LetsRun.com Legal Expert Weighs in On Today’s Non-Decision by Judge Hernández in Nike vs Berian Lawsuit

by LetsRun.com
June 22, 2016

A LetsRun.com visitor who we are referring to as our “legal expert”, who has worked on many cases like the Nike vs Berian lawsuit, has been giving us analysis throughout the trial. This person needs to remain anonymous because of their job.

Here’s what our expert wrote on today’s decision by Judge Hernández to delay issuing a ruling on the temporary injunction request for a week, after indicating earlier in the day he was going to make a ruling in one hour.

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We asked our expert for their opinion. Our expert writes:

I would take Judge Hernandez at his word and accept that he simply needed more time to read the relevant case law.  Really — I don’t believe it’s any more than that.  The fact that he lifted the TRO gave me pause — why would he allow it to expire if he’s going to enter a preliminary injunction?  But ultimately, I think it’s because he expects to rule one way or the other very soon.  Great job with the recap, by the way.  And thanks again for doing what you do.

So there you have it: don’t read too much into the fact Judge Hernández is taking a week to decide when he initially said he was taking an hour (he said he was going to take an hour because his schedule is super busy in the next few days and the Olympic Trials are rapidly approaching).

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