Galen Rupp – The Perfect Marathon Champion For America in The Year 2017

October 9, 2017

Yesterday, Galen Rupp did something that no American-born male runner had done in 35 years – win the Chicago Marathon.

And as we try to process what it all means, the number one word that comes to mind is this – polarizing. Just as our country is currently totally polarized by the holder of the Oval Office, Rupp’s victory is polarizing within the US running community.

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Lots of people are totally ecstatic that Rupp has dented the African-born domination of the major marathons as they had gone a perfect 54-0 in the majors since the start of 2009. A shocking break to the norm that proves anyone with a dream has a chance.

At the same time, a lot of die-hard fans are apoplectic by the win, which they view as illegitimate and unfairly earned through some combination of illegal aid and superior resources. They can’t believe that a win which they view as a stain on their beloved sport is being celebrated fervently by many as an amazing accomplishment.

And then there are others not sure what to make of it, amazed that they have to choose between two polarizing options – an upstart win for the ages or a historic victory, illegitimately earned.

In a polarizing time, Rupp is the perfect American champion of a US marathon in 2017.

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Editors’ note. The article initially said that African born runners had won 53 straight majors, not 54.

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