NCAA Day 1 Recap: Big names advance in 1500, Leo Neugebauer rocks 1st five (4685) & Caleb Dean blasts 400H heats

EUGENE, Ore. (05-Jun) — The 2024 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field championships got underway at Hayward Field today. In the lone track final, the #1 seed Habtom Samuel of New Mexico overcame a fall with 900 meters to go and still go the win. That race gets its own recap here. `

In other action, all of the big stars in the men’s 1500 advanced to create a final for the ages, Texas’ Leo Neugebauer set an NCAA day 1 decathlon record (4685), Auburn freshman Ja’Kobe Tharp ran 13.18 in the 110 hurdles, and USC’s JC Stevenson went from 7th to 1st on his last jump to win the long jump at 8.22.

In other field event action, the pole vault was won by Keaton Daniel of Kentucky with a jump of 5.67m. In the throws, Marc Minichello of Georgia won his second NCAA javelin title (he won his first for Penn in 2022) with a second-round throw of 80.70m. The men’s shot was won by Ole Miss’s Tarik Robinson-O’Hagan with a toss of 20.88m and Cal’s Rowan Hamilton won the hammer with a throw of 77.18 meters.

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We’ve recapped each track event for you below, heat-by-heat, beginning with the mid-d and distance events.

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Men’s 1500 Semifinals:  The Big Dawgs Make it Through

The biggest news in the men’s 1500 final was all of the expected title contenders made the final out of the stacked second heat while SEC champ Parvej Khan of Florida was eliminated in heat #1.

Heat 1

The pack went through in 61.5 led by Damian Hackett of Cornell. The pace slowed even further, the second lap lagging to 62.51. South Carolina star Anass Essayi took the lead at 800, which the pack went through in 2:02.5. The penultimate lap was 58.77, it looked like Essayi was starting to pull away from the field, which was all there with a lap to go, but it was Liam Murphy who had a strong last 100 as part of a blistering 53.49 last lap to move him from second to first. Gary Martin and Parvej Kahn failed to qualify, running 3:41.43 and 3:40.10, respectively. Heat one only put the five auto-qualifiers in the final. 

1 Liam MURPHY JR VILLANOVA 3:39.68 Q 1(1)
2 Anass ESSAYI JR SOUTH CAROLINA 3:39.75 Q 1(2)
3 Wes PORTER JR VIRGINIA 3:39.88 Q 1(3)
4 Ethan STRAND SO NORTH CAROLINA 3:39.93 Q 1(4)
5 Damien DILCHER SR IONA 3:40.07 Q 1(5)
6 Parvej KHAN FR FLORIDA 3:40.10 1(6)
7 Tomas PALFREY SO OREGON 3:40.82 1(7)
8  Steven JACKSON JR BOSTON COLLEGE 3:40.85 1(8)
9 Gary MARTIN SO VIRGINIA 3:41.43 1(9)
10 Benne ANDERSON FR SYRACUSE 3:42.06 1(10)
11 Damian HACKETT JR CORNELL 3:43.34 1(11)
12 Nick FOSTER SR MICHIGAN 3:44.24 1(12)

Heat 2

Despite going out slower than the first heat, the second semifinal picked it up considerably over the final 800 meters to claim all the time qualifiers. It was Washington’s Luke Houser who held the lead until he was overtaken at the bell. Ultimately, Elliot Cook of Oregon won the heat, with a 54.31 final lap. Despite being labeled the heat of death, all of the top names were able to move onto the final as they made sure to run faster than the first heat did. Here’s a fun fact: the top 11 finishers of the second heat ran faster than Liam Murphy, the winner of the first heat.

1 Elliott COOK JR OREGON 3:37.25 Q 2(1) PB
2 Adam SPENCER JR WISCONSIN 3:37.32 Q 2(2) PB
4 Nathan GREEN SO WASHINGTON 3:37.51 Q 2(4)
5 Luke HOUSER SR WASHINGTON 3:37.53 Q 2(5) SB
6 Ezekiel ROP SR IOWA STATE 3:37.62 q 2(6) SB
7 Joe WASKOM JR WASHINGTON 3:37.93 q 2(7) SB
8 Rheinhardt HARRISON FR OREGON 3:38.70 2(8) PB
9 Alex STITT JR OKLAHOMA STATE 3:38.90 2(9)
10 Peter SMITH SR IOWA STATE 3:39.23 2(10) PB
11 Isaac BASTEN SR DRAKE 3:39.60 2(11) SB
12 Charlie O’DONOVAN SR VILLANOVA 3:40.31 2(12)

Quick Take: The final should be INCREDIBLE

Given how unbalanced the heats were, the second heat needed to go fast if all the big names were to advance. And that’s exactly what happened. Now we have an NCAA final on Friday featuring three NCAA champions (Waskom/Green/Houser), the second-fastest man in NCAA history (Sahlman), the Aussie champ (Spencer), and the red-hot Elliott Cook of Oregon. It should be spectacular.

