Jenny Simpson talks about Genzebe Dibaba’s World Record and her own fitness prior to 2014 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

Simpson is upbeat about her fitness, “My training has been going really well,” but admits seeing Genzebe Dibaba’s 8:16 3k World Record is “intimidating”

February 7, 2014

We caught up with 2011 world champion and 2013 silver medalist Jenny Simpson prior to tomorrow’s 2014 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix.

After the main women’s press conference (video coming later), we spoke with Simpson about the two world records recently set by Genzebe Dibaba and her current fitness. The full 3 minute video is embedded below but we give you a few highlights in text as well.

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When asked what she thought when she hear Dibaba had run 3:55 and 8:16, Simpson joked, “I need to get in shape.”

“But no (seriously), it’s incredible for someone to run that well and that fast. And she didn’t just pop one race. She’s been running very, very well. Seeing that, it’s intimidating and I don’t think there isn’t anyone it wouldn’t intimidate at this time of year, but it’s also a reminder that you have to set priorities and focus. I don’t think I’m ready to run 8:16 for 3000 indoors right now today butt it certainly inspires me to train hard and be ready to do that outdoors.”

Simpson also said the 8:16 3k time mad her feel better about leaving the steeple which she thought would be consistently won in under 9:00 minutes when she left the event. The 8:16 time shows that’s a possibility for the steeple in the future.

As for her fitness, despite a lopsided loss in a cross country race a few weeks ago,Simpson was upbeat about where she currently stands, and as a result, the women’s two mile which features Simpson is the final event of the meet.

“My training has been going really well. It’s different because it’s been since 2009 that I’ve been in really stellar shape in February,” said Simpson. “But I wouldn’t say I’m in super sharp, stellar shape (as) I’m running only one indoor racd this season. I’m taking a quick break away from the miles to do this before getting back to the training. I mean this is a little bit of treat for me to take a peak at my fitness. I’m excited about it and I think I’m ready to go.”

Despite her fitness, Simpson says she’s not doing World Indoors later this winter. A creature of habit, Simpson said it’s hard to mentally imagine herself running fast over a short distance in the cold Boulder, CO during the winter, while training on an antiquated indoor track.

On the positive front, Simpson did confirm today she will run next week’s USA Cross Country Championships.