on the course. The officer was there watching his daughter race.