But if you were looking to see who has the edge by watching heat 2 closely, you didn’t come away with any intel as almost of the expected title contenders looked good. The only one that might have shown a small crack was Washington’s Nathan Green, last year’s champ, as he seemed worried whether he was in the top five or not in the final 50 whereas Waskom behind him let off the gas on purpose, knowing he’d get in on time. We’d never paid close attention to Elliott Cook before today but must admit he’s incredibly smooth as a runner.

The final should be wild. In the final 50 of heat 2, the guys were running 5-6 abreast. Might we have something similar in the final?

Quick Take: Joe Waskom says he has had the workouts of his life coming into NCAAs

Considering Waskom has finished 1st and 2nd at the last two NCAA outdoor championships, his 2024 season has not been particularly impressive. Indoors, he was only 8th in the NCAA mile final, and outdoors, he finished nearly 10 seconds back of Colin Sahlman at the Bryan Clay meet in April, running 3:43. He was 4th at Pac-12s (though he was doubling back from winning the steeple) and had to rely on the last time qualifier to get into the final today.

But Waskom is heading into Friday’s final with plenty of confidence. The Washington men had a plan to make the pace fast up front to get the time qualifiers, and Waskom knew with 100 meters to go that the top seven would all make the final, so he was content to get 7th and advance.

Waskom said he was sick after indoors and had to take some time off, which is why he ran poorly at Bryan Clay. And leading into Pac-12s, Waskom was in the midst of a heavy training block, a tradeoff he said was necessary to deliver strong results later in the season. He thinks he is ready to go now – and he will need to be against this field.

“I’ve had the workouts of my life leading up to this,” Waskom said. “Better than the last couple years. I’m ready…If we had to run 3:34 [today], we would have been ready.”

Quick Take: Parvej Khan ran a tactically HORRIBLE race

Florida’s team title hopes took a hit as the SEC champ Parvej Khan of India did not make the final. If you are a coach and want to show an up-and-coming athlete how NOT to run a 1500 prelim, get a copy of this race and have them watch Khan.

Khan has a huge kick and his huge kick was still there today. In fact, his final 400 of 53.15 was the fastest in either heat, but the problem was lots of guys can kick at this level. Six other guys in heat 1 also ran 53.69 or faster on the last lap, including all five of the guys who finished ahead of Khan. Khan moved up from 9th to 6th on the last lap but his time of 3:40.10 missed the final by .03.

Khan’s tactical failures came on the first three laps as he ran almost all of them in the back and in lane two, often in the middle or outside of it. Instead of just sitting in the back on the rail and waiting to rock the final 400, he kept running tons of extra distance sort of trying to move up without ever moving up.

Quick Take: Liam Murphy hoping experience pays off in final

Villanova’s Murphy won heat 1 and while he said there were some good guys in the race, he felt fortunate to be in that race rather than the stacked heat 2. Murphy has a strong kick – he delivered two Penn Relays wheels to Villanova this year in the DMR and 4 x mile – but knows a kick is not worth much if he is not in a position to use it. 

“Last year (when Murphy finished 11th at NCAAs), I was too far back,” Murphy said. “With how good these guys are and how good everyone can close, if you’re not near that front, there’s just no way you’re going to catch up.”

For more on Murphy, he broke down his 4th-place finish in the NCAA indoor 3k final with us this week.

Men’s 3000 Steeple: Kibiego Gets Eliminated

The biggest news coming out of the men’s steeple was that Texas A&M’s Victor Kibiego of Kenya, who finished third last year for UTEP, didn’t make the final as he dropped out. All of the other top six seeds advanced. The only other sub-8:30 runners not to make the final were 8:29 runners Rob McManus of Montana State and Victor Shitsama of Oklahoma State (who was 12th in NCAA XC in the fall), who had both run 8:29 coming in but didn’t advance. Shitsama was in position to qualify but fell on the final barrier.

