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"I consider my best marathon the Twin Cities Marathon in 2009. ...I was qualified in the 10k for the US Olympic Track Trials, and given that I was living in Oregon, everyday that got closer to the Trials, I got more and more pumped up. Eugene is Track Town USA, and everyone knew it was coming. The excitement was building. Three weeks before I would have toed the line at the trials, I was limping, running through large amounts of pain in the top of my foot and lower tibia. Two and a half weeks before the gun went off, I was in a boot, diagnosed three stress fractures. I was distraught, and everywhere I looked, I couldn’t forget about the fact that the trials were approaching, and I would no longer be a part of it. Emotionally, it was just too hard to stay in town, and so I packed up my things, with my rottweiler (Maximus) in the front seat, and left my coach, left some close training partners and friends, and drove to Boulder."

"I moved in with Jorge Torres and took to cross training like hard, biking up canyons in a boot, and doing everything I could to come back. I was in that boot for 12 weeks, and when I was finally able to run on land, the times were not pretty. I started training with Jorge Torres under Coach Steve Jones, and little by little, put one foot in front of the other, and started to come back. So many people told me that my career was done, and that I should just transition into other things, that I started to feel that no one believed in me except a small handful of close friends and former/current coaches. To rebound from that to not just place, but to WIN Twin Cities, set a personal best time, and to beat an international field boasting personal best times 3, 4, 5 minutes faster than me."

- Jason Hartman talking about what race he considers the best marathon of his career so far. His 2:11:06 PR comes from Chicago 2010.

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What's Next?

LRC After Just One Year On The Job, Terrence Mahon Is Out As UK National Distance Coach He's returning to the US and the question naturally becomes, "Why did he leave and what's next for Mahon?" Mahon has emailed and said Uceny and Willard will both soon doing altitude training in Mammoth with support from the Mammoth TC.
*RRW Morgan Uceny Coming Back To USA To Train Under Terrence Mahon link fixed
*The Times: UK Athletics in a state of flux with exit of Terrence Mahon
*Athletics Weekly: Terrence Mahon to leave UKA
MB: After one year on the job, Terrence Mahon is out as UK national distance coach and will return to US

Sprint News

Lighting Bolt News: Bolt Says He Might Not Retire After Rio 2016


Competitor Group Still Making News

Competitor Group To Get $125,000 In Corporate Welfare From City Of Raleigh

Pat Rizzo: Why I Ran RnR Philly And How I Will Deal With CGI In The Future
Rizzo already had planned to use the race as his final prep before Twin Cities. However, in the future, he won't be participating as he's irate that the company that he's worked for as an UNPAID volunteer for years is knifing the sport in the back.
*MB: Labor lawyers: How is it legal for Competitor Group to use volunteers without paying minimum wage at races?

Doping News From Jamaica

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Elites In The News

Column: 3 Years Ago, Ryan Gregon And Andrew Wheating Seemed To Be The Future Of Middle Distance - What Happened?
*MB: Webb = a runner of sporadic brilliance? Are you joking Mr. Len Johnson?

Ezekiel Kemboi To Retire After 2016 Games
We guess this means he's not moving up to the marathon?

Former Olympic And World 400H Champ Melaine Walker To Be Inducted In Texas Athletic Hall Of Fame

Speaking Of Elites, Do Elites Matter?

Some Entertainment For The Weekend

LRC LRCers In The Real World #1: Rojo Calls Into America's Top Sports Radio Station, Admits To Drinking, Host Says On Rojo Analysis, "On a stupid scale of 1 to a 100, that's at least a 99." The intersection of the running world and the real world fascinates us. With that in mind, we present to you a new ground-breaking investigative series on LetsRun.com: LRCers in the Real World. We lead off with LRC founder Robert Johnson (Rojo) calling into America's Top Sports Radio Station and trying to break down the Dallas Cowboys Week 1 win over the Giants. It gets interesting real quick. Did Rojo prove on the air what some of you have long suspected - that he's an idiot? Or would his genius be secretly revealed?
More Friday Entertainment From The Boards:

*Rocky Balboa ran 30 miles during "Rocky II" training scene. Explained and detailed
*Triathlete punches woman en route to win!!!
*The best peanut butter is...

