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The 4 Principles of a Sound Training Program: running guru, John Kellogg, shares what it takes to be the best runner you can be. Warning: This is not for the faint at heart.
In fact, just so you won't be scared away, co-founder, Robert Johnson. translates Mr. Kellogg's principles so that they benefit the masses.

High School Training
Laying down the proper fundamentals is so important to us that we have created a special section for high school running. 
Top 10 Running Tips:'s Weldon Johnson, who recently improved his 10k time by a 1:22 to 28:27 shares the top 10 reasons behind his success. 9 of these are available to you.

Trail Running:
Are you constantly injured or bored with your running??? Then we have the solution for you.

Why do you run??? We all have our various reasons for running, but soon you will be able to share your inspiration with others. In the meantime, email us, about why you run.


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