Heat 1

In heat one it ended up being Eastern Kentucky’s Abdelhakim Abouzouhir running away from the field and claiming the win in 8:32.58. He was followed by NCAA leader Nathan Mountain of Virginia (2nd, 8:32.92) and Georgetown’s Parker Stokes (3rd, 8:32.95). Abouzouhir got away from the field early and built up a lead as large as six seconds before he was reeled in over the final 200 meters. 

Heat 2

This heat stayed in a pack for the first mile. The major development was that last year’s third placer Victor Kibiego stumbled on the rail and stepped off the track. The Notre Dame duo led by CJ Singleton pushed the pace the last K and ensured that the heat would be on the quicker side. Both time qualifiers would have been from this heat if it was not for a fall from Oklahoma State’s Victor Shitsama

1 James CORRIGAN SO BYU 8:28.84 Q 2(1) PB
2 Estanis RUIZ JR PORTLAND 8:29.00 Q 2(2) PB
4 Yasin SADO SR VIRGINIA 8:30.03 Q 2(4)
5 Jackson SHORTEN SO PRINCETON 8:31.68 Q 2(5) PB
6 Tom SEITZER SR NOTRE DAME 8:32.46 q 2(6) PB
7 Abdelhakim ABOUZOUHIR SR EASTERN KENTUCKY 8:32.58 Q 1(1)
8 Nathan MOUNTAIN JR VIRGINIA 8:32.92 Q 1(2)
9 Parker STOKES SR GEORGETOWN 8:32.95 Q 1(3)
10 Gable SIEPERDA SR IOWA STATE 8:32.96 Q 1(4)
11 Levi TAYLOR SR MONTANA STATE 8:33.11 Q 1(5)
12 Alexander KORCZYNSKI SR NORTHEASTERN 8:33.13 q 1(6) PB
13 Rob MCMANUS SO MONTANA STATE 8:33.43 1(7)
14 Victor SHITSAMA SR OKLAHOMA STATE 8:35.30 2(7)
15 Brett GARDNER SR NC STATE 8:37.77 1(8)
16 Luke LABATTE SR NORTH DAKOTA 8:41.70 1(9)
17 Caleb JAREMA SO MICHIGAN 8:41.95 2(8)
18 Carlos SANTOS SR STONY BROOK 8:43.07 2(9)
19 Kole MATHISON FR COLORADO 8:51.95 1(10)
20 Hayden HARWARD JR SOUTHERN UTAH 8:52.35 2(10)
21 Kristian IMROTH JR EASTERN KENTUCKY 8:52.92 1(11)
22 Wyatt HAUGHTON FR BYU 9:00.96 2(11)
23 Owen SMITH JR MONTANA STATE 9:04.23 1(12)

UVA’s Nathan Mountain embracing role as top seed

Mountain came into the meet with the fastest time in the country this year, 8:20.68, and with Kibiego dropping out, he is now also the top returner from last year’s meet, where he finished 4th. Mountain, who was in Vin Lananna’s first recruiting class at UVA, said he is trying to embrace his position as the pre-meet favorite.

“It was pretty cool [being the NCAA leader],” Mountain said. “I’ve never been the target or the top seed for a huge race like this so it’s something that I don’t want to take for granted, no matter what the outcome is. I’m really embracing it and trying to stay confident.”

James Corrigan hoping to extend BYU’s steeple legacy

Corrigan was pleasantly surprised to win his heat and was proud of the progress he has made since taking up the steeple last season. BYU won the steeple title with Kenneth Rooks last year, who went on to win USAs as well, and Corrigan said that training with Rooks has shown him how good Rooks really is.

“He’s crazy,” Corrigan said. “It’s always humbling. I always think I’m hot stuff and then the moment I get in a workout, I’m behind him.”

Men’s 800 Prelims: Whitmarsh looks good as some 1:45 guys go home early

As is often the case, the 800 was the least forgiving of the mid-d and distance races as four of the nine guys who had run 1:45 on the year were eliminated.

