Arkansas Alums Are Stunned By Dick Booth's Firing World Record holder Mike Powell Former Arkansas great Mike Conley says he's "speechless" while two-time Olympian Melvin Lister said, "How do you fire one of the greatest coaches ever to coach the sport?" Booth himself said, "I was thinking how can a 27-year career end in a five-minute conversation? But that was it. I have to put it behind me and get busy finding a job for next year." More: Dick Booth Let Go At Arkansas *Message Board Thread

New Zealand Olympian Resorts To Prostitution To Raise Funds For 2012 He's the head pimp for a new brothel in NZ.

Ramzi Says He's Innocent And Bahrain Says They'll Support His Appeal

Photos From Rome Golden League

World Youth Games Finish *Results *More Coverage At
*Texan Prezel Hardy Of 10.08w Fame As Sophomore Wins World Youth 100m
*American Youth Shot Putter Wins Gold In Record 70'
*American Brit Jodie Williams Completes 100/200 Double As Kenyans Rule Final Day By Absolutely Dominating Distance Competition Youths run 3:37 for 1,500 and 2:01 for 800. Impressive. The Kenyans got more golds and silvers than the US. We got a lot of emails by Brits claiming Jodie Williams as one of their own. Sorry for the mistake.
*Grenadian Kirani James Completes 200/400 Double He's tall and lanky, let the Usain Bolt comparisons begin.
*15-Year-Old Kenyan Wins 3k In 7:51 But Says Education Is Important To Him
*Ireland's Ciara Mageean Run 2:03 For Silver
*A Look at How Jamaica's Team Fared

3rd Golden League Meet, Golden Gala Rome *Results *Photos From Rome Golden League

LRC Recap Tyson Gay 9.77 Over Asafa Powell 9.88, Kerron Stewart 10.75, Maggie Vessey Golden League Win, Christin Wurth-Thomas 3:59.98, Dorian Ulrey "A" Standard It was a great day for the 100m sprinters and for American female distance runners. Tyson Gay blitzed a 9.77 =AR to get the win over Asafa Powell, while Kerron Stewart ran 10.75 on the women's side. In the distance races, Christin Wurth held on to become the 2nd American sub-4:00 in 2009 (and 3rd ever without a drug conviction). 800m sensation Maggie Vessey stunned the women's 800m runners with a come-from-behind win, her second major victory in 2009. On the men's side, Arkansas stud Dorian Ulrey got a near 5-second PR to run 3:35.23 and get the World Championships "A" standard. In other action, Dwight Phillips jumped a long way in the long jump and Kenenisa Bekele and Yelena Isinbayeva stayed alive in the Golden League chase.

IAAF Golden League *Bahraini Maryam Jamal Excited By Her Fitness After 3:56 1,500 In Rome Imagine how good the Ethiopian team would be if Jamal still ran for her native country. They'd rank 1-2 in the women's 1,500m. 
*Dorian Ulrey Completes US Trio For Berlin Kids, watch what you put on Facebook - this article features comments from Ulrey's Facebook page.
Post-Race Interviews

LRC Rome Threads:
Young Aussie Riseley 3:32.93 in Rome!!!!
*Maggie Vessey making some noise in the 800 ... could do great at Worlds
*dorian ulrey does it!
*2nd in 3:59.98 1500 in ROME!!! - holy Wurth-Thomas
*Phillips winning jump
*Dorian Ulrey in Golden Gala

