2014 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

February 08, 2014
Boston, MA
Jenny Simpson, Mary Cain, Emma Coburn, Kim Conley (click for prerace -photo gallery) Erik Sowinski Gets 4x800 World Record (click for photo gallery)

LRC Recap Of NJ-NY Track Club Performances From The Weekend

The highlight was their runner-up finish to Duane Solomon's USA All-Star team in the 4x800 as both teams broke the previous WR.


Alberto Salazar said Rupp was racing in an experimental pair of Nike spikes, but did a "fantastic" post-race workout in his regular spikes after dropping out.
*MB: Classic: Experimental pair of nike shoes got Rupp injured

LRC 6 Takeaways From Women's Meet - Jenny S Kicks Too Early, Mary Cain Shatters Her Own Record But Wants More, Kim Conley Dominates And Don't Forget Chanelle Price

Mary Cain keeps rolling, Jenny Simpson entertained, Treniere Moser is going for it, Chanelle Price keeps improving and Kim Conley is crushing everyone. Analysis and video interviews.

LRC 6 Takeaways From Men's Meet - Nick Willis Might Be In Form Of His Life, Galen Rupp Doesn't Think It's Too Bad, Is Ryan Hill The US's #1 Right Now?

Nick Willis won the mile as Galen Rupp dropped out and Leo Manzano got last place. Hagos G won the 3k, but the big news was Ryan Hill has officially arrived.

LRC What A Race: 4 X 800 Record Falls In Tremendous Battle To The Line

This one lived up to the hype. The US All-Stars anchored by Erik Sowinski just held off Michael Rutt's NY/NJ Track Club team as both teams broke the previous world record. Recap, analysis and post-race video from the 4 x 800 record setters and Robby Andrews and Nick Symmonds.


According to the USATF, even though Duane Solomon's "all-star" team set the World Record, NJ-NY Track Club (who finished 2nd) will officially hold the American record, "because all members of a relay team breaking an AR must be members of the same recognized club." How about they are just 4 Americans?


Jenny Simpson, women’s 2-Mile "Unfortunately, I had to use my kick twice today."

Missing the American record: "That stings so bad. It stings so bad. I was running really well and I was running so comfortable. That would have been a cool story if I had made that mistake and still gotten the AR. It’s a little bit of dash to my ego but a good confidence booster for the next thing.”

David Torrence, men’s 4x800 meters "No one was giving away any secrets. We didn't know what the order was, who was on what leg."

LRC World Record For USA In 4 X 800, World Junior Record For Cain Highlight 2014 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

The US All-Stars anchored by Erik Sowinski set the world record in the 4 x 800 just ahead of Michael Rutt's NY/NJ Track Club team that broke the previous WR as well. Tremendous race. Mary Cain improved her 1,000m world junior record, Jenny Simpson kicked a lap early in the 2-mile and missed the American record as a result, Nick Willis won the mile, and Galen Rupp dropped out with a minor injury, Kim Conley dominated the 2k, and Ryan Hill placed third in the 3,000 and showed he's the real deal.
Post-Race Videos: Galen Rupp Dropped Out, Mary Cain WJR, Erik Sowinski After 4 X 800 World Record, Michael Rutt Just Misses, Jenny Simpson Kicked A Lap Early, Nick Willis Winner, Leo Manzano Last, Ryan Hill 8:35 *18 MORE Post-Race Videos

Toni Reavis:

Salazar reveals a lot of interesting info about their training/form work and has some good quotes. He says Cain's form has improved a lot this year, but Nike's developing a special strap for her to wear that will help keep her elbows tucked in. He also said he thinks Rupp is slightly faster than Farah, but Farah has more strength.


Cain, who says Alberto Salazar's first call to her was an "amazing moment,”  talks about the "two different kind of lives" she lives as a high school student and pro athlete. When she got to Boston, she emailed her econ professor to tell him she'd miss class on Friday. Cain told us, she's worried about AP Latin.

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