April 12, 2024

How and Why the Diamond League Is Heading to FloTrack in 2025

Track and field athletes and fans are outraged the Diamond League will be on FloTrack in 2025. We take a look at why and how this happened.
April 11, 2024

Shame on USATF For Not Sending a Team to the 2024 World U20 Athletics Championships

The US is hosting the World U20 champs in 2026 but will not send a team to the 2024 edition in Lima, Peru, this August. *MB: USATF not sending team to 2024 World U20 champs in Peru - Should WA remove Eugene as host of 2026?
October 04, 2023

WTW: My Simple Solution To Save The Sport of Track & Field

Has Robert Johnson found the Holy Grail in terms of making track and field relevant again? He thinks he has *MB: My simple solution to save the sport of track & field: Crown 3 world champions at each Diamond League event
November 08, 2022

Gender identity has no place in sport

Guess what sex dominated the new non-binary gender division at Sunday's 2022 New York City Marathon?
July 28, 2022

9 Things I Can't Believe Happened at the 2022 World Athletics Championships

From Max Siegel scheduling a press conference in the middle of the meet while it was going on to Galen Rupp only finishing 19th in the marathon, Rojo reveals what stunned him at Worlds.
November 03, 2021

World Athletics' Rule Changes Are A Step In The Right Direction, But...

Getting rid of the rule that automatically DQd a runner for stepping on the line in a race is a good start, but World Athletics needs to join the modern world in terms of officiating. Before the runners leave the track, they and everyone in the stadium should know if a foul has been called. It should then immediately be reviewed with the outcome and explanation announced just like in the NFL. *MB: Rojo: Track and field needs to join the modern world when it comes to officiating
September 20, 2021

RIP Norm Macdonald: How Macdonald's Simple-Truth Logic Could Help Solve the Transgender/Intersex Crisis Facing Women's Sports

Macdonald once famously said, "I feel that one of the basic requirements of being a sprinter is having legs." If we apply that same logic to the transgender/intersex debate, then we'd have an easy solution. "I feel that a basic requirement of being eligible to compete in elite women's sport is to never have had functioning testes."
July 21, 2021

I'm Pro-Vaccine, But If We Follow The Science We Wouldn't Be Allowing Olympic Track Stars Like Cole Hocker To Be Vaccinated

Earlier this week, it was revealed that American track star Cole Hocker hasn't been vaccinated for Covid-19. As a result, he's been called "selfish", an"idiot", a  "dumbass". The reality is just the opposite. The stats prove that it's actually quite selfish and anti-scientific for people to be demanding that young and fit people like Cole Hocker be vaccinated right now. The selfless act would be if called on all young healthy adults to not take the vaccine right now and instead redirect that supply so the world's most vulnerable could be vaccinated.  There are HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of senior citizens across the globe who have yet to be vaccinated.
May 26, 2021

Stop The Fear Porn, The Olympics Should Go On -- Japan's COVID Rate Is Currently 50% Less Than the Rate in the US

You'd never know it from the media but the Covid-19 rate in Japan is currently half of what it is in the United States.
February 11, 2021

What About The Sport? Wouldn't It Be Nice If Donavan Brazier & Bryce Hoppel Raced Each Other Once This Season?

The two 800m stars will be at the same meet three times in a four-week span -- including Saturday's New Balance Indoor Grand Prix -- but aren't slated to face each other.
February 09, 2021

Guest Column: How Bravey Could Have Been Braver

Kate Raphael finds Bravey to be "honest and inspiring" and says Pappas gets it "so much of the time" but is "troubled by some of the language present throughout the memoir and the effect this language could have on young women athletes." Read how Raphael thinks Bravey could have been even better. *MB: Guest Column on Alexi Pappas' Memoir Bravey How Bravey Could Have Been Braver 
January 25, 2021

Why We Need the Olympics in 2021

The Olympics are not just the biggest sporting event in the world. They represent what is best about the world. They remind us of our shared humanity and never has the nations of the world coming together been more important than after a year in which we were isolated and cut off from one another.
November 20, 2020

What I Miss Most About the NCAA Cross Country Championships

The NCAA cross country championships were originally scheduled for this weekend at Oklahoma State. As Jonathan Gault ponders yet another absence from the 2020 sporting calendar, he reflects on what he misses the most about one of his favorite events of the year.
March 06, 2020

It’s Official: Nike's Vaporfly Shoe Technology and World Athletics' Shoe Rules Have Ruined The Marathon (At Least Temporarily)

The Olympic Trials and the first 3 super-elite marathons of 2020 show one thing: shoes really matter and have created an uneven playing field in the sport.
December 31, 2019

The 2010s are history: It was both the best and worst of times for track and field fans

What a crazy decade. From Chris Solinsky's 26:59 at the start of the decade to Brigid Kosgei's 2:14:04 at the end, there were a ton of plenty of highs but the lows were also big as well as Olympic champs at 800, 1500, steeple and the marathon were all banned from the sport. What does it all mean? co-founder Robert Johnson looks for meaning and tries to figure it all out by taking you back in a time machine to January 1, 2010.
November 12, 2019

Don't Believe The Spin, Nike's Treatment Of Mary Cain Is Very Much In Line With Its #1 Core Value: Win At All Costs

Since its inception, Nike's #1 message has been win at all costs. Not a surprise since Nike was named after the winged Greek goddess of victory. But winning often doesn't come easy, so sometimes people take drugs or purge themselves to get to the top.
October 09, 2019

In The End, The Doha Worlds Ended Up Being Pretty Spectacular

World Cup fans breathe easy. 5 years ago when the track and field world champs were awarded to Doha, dire predictions were made. In the end, the championships ended up being fabulous, particularly from a performance standpoint. Air-conditioned outdoor stadiums, really do work.
August 30, 2019

Running Training 101: Six Keys to Becoming a Better (High School) Runner

The basics of running explained.
August 26, 2019

Bowerman Track Club Will Have ZERO Athletes in Diamond League Finals: What Can Our Sport Do to Make Its Stars Compete More?

Everything in our sport except Worlds is now the preseason. What can be done?