Pre-Race Coverage

News From Ethiopia And Kenya

Gold For Kiprop, Ramzi B Sample Positive
LRC Boards:
Ramzi B sample positive

LRC's Crackin' Recap: USAIN BOLT 19.59 MIND-BLOWER IN LAUSANNE *Results *Message Board Thread Bolt 19.59! What a meet in Switzerland as the rainy conditions couldn't stop Usain Bolt from lighting up the night with one of the greatest sprint performances of all time. His 19.59 in the rain, into a 0.9 headwind marks the 4th-fastest wind-legal run of all time. In other events, Steve Hooker and Dayron Robles returned to winning form by narrow margins, Bernard Lagat got crushed in the 800, Ethiopian mid-d star Deresse Mekonnen smacked down Kenya's best in the 3k, Gelete Burka did the same in the 1,500, and the USA 1-2-3 sweep in the 400m Hurdles promised by Angelo Taylor looks pretty unlikely thanks to Jamaica's Isa Phillips clobbering Kerron Clement in another fine performance.
*Bolt Clocks 4th-Fastest 200m Of All Time
*Usain Bolt To Run 100 And Relay In London Weekend Of Founders Day (July 24) The London Meet has big bucks and it shows. Bolt doesn't come cheaply.
*Usain Bolt Street Race To Be Shown In England Theatres In 3D
*Bolt, Phillips And Powell Dominate World Class Athletissima Fields Lausanne was a very, very good meet for the Jamaican sprinters. They won just about every sprint save the 100 hurdles and 110m hurdles.
*Pat Butcher Blogs About Lausanne History and Bolt's Re-Writing Of It
*Flashback: Bolt Promising Hard Effort And Fast Time In 200m In Lausanne On July 7 He came through on that promise!

Great Article On Nate Jenkins From Running Times We read this in print a while ago and liked the article. Jenkins is known for his incredible work ethic and durability. His work has paid off with a 7th at the 2007 Olympic Trials and a spot on this year's USA World Championships Marathon Team. If you're looking for training advice, we'd say Jenkins' biggest weakness is not allowing himself to recover, but his persistence and toughness make anything possible.

LRC Boards: Video Of Tola DQ Surfaces *Video Link Tadese Tola was DQed for actions in the final meters of the Peachtree Race on July 4th. See for yourself.
*"Tola is not very efficient in his mechanics, so his arms were spinning left and right." Hussein Makke, agent of Tadese Tola, on why Tola hit a passing Boaz Cheboiywo in the final 20m of the Peachtree Road Race.
*Tadese Tola Disputes Elbowing DQ - Watch Video For Yourself We think Cheboiywo definitely should have been awarded the place ahead of Tola; the DQ is a tougher decision. It's a harsh punishment to erase a hard 10k performance for a split-second decision in the final 5 seconds of the race, but you can't have people shoving each other around with thousands of dollars on the line, so we agree with the DQ.

Recommended Reads:
A Great Q&A With LJ WR Holder Mike Powell Powell thinks it's possible his WR could fall this year but he hopes it doesn't.
2) Q&A With The Fastest Non-African Miler In The World - Jeff Riseley
3) Jamaican Hurdling Star Isa Phillips Is Taking Long, Meticulously-Planned Road To Success

Chick Hislop, Please Don't Click On This Link
Photo Of The Day: Think You Need Good Form To Be Good At The Steeple?

Carl Lewis Throws More Mud At Usain Bolt

UK Champs *Results *Live Video (UK Visitors Only)

*Maybe 1,500 Fans Show Up To See English Champs Day 2 The women's 1,500 was exciting as Steph Twell built up a big lead on Hannah England and Charlene Thomas only to be walked down by ...
*Exhausted Dwain Chambers Pulls Out Of 200m After Getting Beaten In 100m
*Simeon WIlliamson Smokes Dwain Chambers By Running 10.05 To 10.22 Into Headwind
*Chambers Defeat At 100m Raises Questions
It certainly won't help his appearance fees if he ever gets into a meet.
WChamps Gold Hopefuls Philips Idowu And Jessica Ennis Perform Well
*Interesting Read: A Look At How European Under-23 Champs From 2003 Did As Pros
Recommended Read:
European #1 200m Man Started Track After Being Spotted Chasing A Bus In 2006! After the bus-chasing incident, England's Jeffrey Lawal-Balogun was convinced to come out to track practice and coaches had him run a 150m. He smoked everyone despite wearing trainers and never having trained before. Now he has a 20.38 200m PR.
*Mark Lewis-Francis Glad To Be Back Running Again As Dwain Chambers Leads 100m Qualifiers
*UK Athletics Fighting Sponsor Battle With Athletes In Money Crunch Goes Global LRC's Ethiopian Correspondent: Double Olympic Champ Tirunesh Dibaba Back In Training - Optimistic About Chances In Berlin Yes, that's right. We now have an Ethiopian correspondent who periodically is going to give us insight on the stars from Ethiopia. In his first piece, he catches up with Dibaba at practice and also sees Sihine, Defar and others. Article + photos.

