A Real Running Hero

LRC A Real Running Hero: The Flo Groberg Story Two years ago today, former Maryland track and field and cross-country runner Flo Groberg helped thwart a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan. This is his story.

Track And Field History 101

Mid-D Stuff: Nick Willis’ Michigan Track Classic Is Sunday *Full Fields

The Few Interesting Links We Could Find On A Dead Weekend

Doping News of Note

Oscar P Trial Wraps Up – Verdict Due On 9/11

Post-World Jr. And CG News

Meb Went To The White House

At State Dinner, Meb Got Seated At Obama And Carter’s Table Jimmy Carter asked Meb about cross training. Meb was sure to give props to ElliptiGo.

Interesting Profiles Of Note

Phys.Org: Will A Human Ever Run 100m In Under Nine Seconds? They say it could eventually happen. But people say sub-2 hours in the marathon could happen too.

Genevieve LaCaze’s Stage-Bombing Performance At CGs Closing Ceremony Could Earn Her Appearance On Dancing With The Stars Sports bettors put her odds at $5 while they offer $7 for her to have a dance-off on TV with Michelle Jenneke.

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Jenn Suhr’s Pole Snapped In Practice

MB: Suhr is hurt as a result. Video below.

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