4X800 American Record Assault at New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Gets Even Better: Duane Solomon Joins the Mix

By LetsRun.com
January 29, 2014

The American 4×800 record attempt next Saturday at the New Balance Grand Prix in Boston just got even better. Duane Solomon, the second fastest 800m man ever in America, is now getting a team together and will take on the Brooks Beasts team led by 5 time US Champion and World Champion silver medallist Nick Symmonds and the NY/NJ Track Club team led by NCAA Champion Robby Andrews, according to a tweet from meet organizers.

Duane Solomon Edges Erik Sowinski in 600 at the New Balance Games

Duane Solomon Edges Erik Sowinski in 600 at the New Balance Games

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Solomon is coming off his 600m victory over American record holder Erik Sowinski this past weekend at the New Balance Games in New York City.

After the race, Solomon indicated that would be his only indoor race of the season.

That is no longer the case and American track and field fans can watch Solomon vs Symmonds vs Andrews for the 4×800 American record live on national television on the NBC Sports Network next Saturday.

The American record is 7:13.94 which means the teams need to average 1:48.48 a leg.

When the Brooks Beasts vs NY/NJ Track Club matchup was announced, we took a look at what the Brooks Beasts could theoretically run for 4 x 800. It’s well under the record:

Brooks Beast 4 x 800 Based on PBs
Matt Scherer – 1:46.11
Mark Wieczorek – 1:45.36
Casimir Loxsom – 1:45.28
Nick Symmonds – 1:42.95
Total: 6:59.70

NY/NJ Track Club you say?
Robby Andrews: 1:44.71
Mike Rutt: 1:45.08
Brian Gagnon: 1:45.45
Tevan Everett: 1:46.02
Total: 7:01.26

No word yet on who will be on Solomon’s team.

Update: A Message board poster found a link to Solomon’s team on the meet website:

Duane’s All-Stars
Duane Solomon 1:42.82
Richard Jones 1:45.56
Erik Sowinski 1:45.21
David Torrence 1:45.14
Total:  6:58.73

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Tweet from Meet organizers below:


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