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Turn Back The Clock! Today's Top Runners Talk About Their High School Careers

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Wejo Speaks
Rojo Speaks
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Turn Back the Clock
America's Top Runners Discuss their high school careers
Todd Reeser
Top Road Racer wrestled his first 3 years of high school.
Rod DeHaven
U.S. Olympic Marathoner was a miler in college.
Juli Henner
Sprinter in highschool made 96 Olympics at 1500m
Chris Graff
5k, 10k Star from Long Island
Matt Holthaus
U.S. Indoor Champ in Mile

One-on-One With Chris Lear
In 1992, Chris Lear of Summit, NJ was the #5 high school miler. In this interview with LetsRun.com, Chris discusses the keys to his outstanding high school career and gives his advice to current high schoolers. In addition, Chris talks his book: Running with the Buffaloes which chronicles the final collegiate season of America's best up and coming distance runner, Adam Goucher.

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