Meseret Defar 29:59 10k Super-impressive effort. The "worst" runner on Ethiopia's 10k team at will be a 30:11 10ker.

LRC: "The Only Thing More Boring Than Track? Field." Our sport, with Usain Bolt's stunning 19.59 in the rain, made SportsCenter this week and a lot of you weren't happy because the highlight was accompanied with the quote above. The quote was from former University of Missouri track and field captain and Sportscenter anchor John Anderson. The problem was, many of you thought it was from SportsCenter anchor Scott Van Pelt (SVP) and you directed your ire at him. In the end, SVP sent us a nice email clarifying things and even mentioned it on his radio show. We clean things up and discuss how boring our sport is.

Merritt vs. Wariner In Athens Monday Along With Kiprop In The 800m Finally the best 400m runners in the world will actually race one another, joined by FSU and Belgium star Jonathan Borlee, the 2009 NCAA champ. With several of the world's best half-milers injured, Asbel Kiprop might be able to pull off the 1500m/800m double in Berlin if he wanted to.

Oregon All-Comers Meet: Stephen Pifer Runs 3:38.06

Tim Layden Of Sports Illustrated Lists His Top 10 Track And Field Moments Usain Bolt is only #7, so #s 6 - 1 must be amazing.

World Games For Young People

*Kenyan Distance And Sprints Have Highlights At World Youths
*Japanese Women Sweep Half Marathon Medals At World University Games

Recommended Read: Fam On His Win-Win 5k Defeat At The USA Champs Anthony Famiglietti focuses on the process, not the result.

Recommended Read: Amazing Story Of Ultra Runner Diane Van Deren An excellent story from the New York Times on a woman whose brain surgery both strengthened and weakened her.

Brief Chat With Alberto Salazar's Newest Charge Dathan Ritzenhein Ritzenhein and family are moving again, this time to Portland to be with Salazar, where he will be focusing on the 10,000m World Championships in the short term. Quite a good read.

Rupp Named ESPN The Magazine's All-Academic NCAA Athlete Of The Year His 3.89 GPA in business administration at Oregon made him the best academic/athletic combination in the NCAA.

Semi Running-Related

World Youth Championships (16&17 Year Olds)

World University Champs

Somewhat Running-Related

Great Reads On Young Kenyan Stars

*Phil Minshull Of IAAF Sits Down With William Biwott Tanui, Who Says His World Junior Record Was Not A Surprise
*Good Article From Kenya On Their Lone 10k Entrant At Worlds, Linet Masai Masai is running great and somehow Kenya doesn't have another women's 10k runner to toe the line with her in Berlin.

US Athletes

Maggie Vessey's Win In Rome

Tyson Gay 9.77 Over Powell's 9.88

Usain Bolt 19.59 In The Rain!

The Only Must-Read In The Industry

LRC Week In Review's Rojo is on vacation so Employee #1 and Wejo take a crack at recapping the week's action on their own. Without Rojo's guidance, they discuss the important issues of the day like ultra running, the paralympics, and human psychology. But they do discuss what happens to junior miling phenoms, looking at the careers of Alex Kipchirchir and Alan Webb to give guidance to the latest sensation William Biwott Tanui, (aka WBT). Plus a 12-year-old girl runs 2:06, some training advice for everyone, Jordan Hasay, the Runner of the Week, and Ryan Hall's 4:41 mile with his dog. Plus we have an email from a race director to settle once and for all whether Usain Bolt is awesome or an ass.

US Officially Names Coaches For Berlin World Champs No offense to the coaches, but we could coach the team and it would probably do as well. The coaches at a global championship largely are ceremonial. The coaching that matters most is the private coaching leading up to the Games and USATF is letting our top coaches go to Britain.

Educate Yourself On the New Star Sammy Kitwara (Story And Interview Here) Or Watch Below

Great Resource For Kids

Carol Goodrow's Kids Running Log Your kids run a half mile, fill out the paper log, mail it in and get a free bookmark via Carol and USATF. Plus, there are a couple of good books for kid runners which we reviewed here and here.

Final Week To Sign Up Summer Training 2009 Program Originally designed for high schoolers but we've opened it up to everyone.

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