Sam WHITMARSH 1:44.46  – Looked great, Won heat 2 in fastest time of day (1:46.01)
Rynard SWANEPOEL 1:45.28 – Did not qualify after finishing 3rd in heat #1.
Shane COHEN 1:45.36 – Looked great, won heat 1.
Camden MARSHALL 1:45.48 – Won heat 3.
Oussama EL BOUCHAYBY 1:45.69 – Eliminated, 5th in heat 1.
Tarees RHODEN 1:45.71 – 2nd place in heat 2 (2nd fastest time of night 1:46.18)
Darius KIPYEGO 1:45.76 – Eliminated in heat 1 (4th).
Sean DOLAN 1:45.83 – Finished 5th in heat 2 but snagged third and final time qualifier.
Rivaldo MARSHALL 1:45.86 – Indoor champ was just 7th in heat 1.

Heat 1

The heat was led out by former DII champion Oussama El Bouchayby of Alabama with indoor champion Rivaldo Marshall of Iowa on his shoulder in 52.64. The pair were 1-2 through 700 and did all the work for a field that blazed by them the final 100 as both did not qualify. 

The guy who owned the last 100 was Virginia grad student Shane Cohen, who looked like he hit turbo in a video game as he instantly gapped everyone midway down the homestretch. He had time to relax at the end and still win comfortably in 1:46.94.  Before this year, Cohen, who was third at ACCs, ran in the DII ranks for Tampa and had a 1:48.25 pb. He was followed by indoor finalist Finley McLear of Iowa State in 1:47.29 to snag the second automatic spot as Marshall only ended up 7th. Rynard Swanepoel of Wake Forest, who ran the #2 time in the NCAA at regionals (1:45.28), was third in 1:47.44 but did not advance on time.

Heat 2

The second heat was headlined by NCAA leader Sam Whitmarsh, who looked great and got the win in 1:46.01. Whitmarsh’s teammate Kimar Farquharson led the field through 400 meters in 51.13 seconds, considerably faster than heat 1. Whitmarsh would charge into the lead on the backstretch, followed closely by Farquharson and they came off the turn 1-2. Clemson’s Tarees Rhoden, the ACC champ, came on late to spoil the Aggies’ hopes at a 1-2 finish, beating out Farquharson (1:46.18 to 1:46.32), who would still qualify for the final on time. 

Heat 3: 

This heat was led out extremely slowly by 2023 indoor champ Yusuf Bizimana of Texas in 55.54. He was essentially in the lead the entire race and Big Ten champ Camden Marshall of Indiana got on his shoulder with 200 to go. Marshall snuck by him with 30 to go to win in 1:48.17, more than two seconds slower than the quickest time of the day.

Pl Name Affiliation Time Ht(Pl)
1 Sam WHITMARSH JR TEXAS A&M 1:46.01 Q 2(1)
2 Tarees RHODEN SR CLEMSON 1:46.18 Q 2(2)
3 Kimar FARQUHARSON JR TEXAS A&M 1:46.32 q 2(3)
4 Nicholas PLANT SO VIRGINIA TECH 1:46.40 q 2(4)
5 Sean DOLAN SR VILLANOVA 1:46.91 q 2(5)
6 Shane COHEN SR VIRGINIA 1:46.94 Q 1(1)
7 Finley MCLEAR JR IOWA STATE 1:47.29 Q 1(2)
8 Rynard SWANEPOEL JR WAKE FOREST 1:47.44 1(3)
9 Darius KIPYEGO JR IOWA STATE 1:47.56 1(4)
10 Oussama EL BOUCHAYBY SO ALABAMA 1:47.60 1(5)
11 Caden NORRIS JR TEXAS A&M 1:47.96 1(6)
12 Camden MARSHALL JR INDIANA 1:48.17 Q 3(1)
13 Yusuf BIZIMANA SR TEXAS 1:48.27 Q 3(2)
14 Rivaldo MARSHALL JR IOWA 1:48.36 1(7)
15 Dayton CARLSON JR ARIZONA STATE 1:48.66 2(6)
16 Handal ROBAN SO PENN STATE 1:48.67 3(3)
17 Cole LINDHORST SO TEXAS 1:48.69 3(4)
18 Yukichi ISHII JR PENN STATE 1:49.07 2(7)
19 Mehdi YANOURI SR OKLAHOMA STATE 1:49.09 2(8)
20 Sebastian FERNANDEZ JR BYU 1:49.43 1(8)
21 Andrew CASEY FR WISCONSIN 1:49.59 3(5)
22 Luke GRINER SR ARMY WEST POINT 1:49.87 3(6)
23 Gabriele ANGIONO FR GEORGETOWN 1:50.75 3(7)
24 William CUTHBERTSON SR BUTLER 1:51.84 3(8)

Quick Take: UVA’s Shane Cohen went from running 1:50s last year to an NCAA finalist in 2024

Cohen spent the last four years competing for the University of Tampa in Division II, and while he made the DII 800m final in 2021 (9th) and 2022 (6th), he did not even make the DII national meet in his senior year of 2023. Coming off a stress fracture in his femur last season, he ran six 800-meter races and none were faster than 1:53.79.

