Nike v. Boris Berian - The Lawsuit

May 20, 2016 to June 28, 2016
Portland, Oregon
Or should it be entitled Goliath v. David?
Runner's World:

Usually behind the scenes, Merhawi found himself in the spotlight as he took on Nike over the Boris Berian contract dispute. Read how Merhawi got his start as Meb's agent and has expanded his roster so he'll have 4 Olympians in Rio.

The Guardian:

British journalist Sean Ingle praises Berian as "the maverick American" who faced down Nike. LRC gets mention.


This a day after Nike told the federal court it woudl suffer "irreparable harm" if Berian went to NB.


"I don't understand now, and haven't understood since this began, why Nike wants to force Berian to stay in the fold if he doesn't want to be there. Let him go."

LRC David 1, Goliath 0: Nike Has Dropped Its Lawsuit Against Boris Berian

Berian is now free to run for whomever he pleases at the 2016 US Olympic Trials.

The Denver Post:

Keflezighi says even with the temporary restraining order expired, Berian won't be "too aggressive" or "rock the boat".


From Jeff Manning of Oregonian.

LRC Court Filings Reveal That Nike's Proposed Contract To Boris Berian Was Full Of Reductions - Contract Could Even Be Terminated If Berian Was Injured And Didn't Compete For 180 Days

Court documents reveal that Nike certainly didn't agree to pay Berian a minimum of $375,000 over three years ($125,000 per year). Nike wanted to have the right to terminate the agreement entirely if Berian was injured and didn't compete for 180 days. If Berian got injured and only competed a handful of times and didn't make Worlds and wasn't ranked in the top 10 in the world, they wanted to be able to reduce his pay from $125,000 to $6,250. If he died or was permanently disabled, they also wanted to be able to cancel the deal. Berian says that's one reason why he doesn't want to run for Nike - the other is he doesn't like their shoes as he bombed out of USAs the first time he competed in them last year.

LRC The Restraining Order That Nike Sought Against Boris Berian Is Now Out - Read It Here - Plus Under Penalty of Perjury Nick Symmonds, Jesse Williams and Sally Bergesen Support Berian

We've received the copy of the minute order from a legal expert and they provide a little analysis of what it all means. We also have copies of sworn affidavits in support of Berian from Jesse Williams, Nick Symmonds and Sally Bergesen. Under penalty of perjury, Williams said he's never signed an athlete to a contact with reductions in it in 12 + years at Brooks.

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