Breaking: Andre de Grasse Pulls Out of Worlds A message board poster said this would happen yesterday and people were irate we wouldn’t take the rumor down. Guess what? It’s true. (Well, half true as the poster said he was still doing the 200.)

The Wait Is Over

Screenshot 2017-07-31 at 23.20.24LRC $200,017 LRC Running Warehouse Worlds Prediction Contest Is Here! The World Champs start Friday. It’s time to get down to business and enter our prediction contest. Easy to do even if you know very little about Worlds.

One Last Pre-Worlds Presser With Usain Bolt

Rudisha Out Of Worlds

David-Rudisha-celebrating-his-London-victory-and-WR-e1408742042788LRC David Rudisha Pulls Out Of Worlds With Injury The greatest race at the 2012 London Olympics was the men’s 800 final, won in a world record by David Rudisha. The fans won’t get a repeat this year as Rudisha is out with injury. Michael Saruni of UTEP was not entered as an alternate so no word officially if he can’t run yet.
*Rudisha: “I have accepted my fate with a very heavy heart.” Rudisha says he damaged his quad while “trying to engage in more speed.”
*Discuss: Rudisha announces a no show at London 2017 – quad injury.

Russian Drug Ban Will Continue

IAAF Not Ready To Lift Russian Suspension After Latest Task Force Update Task force head Rune Andersen says that Russia has still not “establish a strong anti-doping culture … or created an open environment that encourages whistleblowing.”
*Athletics Weekly Article Andersen: “RUSADA has started some testing but not comprehensive testing. There is a long way to go before they conduct the testing which we consider to be meaningful.”

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2017 IAAF London Worlds Start This Friday *Schedule By Day *Schedule By Event *TV & Streaming *LRC Previews: *M800 *W800 *M1,500 *W1,500 *MSteeple *WSteeple *M10k *W10k *WMar *MMar

jager-celebrates-2016LRC Men’s Steeple Preview: Evan Jager Tries to Win USA’s First Global Steeple Gold Since 1952 An American-born man has NEVER won a gold medal in a mid-d/distance event at the IAAF World Championships. That may change thanks to Evan Jager.
MB: Let the trash talking begin. Conseslus Kipruto says he’s recovered from injury and “won’t allow” an American to win

coburn-water-2017LRC Women’s Steeple Preview: Emma Coburn Tries to Medal Again in a Wide-Open But Top-Heavy Event The women’s steeplechase has never been better than it has been in 2017. Olympic medallist Emma Coburn very well may break her American record but fail to medal.

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Screenshot (1482)LRC Monaco Madness Makes Jager The Worlds Favorite?, Eilish McColgan Is Faster Than Her Mom, Sammy Watson, Shalane Flanagan, Morgan McDonald Keep Rolling Jager, Ajee Wilson, and Emmanuel Korir turned heads in Monaco, but quietly Sammy Watson, Shalane Flanagan and Morgan McDonald kept on impressing.

Get Ready For One Last Party With Usain Bolt

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