Cohen said that made it difficult attracting DI attention for his fifth year, but UVA assistant Trevor Dunbar showed interest and Cohen wound up in Charlottesville. So far this year, he’s PR’d four times, most recently a 1:45.36 at regionals.

Cohen likes to come from behind and channeled UVA legend Robby Andrews by impressively going from last to first over the final 100 to win his prelim. But he acknowledged he may need to approach the final differently to have a shot at the win.

“Going Friday against Sam Whitmarsh and all those guys, we’re going to have to change the tactics up a little bit, probably make sure I stay more engaged, because obviously we’re getting to a different level now,” Cohen said.

Quick Take: Sam Whitmarsh is grateful just to be in the final

Whitmarsh was surprisingly emotional when he made the final considering he is the collegiate leader this season and came to Eugene as the favorite for the NCAA title. But he did not make the NCAA final last year in Austin and did not qualify for NCAA indoors this year despite winning SECs. So it meant a lot for him to make his first NCAA final.

“Last year, I just had a really unfortunate race and I wasn’t able to make it,” Whitmarsh said. “I just felt like I left a lot out there. To come back this year and just make it to the final, I don’t even know. I’m at a loss for words.”

Whitmarsh credited his coach Paul Ereng for helping him lower his pb from 1:46.09 to 1:44.46 this year. Whitmarsh said he had no idea who Ereng was until his dad showed him a YouTube video after Ereng was hired at Texas A&M last summer. It was the 1988 Olympic 800m final – where Ereng won the gold medal for Kenya.

“I’m sitting there like, oh my gosh, this is crazy,” Whitmarsh said.


Men’s 4×100 Prelims

Heat 1

Auburn won the first heat and LSU hunted down Kentucky for the second automatic qualifier of the heat. Auburn set a school record in the process. 

Heat 2

Shaun Maswanganyi holds on in a quick second heat to win it for Houston, USC gets second auto qualifier. Fastest heat by far with 5 qualifiers.

Heat 3

Florida with an amazing second leg and team handoffs won the third heat in 38.45. South Florida botched the second handoff but stormed back on the final leg to challenge Texas Tech for the second auto qualifying spot of the third heat, but came up just short, and later got DQ’d.


Pl Team Time Ht(Pl)
1 AUBURN 38.38 Q 1(1) SB
2 FLORIDA 38.45 Q 3(1) SB
3 HOUSTON 38.48 Q 2(1)
4 USC 38.54 Q 2(2) SB
5 TEXAS 38.60 q 2(3) SB
6 TEXAS TECH 38.67 Q 3(2) SB
7 SAN JOSE ST. 38.69 q 2(4) SB
8 ARIZONA 38.75 q 2(5) SB
9 LSU 38.76 Q 1(2)
10 KENTUCKY 38.78 1(3)
11 BAYLOR 38.88 3(3)
12 CALIFORNIA 38.90 2(6) SB
13 CSUN 39.30 3(4)
14 MISS STATE 39.37 1(4)
15 TEXAS STATE 39.51 2(7)
16 N. CAROLINA A&T 39.59 3(5)
17 UTSA 39.64 3(6)
18 ALABAMA 39.83 1(5)
19 LOUISIANA 39.88 1(6)

Men’s 110 Hurdles Prelims

Heat 1

Ja’Kobe Tharp, the SEC champ out of Auburn, had a huge run in heat one, running 13.18 to tie the collegiate lead despite a sluggish start. Johnny Brackins of USC came on strong late for second on a photo finish over LSU’s Matthwe Sophia. The champion last year, Phillip Lemonious of Arkansas, was out to a bad start and finished DFL in the heat. 

Considering how fast Tharp ran today without a great start, we could be in store for something special in Friday’s final if he can put it all together.

Heat 2

After a false start, it was Big Ten champ Darius Luff of Nebraska who had a good start next to Jahiem Stern of LSU, who would later trip on a hurdle. Ja’Qualon Scott of Texas A&M also got out well, coming on strong for second.

