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LRC Week That Was: Dennis Kimetto, Ritz Jeptoo And All Things Chicago Marathon, Kim Smith, Stephen Sambu Pick Up $100k, Haile Gebrselassie Still Has It We look at just how good Kimetto's and Jeptoo's Chicago performances were, explain why we're not crazy about the BAA Distance Medley's gimmicky prize money structure and remind you that even at 40 years old, Geb is still very, very good.

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NYC Is Next Month: Martin Lel, London Champion Tsegaye Kebede And Italy's Women's World Silver Medalist Valeria Straneo Added To NYC Marathon Field

2013 Bank Of America Chicago Marathon *Results *LRC Men's Preview *LRC Women's Preview

Some Chicago Talk To Spice Up Your Monday Evening:
*What are the US men missing in marathon training???? A lot of discussion.
*Chicago winner today has never run a track race
*Kimetto 150 mpw. Ritz 110 mpw, once 120 mpw.

Dennis Kimetto Wins, Shatters Course Record With 2:03:45 Clocking Wow, what a race! 61:52 for the first half, 61:53 for the second half. Dennis Kimetto put on a show and staked his claim to being the #1 marathoner on the planet as he beat Emmanuel Mutai, who became the first man to break 2:04 and lose on a loop course. Americans Ritz and Teg didn't get what they wanted.
Eight Quick Takes On The Men's Race: Kimetto Is A Stud, Mutai Is Mr. Silver, Teg & Ritz Struggle Final 10k, Abshero Goes For It We've got a lot to say about this great race, so it appears in a separate piece.
*Top 30 Chicago Marathon Results

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*Phil Hersh's Men's Recap
Race Results Weekly Recap

Chicago On The Boards:
OFFICIAL 2013 Chicago Marathon Play-by-Play Thread
*I love Ritz but.....
*Kimetto 150 mpw. Ritz 110 mpw, once 120 mpw.
*What are the US men missing in marathon training????
*No US guys currently within a mile of the best Marathoners. Sad.
Teg would not have won US champs last weekend in MN
Was Ritz crying in his flotrack interview?
Hall v. Ritz
Ritz' shoes- 2013 Chicago Marathon
Teg was Jerry's best male marathon so far
Chicago winner today has never run a track race
Kawauchi ran 2:11:40 today in 8th marathon of '13. Will Tegenkamp beat his time?

The Inside Scoop

Friday: LRC
Will The Race Go Out In 61:45 And How Will Dathan Ritzenhein React? (link fixed) With good weather in the forecast, the leading Africans may want to go out more than a minute faster than Ritz wants. Will they be slowed to please Ritz or will he have to solo it alone? Also, Emmanuel Mutai reveals he's healthy and Moses Mosop is going to be tough to beat.

5 Takeaways From Thursday's Presser: Mosop Is Healthy And Fit, Tadese Is Ready For Another Crack At 26.2, Kimetto And Abshero Are Confident, And Kogo Hopes He's Ready For Uncharted Territory We broke down the race earlier for you on you on paper, but you never know what really to expect until you get the inside scoop on-site. We've got it and you can as well if you read our piece. Plus was there a fix at the 2012 Berlin Marathon?

More Chicago Men's Pre-Race Coverage:
LRC Teg Does The Marathon: Matt Tegenkamp Shares His Thoughts Ahead Of His Highly-Anticipated Marathon Debut Teg is full of confidence: "I feel so much more comfortable on the roads than I do the track, and I never thought I'd say that."

