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Regina Jacobs Files Lawsuit Against Suzy Favor Hamilton For $1 million
Regina: Suzy "Ruined My Life."

April 1, 2004, Oakland, CA -

In a development that caught many in both the legal and track and field communities by surprise, lawyers for disgraced US middle distance runner Regina Jacobs today filed a personal lawsuit against Suzy Favor Hamilton at the Superior Court of California's Oakland branch (Allen E. Broussard Justice Center). Jacobs, a 4-time Olympic qualifier and 24 times national champion, is suing Favor Hamilton for $1,000,000 as Jacobs claims that Favor Hamilton has "ruined her life."

Jacobs, who tested positive for the designer steroid THG last summer and will be suspended from track and field for two years once the positive test is upheld, is claiming that Suzy Favor Hamilton possessed unfair superior god-given abilities which forced Regina to get on performance enhancing drugs to level the playing field.

Jacobs lawyer, Craig Greer, was unapologetic about filing the lawsuit. "The lawsuit is 100% legitimate. Regina's life has been ruined plain and simple by her positive drug test and Suzy forced her to take the drugs. It's a rather straightforward and simple case to understand," said Greer.

When reached by reporters outside of Cindy's Dog Grooming in Oakland, Jacobs said she expects Favor Hamilton to settle the case out of court as the case is such a slam-dunk.  "The damage that Suzy has inflicted on me is astronomical.  I mean with the positive test, my reputation is now ruined. Everyone now believes that my entire career is a fraud - that I've accomplished absolutely nothing without cheating.  Put yourself in my shoes for a moment and just think about how much it sucks to wake up every morning and realize that you were forced to steal and cheat your way to the top.  My entire adult existence was focused on my running and now everyone realizes that I accomplished absolutely nothing without cheating. If I actually had a conscience, it would be hard to tolerate."

Jacobs's attorney said that he is looking into adding plaintiffs to the case against Mrs. Hamilton.  "We're looking to add 3 or more 4 plaintiffs to the case.  There are plenty to choose from," said Greer who rose to fame by suing McDonald's in the "spilled coffee" case. In that case, Greer successful showed that McDonald's basically forced an old woman to spill coffee on herself by serving it to her in her automobile. "The ones most likely to join the suit are the 3 women who in 1988, 1992 and 1996 were denied a spot on the US Olympic team because Regina won a spot on the team. Without the drugs, it's unlikely Regina would have accomplished so much and thus denied those people a dream of a lifetime and no one is to blame but Mrs. Hamilton.  Three lost Olympic bids, my gosh those have to be worth several million dollars each. Before this is all said and done, I expect the damages sought to be in the $5-10 million dollar range."

Favor Hamilton, who is training for this summer's Olympic Games, declined to comment when contacted about the lawsuit.

Be sure to come back to LetsRun.com as the story is still unfolding and more is sure to develop in the days to come.

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