Sunday Road Action *2013 Fukuoka Marathon Results

Yuki Kawauchi

Jamaican Anti-Doping News

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German Anti-Doping Lab Using New Steroid Test Has Found 266 Steroid Cases In Past Year The new test has caught some track athletes and will eventually be used to re-test samples from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Post T-Day: Remember To Be Thankful

Kenyan Doping News

Lots Of Foot Locker And NXN Regional Results, CA State Meet

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More coming soon. We’re having some trouble with our Awards Ceremony/All-American photo gallery. You can see it here now but many of the photos are upside down.

This Is What It’s Come To: NY Times Chart Tracking The Movements Of Schools Between NCAA Conferences If you’re confused about which schools are in which conference or where they moved from, this chart helps break it down.

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