More Chicago News:
Journalism At Its Finest:
If You Read One Thing All Month, This Should Be It: Inspiring Story On US's Stephanie Pezzullo: Running For Her Life
The Charlotte Observer's Théoden Janes has written a masterpiece after Pezzulo opened up to him about her struggles in life. A tough upbringing with a bipolar dad who allegedly sexually abused her led to crushing anxiety and even a suicide attempt. She was saved by sports (first soccer, now running) and faith.
*Excellent Recommended Read: One Of The Good Guys In The Sport Team Eugene's Craig Leon Hoping For 2:11-12 In Chicago
We enjoyed meeting Leon in Boston and Curtis Anderson has written an excellent profile on Leon, who works a job and has "never had a bad marathon" according to coach Ian Dobson.
*Article On Matt Tegenkamp From Chicago Tribune

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Mo Farah Doesn't Actually Think He Can Run Sub-2 Hours

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Jamaica Anti-Doping Programme Set To Be Investigated By WADA This investigation is in response to allegations made by former JADCO director Renee Anne Shirley. WADA is unhappy, though, that the visit will not happen until 2014.

Monday's Tufts 10k For Women *Results

LRC With An Assist From Meseret Defar, Sentayehu Ejigu Sets Course Record At Tufts Health Plan 10-K For Women, Emily Infeld Second Sentayehu Ejigu of Ethiopia was encouraged to run this race by Meseret Defar and she left breaking the 25-year-old course record of Anne Hannam. Emily Infeld's strong 2013 continued with a second-place finish. Janet Bawcom was fourth and led Team USA Arizona to the $10,000 team title over Boulder Running Company/Adidas.

More: Chicago Tribune From 1996 On Anne Hannam:
 Running On Empty: "In that magical summer and fall of 1988, Anne Hannam ran nine road races from Alaska to Massachusetts, won all nine and set seven course records. She also weighed 96 pounds and was starving herself slowly ..."
LRC Forums: Whatever Happened to Anne Hannam?
*Emily Infeld 31:47 Road 10k

2013 Bank Of America Chicago Marathon *Results

LRC Rita Jeptoo Wins, Sets World-Leading 2:19:57 Time By Running A Big Negative Split (updated with quick takes) Jeptoo lost in agonizing fashion last year in a sprint. This year, she left no doubt as she crushed the second half (68:42) to become the first person under 2:20 in 2013. Her final 12.2 k was simply unreal, as she did her best Paula Radcliffe impersonation and ran faster for her final 12.2k than both Ritz and Teg.
*Top 30 Chicago Marathon Results

*Race Results Weekly Recap
*Chicago Tribune Women's Recap

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The Week In Review

LRC WTW: Zola Budd, Running Models, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Twin Cities Past And Present, Guelph, And Bad College Sports Publicity This week we praise college XC winners old (Zola Budd) and young (Alexa Efraimson), talk about the juggernauts of Canadian collegiate XC, talk about Twin Cities winners past and present, and tell the Yale and Lousiville Sports Info departments that our sport deserves better. Since we had to be a little shorter than normal to get ready for Chicago, we leave you with photo album full of Oiselle models, including Kate Grace and Lauren Fleshman.

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  • One We Missed From The Weekend

    Kenya's Dominic Ondoro Beats Yuki Kawauchi In Melbourne Marathon Ondoro ran 2:10:47 to Kawauchi's 2:11:40. Aussie Lisa Jane Weightman ran 2:26:05 to win the women's race with the fastest time ever by an Australian woman on home soil.
    *Local Article On The Race And Weightman, Who Also Set The CR

    BAA Half Marathon Photo Gallery

     Big One We Missed From Weekend:

    Groninge Netherlands: Viola Kibiwot Sets Worlds Best For 4 Miles As Haile Gebrselassie Nearly Beats Yenew Alamirew 19:14 for 4 miles for Kibiwot as Emily Chebet ran 19:17 to break the old record as well.
    On The Boards: Meanwhile, Gebrselassie clocks 17:31 for 4 miles in race vs Alamirew

    All Weekend NCAA XC Results

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    Kevin Helliker Writes Follow-Up Column In WSJ After Receiving Backlash From The "Slowest Generation" The 20 and 30 somethings have responded with excuses for why they are slow, including "The economy is so bad, we can't help it."
    *MB Discussion: Obama/economy to blame for slowing of running times across country?

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