Archived Homepage For October 23, 2017
Archived Homepage For October 23, 2017

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Big City Marathon News

Q & A With The Legend Who Has Held An American Track Record Longer Than Anyone Else

johnny-grayLRC Q&A Johnny Gray Talks About Having American 800 Record For 32 Years, Why He Considered Taking Drugs, & His Thoughts On Ajee Wilson Gray, the longest holder of a US track record (32 years and counting), shares all in this no-holds-barred interview. Who does he think has more potential – Clayton MurphyDonavan Brazier or Boris Berian? Does he have doubts about Ajee Wilson after her positive test? All of that and more.
*MB: Fantastic Johnny Gray interview
*MB: Is Johnny Gray’s American Record run the fastest negative-split 800m of all time?

Negative News

Molly Seidel And Abbey D Are BAAACK

LRCFormer NCAA Champs Molly Seidel & Abbey D'Agostino Go 1-2 At 2017 Mayor's Cup XC And Chart Paths To Healthy Futures

Seidel got a dominant win in her first race since March. Both former NCAA stars have new plans to stay healthy.
Discuss: Molly Seidel And Abbey D’Agostino Go 1-2 At Mayor’s Cup In Boston

ARD: You’re Next China

Will Usain Bolt Be Back In 2019?

Interesting Coaching-Related Links

News From The Commonwealth

Women’s Distance News

Sprints And Jumps

Week That Was

WTWWTW: A Closer Look At BYU's Dominance, Praise For Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, & Katelyn Tuohy, Let's Get Excited For World Indoors

We also take a look at the 2017 TCS Amsterdam Marathon and tell you what Bulldogs of Yale show what they have in common with Georgetown other than a bulldog as a mascot. Plus Kyle Merber's wedding makes the Daily Mail.

This Weekend’s Previews *Tracking & Results For Toronto*TV & Streaming For Toronto

Lots Of Action In New York In Two Weeks

Upcoming Action / Looking Ahead

Elite Distance Stuff: Team Ajee Wilson Grows