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So I went to the foot doc. and was told I have capsulitis.. he showed me this very simple tape job that lifted the 2nd toe I think to prevent stress on that ligament? Anyhow- I went home, got drunk, ripped off the tape job, and now can't remember how it was applied.

Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
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Foot Pain
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yep, i am dumb... but maybe this will help. based on the diagnosis and this description below, do i lift the toe or push it down?

CAPSULITIS is inflammation of the capsule of a joint. The capsule is the fluid filled outer covering that joins two bones to make a joint. One of the most common capsules to get inflamed is the capsule of the metatarsophalangeal joints in the ball of the foot. There are 5 of these joints, joining the metatarsals to the toe bones (phalanges). Probably the most common of these capsules to get inflamed is the capsule joining the 2nd metatarsal to the 2nd toe bones. This capsule generally gets inflamed because the forefoot is out of balance in the way that it is bearing weight, and too much pressure is placed on this joint. Shoes are the most common cause of this by the elevated toeboxes that are on most shoes. The elevation of the toebox increases the pressure under the capsules of the metatarsals. Since the 2nd metatarsal is generally the longest in most feet, it gets more than its share of the weightbearing responsibilities and it becomes inflamed and painful. The tapering of the toeboxes of most shoes on the market also force the big toe against the smaller 2nd toe and out of balance with its corresponding metatarsal bone.

People with flexible or over pronating feet often get capsulitis because the more the foot flattens and goes to the inside, the less well the 1st metatarsal can aid in helping the rest of the metatarsals. Unfortunately the first metatarsal in this instance is often elevated and too flexible to be effective at bearing its share of the weight. Incidentally this same scenario that creates the capsulitis we are discussing, creates a BUNION, because in addition to the first metatarsal elevating, it also moves to the inside of the foot (adduction) more than it should.

People that get capsulitis may report pain, swelling, redness and the sensation of walking on a stone. If it becomes a chronic situation, the individual will develop painful CALLUSES that seem to have a core or seed in them. These are often misdiagnosed as PLANTAR WARTS when they actually represent a biomechanical mal-alignment of the foot that results in concentrated weight bearing under a focal bony prominence, in most cases, under the second metatarsal head. These calluses can occur under any of the metatarsal heads and often respond well to orthotics with metatarsal pads and cutouts, which are an orthotic technique that allows the more prominent metatarsal head to drop lower than its corresponding metatarsals, thus balancing the weight bearing load and decreasing the pressure.

Capsulitis may be difficult to diagnose because of the other related structures in the forefoot that can also become inflamed from biomechanical problems. Sometimes people have nerve symptoms (see NEUROMA) associated with the swelling that occurs with capsulitis because the swollen capsule can put pressure on the adjacent nerves. There also are numerous fluid filled tissue sacs in the forefoot called BURSAE. When one of these bursae become inflamed we call it BURSITIS. We generally assume the symptoms associated with bursitis have to do with overswelling of the fluid filled sac and inflammation of the surrounding tissues.
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anyone else have this dumb injury??
for anyone that cares
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the object is to pull the toe down...
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Not sure if you ever got an answer to this, but I found this link as I have a similar issue. I do not plan to tape my second toes, just yet, but will probably use the icing and not running for 6 to 8 weeks (bummer) with some moderate ibuprophen use, to see if I can eliminate the capsulitis. Mine started after working with a personal trainer who had me perform jumping jacks and other exercises that put significant stress on the metatarsals (which I wasn't used to) for many weeks. After that the inflamation began and I've had the problem for about 3 months now. It stinks because it was avoidable by not doing those 'warm up' exercises.