Valencia Half Marathon

Valencia Half Marathon

October 24, 2023

WTW: Grant Fisher Dumps Bowerman, Ethiopia Finally Rocks The Half Marathon, & Violence in the Ingebrigtsen Camp?

Instead of asking, "What's wrong with the Bowerman Track Club?" Rojo asks, "Can we appreciate how well Grant Fisher and Elise Cranny have done at the BTC?" Plus what should be done with Gjert Ingebrigtsen?
October 20, 2022

2022 Valencia Half Marathon Preview: Kibiwott Kandie Leads Field with FIVE Sub-59 Men

The fields are always loaded in Valencia and 2022 is no exception. Plus how fast do Kirubel Erassa Biya Simbassa run and is the Canadian record in danger?
December 06, 2020

Utter Insanity: Kibiwott Kandie Runs 57:32 as the Top 4 Finishers Break the World Record in the Valencia Half Marathon

The Valencia Half Marathon was incredible as not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 men broke the old WR of 58:01.
December 01, 2020

American Record Alert: Emily Sisson Targeting Molly Huddle's 67:25 AR at Sunday's Valencia Half Marathon

It's been a good year to chase records (and not much else). The next one to go down could be Molly Huddle's 67:25 in the half, as Sisson's coach Ray Treacy says her fitness is "really, really good."
October 29, 2018

Who Is New Half Marathon World Record Holder Abraham Kiptum, And How Did He Run So Fast in Valencia?

Get the inside scoop on the new half-marathon WR holder. Turned down for a spot at the 2018 Chicago Marathon, he decided to test himself at the 13.1 distance and the rest is history.
October 11, 2015

10-Sub 60-Minute Men Will Line Up For The Valencia Half On October 18th

World XC silver medalist Bedan Karoki leads field that includes Abraham Cheroben (58:48), doper Matthew Kisorio and Leonard Komon.