Dejen Gebremskel And Julia Bleasdale Win 2014 Carlsbad 5,000 – Bernard Lagat Sets New American Record Of 13:19

March 30, 2014

Ethiopia’s Dejen Gebremeskel turned the tables on Bernard Lagat and got a some revenge today from losing to Lagat at World Indoors as he won a record fourth Carlsbad 5,000 today in 13:13. Lagat wasn’t too disappointed, however, as he ended up with what the American road 5,000 record of 13:19, eclipsing Marc Davis‘ record of 13:24, which had stood since 1996.

The women’s race race was won by Britain’s Julia Bleasdale in 15:06 as Kenya’s Betsy Saina was second in 15:22.

Men’s Race

After an opening mile of 4:14 and two miles of 8:34, the men’s race turned into a three person affair as expected. The 3 finalists from the 3,000 at World Indoors earlier this month, Gebremeskel (3rd at Worlds), Lagat (2nd at Worlds) and Augustine Choge (9th).

Bleasdale all Alone (click for photo gallery) Bleasdale all Alone (click for photo gallery)

Gebremeskel got the win by pulling away from Lagat in the final 1k. After the race, Gebremeskel said he would have tried to go earlier but he decided to wait after feeling wind in his face.

Women’s Race

The women’s race started off pretty fast (4:44 first mile and 9:36 two mile) but the last mile belonged all to Britain’s Julia Bleasdale who was much better than Betsy Saina and everyone else in the field.

The first American was Brenda Martinez, who crushed the 15:44 time she ran last year by running 15:25 for third.

Results, quick takes and screenshots from the telecast appear below.

Women’s Results first_name last_name age city state country chip_time
1 Julia Bleasdale 32 Great Britain Great Britain 15:06
2 Betsy Saina 25 Flagstaff AZ Kenya 15:22
3 Etalemhu Habtewold 23 Ethiopia Ethiopia 15:23
4 Brenda Martinez 26 Rancho Cucamonga CA USA 15:25
5 Amy Van Alstine 26 Flagstaff AZ USA 15:30
6 Gotytom Gebreslase 19 Ethiopia Ethiopia 15:38
7 Jordan Hasay 22 Portland OR USA 15:41
8 Jen Rhines 39 Lexington MA USA 16:03
9 Gabe Grunewald 27 Usa USA 16:08
10 Natasha La Beaud 26 Canada CA Canada 16:15
11 Lindsey Scherf 27 Chapel Hill NC USA 16:31
12 Alessandra Viola Giulia 22 Italy Italy 16:37
13 Katja Goldring 23 Los Angeles CA USA 16:52
Men’s Results first_name last_name age city state country chip_time
1 Dejen Gebremeskel 24 Ethiopia Ethiopia 13:13
2 Bernard Lagat 39 Usa AZ USA 13:19
3 Augustine Choge 27 Kenya Kenya 13:22
4 Edwin Kipyego 24 Kenya Kenya 13:26
5 Diego Estrada 24 Salinas CA USA 13:31
6 Haron Lagat 30 Kenya Kenya 13:39
7 Tariku Bekele 27 Ethiopia Ethiopia 13:45
8 Mohamed Fadil 32 Morocco Morocco 13:48
9 Stephen Pifer 29 Jacksonville FL USA 13:56
10 Bobby Curtis 29 Rochester MI USA 13:59
11 Ben Bruce 31 Flagstaff AZ USA 14:06
12 De Sean Turner 25 Indianapolis IN USA 14:10
13 Frezer Legesse 23 Oklahoma City OK USA 14:20
14 A J Acosta 25 Oceanside CA USA 14:57

Quick Take #1: Since Lagat beat Gebremeskel at Worlds, we’re sure some fans were surprised by the result today. Not us. Worlds was a 3000. This was a 5000. The 3000 is the ideal distance for Lagat and the tactical  nature  of World’s turned it into more of a 1500 which is where Lagat is the second fastest man in history. Gebremeskel is 24 years young and has run 12:46 for 5000. He should beat the 39-year old Lagat in a 5000.

Article continues below player.

Gebremeskel summed things up perfectly about Lagat after the race to when he said, “After the first mile, there was wind and I could not push. Bernard is a 1500m runner, that is his specialty and he has a good kick. I knew I could not sprint with him, so I had to go.”

Quick Take #2: Marc Davis, who now works as a PR staffer for the BAA, was on hand in his native San Diego to see his American record go down. Given the fact that Lagat has a 12:53 track pb, Davis knew that his record almost certainly was going to fall to Lagat who was making his road 5k debut today. On the telecast today before the race started, Davis had a great quip when he said something along the lines of, “I was telling people last night I felt the same as I did before my wedding night. I’m going – no disrespect to my beautiful wife – to wake up and feel like a little bit less of a man.”

It’s worth noting that when Davis set his road American record at this race in 1996, he also didn’t win the race.

Quick Take #3: Come on admit it. We know that many of you were surpised to see a ‘white girl’ win the women’s race. It hadn’t happened since 2002 when Deena Drossin (now Kastor) ran 14:54.

But you shouldn’t have been surprised by Bleasdale’s win. Bleasdale was 8th in the 2012 Olympics in both the 5000 and 10,000. Her pbs of 15:02 and 30:55 were the best of anyone in the field. Saina has run 15:12 and 31:15.

Quick Take #4: Similarly, we know many were surprised that Martinez, who won a bronze medal at 800 meters last summer, was the top American at 5000. But she too had the best pr of a any Americans in the field under the age of 39 (39-year old Jen Rhines was 8th today). Martinez ran 15:30 last summer. Jordan Hasay has a pb of 15:37 and Gabriele Grunewald has a pb of 15:45.

Nonetheless, it was a great showing for Martinez. She’s clearly poised for a big year.

“This was a good opener. Today I was just going to go test my strength,” said Martinez. “My plan was to hang with the lreaders as long as I could.”

“I’m training so hard. I want to keep a tradition going (at Carlsbad) and try to lower my time every year.”

Quick Take #5: Hasay and Grunewald poised for a picture today to show their is no ill-will personally between them after the whole USA Indoor DQ episode.

Jordan Hasay and Gabriele Grunewald Jordan Hasay and Gabriele Grunewald (click for photo gallery)

Hasay’s 15:41 today wasn’t that far off her 5000 pb of 15:37 and seeing Grunewald run 16:08 reminded us Hasay should have never let USA indoors come down to a kick.

Quick Take #6: Photo Gallery Here.

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Click for Photo Gallery Click for Photo Gallery

Screen Shots:

Women's Race Women’s Race
Bleasdale and Saina Bleasdale and Saina
Julia Bleasdale all alone Julia Bleasdale all alone
Bleasdale is happy Bleasdale is happy
Brenda Martinez was happy after this one Brenda Martinez was happy after this one
Men's lead pack Men’s lead pack

Screenshot (170)

Final 3 men start to pull away Final 3 men start to pull away

Screenshot (174)

Dejen Gebremeskel pulls away from Lagat Dejen Gebremeskel pulls away from Lagat

Screenshot (176)

Marc Davis congratulates Bernard Lagat with a hug Marc Davis congratulates Bernard Lagat with a hug
Mr. Carlsbad - Dejen Gebremeskel Mr. Carlsbad – Dejen Gebremeskel

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