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We got a bit nostalgic, with this the 2004 Olympic Marathon Trials representing the 4 year anniversary of this website. When we started this website, site co-founder, Weldon Johnson, was just a runner with a dream. Now he's one of the top runner's in the country contnuing to live his dream. ds

Our apologies for the organizational structure of the website. It definitely needs some work. For a bio on Weldon click here.

Wejo Speaks:
June 2004:
"Where Your Dreams Don't Become Reality?"
Weldon reflects on not making the 2004 Olympics, the goal he had pursued for 4 years:
I've learned a great deal about myself the last four years, and have grown as a person by trying to reach my goal. I'm not trying to say that everyone should attempt to become an Olympic runner (actually I'm saying most of you shouldn't try and do this), but we all have talents, dreams, and goals, but for some reason are often reluctant to pursue them. This whole experience has shown me we can accomplish a lot more than we once thought possible"

2002: Escorting Paula
Weldon writes about helping Paula Radcliffe run her incredible world record in the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.

Wejo's Articles from 2000

Getting Back Into Shape
Weldon talks about one of the hardest aspects of the sport - getting back into shape. Weldon's left for Japan to compete in an Ekiden but leaves behind a column that talks about getting back into shape after the Olympic Trials and what it's like to get your butt kicked by a slew of collegians in his first X-C races in four years.

Weldon's Wild Ride
Weldon has dreamed of getting to the Olympic Track and Field Trials ever since he first attended them in 1992. Now, on the even of his trials, he almost literally didn't get there as his car broke down. Read about his ordeal here and his thoughts heading into the 10k final.

LetsRun.com's Weldon Johnson went from being a virtual unknown on the running circuit to a "Top Contender" according to USA Today for the recent U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials by virtue of one race, a 10k at Mt. San Antonio College where he improved his best time by an astonishing 1:22 to 28:27. But according to Weldon and his coach, LetsRun.com's running guru, John Kellogg, this new found success is part of a long range plan. Weldon shares his thoughts about his 25th place finish at the Trials, his thoughts going into the trials, and discusses some of the rumors surrounding his training.
Secrets Exposed: The Trials:
Does Weldon really live on the side of a mountain in a cabin??? Does he run 200 miles a week? Here he discusses some of the rumors surrounding his training, and you can even find a link to a sample week of his workouts. Weldon recaps his 25th place showing at the Olympic Marathon trials. Weldon put himself in contention, but paid the price during the final miles in the heat. Read about it here.
The breakthrough: Top 10 Training Tips:
In this piece, Weldon discusses his thoughts 3 weeks before the trials, after his tremendous 10k breakthrough that validated what he always believed: that he could contend for an Olympic Spot. Weldon Shares his top 10 training tips of which 9 are available to the everyday runner.

Read about the Weldon Johnson fan club and their activities at the Olympic Trials. TEAM WEJO was the talk of the Olympic Trials. Also, see the pictorial of TEAM WEJO's activities.

Want to contact Weldon??? Email him at:
Questions, comments or suggestions? Please email the LetsRun.com staff at suggestions@LetsRun.com.