Donavan Brazier Talks About His 1:43.55 NCAA Record That Broke Jim Ryun’s Record

Plus he admits to reading the LRC message boards.

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June 10, 2016

Texas A&M freshman Donavan Brazier shocked the running world by running a 1:43.55 to break Jim Ryun’s NCAA record on its 50th anniversary.

Donavan then ran the 4×400 and spoke to the media after that. Video below.

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‘Did you miss the race? Watch it here: LRC Watch Donavan Brazier Shatter Jim Ryun’s Collegiate 800 Record Which Celebrated Its 50th Anniversary Today or talk about it in our fan forum: MB: Oh My God!!! 1:43.55!!!!!!!! for Brazier

Highlights from interview above:

On the place and time:
“I knew with all the fast guys in the race… it would be a fast race… I didn’t expect first though.  

On whether he will still run World Juniors instead of Olympic Trials:
“I don’t know. It depends on what my coach says”

On coming back from dropping out of NCAA indoors with a back injury:
“It just kept me hungry.. That was the most disappointing point in my life. No 1500 ever.  

On going out in 50:
5”0 was a pretty comfortable pace….When I can split 45s on the 4×4 coming through in 50 isn’t too bad for me….

On the kick:
“I felt pretty comfortable with the pace and I could see him to start to lose his form a little (with 200 to go)….(with 100 to go when McBride’s lost his form a little more) I knew I had to put my shoulders down and relax…”

On what’s next:
“Try to go 1:42 next year.”

On whether he’ll turn professional
“I didn’t (ever) think about it until you said it. I don’t know”

On running the 1500m:
He vowed to never run one. Interesting to note, Brazier’s first individual race at Texas A&M was a 4:07 mile win in December.

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But people were talking about the phenom a lot last year as well:

MB: I just got a text from a top HS coach: “Grant Fisher is not the best kid in Michigan.” LetsRun, meet Donavan Brazier
MB: Watch out for Donavan Brazier – Hser runs 1:48.07 – Is Grant Fisher the best prep even in Michigan?
MB: It’s official: Donavan Brazier (45.92r, 1:48.07, 4:09) not Grant Fisher, is the most talented HSer in Michigan this year )

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