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Day after: Kipsang does 25 minute run, limps into press conference, says his next marathon is in April He is sponsored by adidas so is there any chance it's Boston? We highly doubt it. Kipsang says he was inspired by Paul Tergat's WR in Berlin 10 years ago as he's like 'family' to him as they are from the same area.
*Idiot who finished ahead of Kipsang is charged with 'trespassing'
*Kipsang is finalist for IAAF AOY award We say Bondarenko.

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Renato Canova analyzes the 2013 Berlin Marathon - Says W. Kipans is most consistent marathon runner all time" - says Kipchoge might get WR next year He also lavishes praise on both for being two of the most professional and serious in Kenya

You asked for it? You get it: MB:
Renato Canova tells you what he thinks W. Kipsang could run for a mile

*Science of Sport: Is the sub-2 hour marathon imminent? Don't hold your breath
MB: Want Proof of Mo Farah's Doping? He's reportedly "plotting" a sub-2 hour marathon

*Kipsang's WR this year was track's first of year - meaning the streak of at least one WR since 1907 continues
*Eurosport on Kipsang's WR: One of sport’s greatest ever achievements, yet few people even noticed We disagree it was one of sport's greatest achievements. Get back to us when someone breaks 2:03:00.
*Boston's column: Memo to the world, a man ran 2:03:02 in Boston in 2011
*How Long Could You Run With Wilson Kipsang?

2013 BMW Berlin Marathon *Men's Results *Women's Results *Highlight Video *LRC Photo Gallery

Wilson Kipsang Sets New Marathon World Record At 2:03:23 Kipsang went through the half in 1:01:45 and had company up through 35K before breaking away from the pack. In only his second marathon, Eliud Kipchoge was second in 2.04.05, Geoffrey Kipsang finished third in 2.06.26. Florence Kiplagat won the women's race in 2:21:13 with Sharon Cherop second with 2:22:28. Germany's Irina Mikitenko set the world masters best when she finished third in 2:24:54; Desiree Davila was 5th in 2:29:15.
*RRW Article
*Organizer Press Release
*How Did He Do It? Splits And Live Analysis From The Science Of Sport's Ross Tucker Kipsang's 5km splits were very even.
*Globe Runner Recap Kipsang: "This is a dream come true. Ten years ago, I watched Paul Tergat break the world record in Berlin, and now I have achieved the dream."
*2 Minutes Of Video Highlights: An idiot promoting prostitution jumped out from the crowd and crossed the finish line ahead of Kipsang.
*Post-Race Video Interview With Kipsang
*Interesting Berlin stats from Ken Nakamura W. Kipsang is now the first four-time sub-2:05 guy, 1st two-time sub-2:04 guy.?
*EuroSport: Idiot promoting prostitution website ruins Kipsang’s record moment (includes video) The spectator (wearing a shirt with a prostitution website on it) jumped a railing and ran across the finish line, breaking the tape before Kipsang.
*Police charge Berlin ambush marketer with trespassing
*Video Of Finish Line Intruder From Different Angle
*Athletics Weekly: "organisers should stick [the finish line photo bomber] in a room full of angry photographers for an hour as punishment." We're not sure that's a severe enough punishment.
*A Good Example Of Elites' Value To Sponsors: Video Of Haile Gebrselassie, Patrick Makau And Wilson Kipsang Goofing Around In A BMW Before Berlin
*Florence Kiplagat: I felt strong in the first half of the race, but then I started getting problems with my right foot, I had a blister which forced me to slow down. She also said she found the weather conditions harder here than when she won 2 years ago in 2:19.
*Japanese Performances In Berlin Suehiro Ishikawa was first Japanese man in 7th with 2:10:24.
*World Champ Edna Kiplagat Hails Wilson Kipsang
*Irina Mikitenko Gets 3rd In Berlin Breaking Masters World Record With 2:24:54
*NY Times Article
*Men's Results *Women's Results
*Highlight Video

*Guy that jumped in the way at finish of Berlin Marathon?
*2003: Paul Tergat 2:04:55. 2013: Wilson Kipsang 2:03:23. WR improving ~10s per year.
*kipsang ran a 2:03:32 in practice?
*RENATO CANOVA: WILL THE MARATHON WR BE BROKEN? Congrats to MB poster Calgary, who predicted the 2:03:23 World record time.

Pre-Berlin News *Pre-Race Photos With 7 WR Holders

Photo Of The Day:
All 7 World Record Holders In Berlin Back For The 40th Anniversary:

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At Last, A Rival To Nike's Training Groups?

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Non-Berlin Weekend Action

2013 BMW Berlin Marathon Photo Gallery

2:11 Man Nick Arciniaga Blogs 1 Week Ahead Of The US Marathon Championships At Twin Cities Marathon Arciniaga talks about setting expectations ahead of marathons and his perspective can serve as some good coaching advice for other aspiring marathoners.

Former Sprinter Valeriy Borzov Who Won Double Gold For The Soviet Union At The 1972 Games Offers Usain Bolt Advice On Improving His Start He says Bolt should "change his start position" and when he's in the set position "imagine you are already running." We imagine as a Soviet sprinter in the 70's who's coach has ties to the Balco scandal, he might have some other advice to offer Bolt as well.

British long distance runner Laura Muir named to team for 2014 Commonwealth Games

More US Pro News

#1 Read On LRC On Friday: Guest Column From A Pro

LRC David Torrence Responds To John Bingham: The Blaming Of The Elites Has To Stop John Bingham recently wrote that the first pro to show "even a LITTLE interest in the rest of the pack will become a hero overnight." 3:52 miler David Torrence saw that and was spurred to share his story as he's been showing a ton of interest in the back of the pack and is far from a well-recognized hero. *Discuss

What Does The Penguin Say To This? Pros Inspiring The Youth At The 5th Avenue Mile Presented By Nissan

(5th Avenue Photo Gallery Updated)

  • NCAA XC News

    Boston College's 19-Year Old Junior Liv Westphal Is Rising To Prominence Early in 2013 NCAA Cross Country Season

    Daily Relay analyzes last week's collegiate xc action: Impressed by #1 Ok. State's thrashing of #2 NAU 29 to 57

    Previous NCAA XC News: *All College XC Results

    Crazy: Charging Moose Shot At Middle School XC Race In Anchorage, Alaska It was shot and killed by a police officer when it charged at a pack of girl runners on the course. The officer was there watching his daughter race.

    Strength Equals Speed:
    Minnesota 800 Runners Using XC To Get Ready For Track They do the XC workouts, but tailored for mid-d training.
    *DyeStat's Doug Binder Shares Some Insight On The Debate Among Minnesota High Schools About Moving The Girls Up To The Same 5k Race Distance As Boys Currently Minnesota is among the minority of states where HS girls race shorter distance in XC; here they do 4k.

    The Telegraph: Ben Johnson evokes pity, not a feeling of redemption on return to Seoul Olympic Stadium One writer shares some good reasons why she feels Ben Johnson is a horrible choice to put as the face of a new anti-doping campaign.

    Usain Bolt Renews Puma Sponsorship Deal Through After The 2016 Rio Olympics
    *Deal Estimated At $10 Million A Year He'll also reportedly still get $4 million a year after he retires to act as a "Puma ambassador."

    XC News