Marathon News: Where Will 2016 US Marathon Trials Be?

Coming Soon / 2013 New York City Field Announced

1964 Olympics In Tokyo Were Held In October, But Will Be In August In 2020 - Will It Be Too Hot? The average high is 87.8 F (31 C). *Avg Temperature In Tokyo By Month

USA Today's Amazing Races To Run Before You Die Mesa Falls Marathon in Ashton, Idaho, the Emerald Run, the Emerald Nuts Midnight Run and Honolulu Marathon are the only US races.

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  • Recommended Read: WSJ Article On How Today's Generation Of "Runners" Are Slower, Don't Run Hard And Are "Turning Some Races Into Parades" Article includes a quote from LRC's Rojo: "If you're going to get just as much praise for doing a four-hour marathon as a three-hour, why bother killing yourself training? It's hard to do well in a marathon if your idea of a long session is watching season four of 'The Wire.'"

    Doping: 7 Tested Positive At Worlds In Moscow

    Paul Tergat Urges Athletics Kenya To Take Their Infighting Out Of The Media And Settle It Privately

    Week In Review

    LRC WTW: A Special Great North Run, Kenenisa Bekele Is Back, US 1,500 Women Rule, And Has Haile Gebrselassie Learned The Error Of His Ways? We span the globe starting with some tremendous road racing between Kenenisa Bekele, Mo Farah and Haile Gebrselassie in the UK. We look at the US 1,500m women, Bernie Montoya, and throw in some drug news as well.

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    NCAA Polls

    *Wood Report - In-Season Women's Poll #1 - Cornell Up To #9
    *Wood Report - In-Season Men's Poll #1 - Oregon Vaults To #2

    Your Votes Are InLRC Oklahoma State A Heavy #1 On Men's Side, Duke And Providence Up Top On Women's
    The LRC faithful have weighed in via the LRC Super Fan XC Polls and Dave Smith's Oklahoma State Cowboys are heavy favorites for the NCAA crown with little separating NAU and Colorado in second and third. On the women's side, Duke is #1, with Providence actually getting more first place votes, with Oregon at #3. Regional and national poll results.
    LRC Archives: *
    Re-Live NCAA XCs 2012 *NCAA 2012 XC Photo Gallery

    It's Official: Shannon Rowbury To Be Coached By Alberto Salazar Her previous coach John Cook is retiring, so Rowbury will move to coach Salazar. LRCers might have already known this.

    Sad News: Devastating Flooding In Boulder

    Wow: Ben Johnson Calls Out King Carl And Says "He's Not A Man" Unless He Confesses To PED Use

    First Full Week In September = NCAA XC Begins In Earnest - *All College XC Results For This Weekend

    *MB: Abbey D wins 2013 Opener at Dartmouth Invitational by 51 seconds - Sam Chelanga wins men's race
    *BYU Men Beat Portland 25 To 33 In Utah Cross-Country Meet
    *Reigning NCAA Champ Kennedy Kithuka Wins By More Than A Minute
    *#10 Cornell Women Take Top 15 Spots In Rout
    *MB: Harvard Sweeps Yale 1-2-3-4-5 in 100th meeting between two, H Women dominate as well All time, it's now H 60, Y 40.
    *MB: Question about #7 Wisconsin @ Indiana State dual meet Saturday

    Inspiring Read: Vanderbilt Coach Steve Keith Is Fighting For His Life Against Cancer
    *Bad News: Megan Goethals Out For The Year With Femoral Stress Fracture
    *100th Harvard-Yale XC Clash Is This Weekend Harvard leads 59 to 40.
    *5 Minutes With #2 Duke Coach Kevin Jermyn