Heat 3

Jayden Smith of Davidson got off to the quickest start but it was last year’s runner-up De’Vion Wilson of Houston who quickly overtook him to win the heat with San Jose State runner Malachi Snow finishing second in 13.44.

Pl Name Affiliation Time Wind Ht(Pl)
1 Ja’Kobe THARP FR AUBURN 13.18 Q +0.2 1(1) =CL
2 Darius LUFF SR NEBRASKA 13.31 Q +1.0 2(1)
3 De’ Vion WILSON SR HOUSTON 13.34 Q -0.4 3(1)
4 Johnny BRACKINS JR USC 13.37 [.361] Q +0.2 1(2) PB
5 Ja’Qualon SCOTT JR TEXAS A&M 13.37 [.366] Q +1.0 2(2)
5 Matthew SOPHIA SO LSU 13.37 [.366] q +0.2 1(3) PB
7 Jerome CAMPBELL SO NORTHERN COLORADO 13.44 [.435] q +0.2 1(4)
8 Malachi SNOW FR SAN JOSE ST. 13.44 [.437] Q -0.4 3(2)
9 Samuel BENNETT JR HOWARD 13.46 [.453] q -0.4 3(3) PB
10 Ahmad YOUNG SR OLE MISS 13.46 [.459] +0.2 1(5) PB
11 Demaris WATERS SO SAN JOSE ST. 13.49 -0.4 3(4)
12 Darius BROWN JR DEPAUL 13.52 +0.2 1(6) PB
13 John ADESOLA JR NEW ORLEANS 13.56 +1.0 2(3) PB
14 Thomas SMITH SO N. CAROLINA A&T 13.57 [.563] -0.4 3(5) PB
15 Jayden SMITH JR DAVIDSON 13.57 [.567] -0.4 3(6)
16 Brahmir VICK SR NAVY 13.66 [.657] +0.2 1(7)
17 Tyson WILLIAMS SO FLORIDA STATE 13.66 [.659] +1.0 2(4)
18 Jason HOLMES SO N. CAROLINA A&T 13.71 +1.0 2(5)
19 Giovanni WEARING SO WISCONSIN 13.76 +1.0 2(6)
20 Phillip LEMONIOUS SR ARKANSAS 13.78 +0.2 1(8)
21 Luke LAUBACHER JR YOUNGSTOWN ST. 13.86 -0.4 3(7)
22 Jordani WOODLEY JR UTEP 13.88 -0.4 3(8)
23 Jahiem STERN SO LSU 14.39 +1.0 2(7)

Men’s 100 Meter Prelims

Heat 1

NCAA leader Favor Ashe of Auburn and Max Thomas of USC got out to the quick starts but it was Ashe’s teammate Kanyinsola Ajayi who came on late to win the heat in 10.09. Ashe let up at the line and was nipped for the second automatic qualifying spot, though he would make the final on time. 

Heat 2

Shaun Maswanganyi had a big start but was run down by his teammate Louie Hinchliffe, who had a blazing last 30 to win the heat in 10.09 and lead a Houston sweep. Maswanganyi barely held on to his spot at the line as he faded the last strides. 

Heat 3

It was the newcomer to the NCAA out of South Florida, Saminu Abdul-Rasheed, who looked extremely smooth winning the last heat in 10.14. Godson Oghenebrume of LSU took the second spot in 10.23. NCAA co-leader T’Mars McCallum from Tennessee did not make it out of this heat and finished fourth. 

Pl Name Affiliation Time Wind Ht(Pl)
1 Louie HINCHLIFFE SO HOUSTON 10.09 [.083] Q +0.3 2(1)
2 Kanyinsola AJAYI FR AUBURN 10.09 [.085] Q +0.3 1(1)
3 Zachaeus BEARD SR NORTHWESTERN ST. 10.12 Q +0.3 1(2)
4 Favour ASHE JR AUBURN 10.13 q +0.3 1(3)
5 Saminu ABDUL-RASHEED SO SOUTH FLORIDA 10.14 [.135] Q -0.3 3(1)
6 Shaun MASWANGANYI SR HOUSTON 10.14 [.137] Q +0.3 2(2)
7 Wanya MCCOY JR FLORIDA 10.15 q +0.3 2(3)
8 Lance LANG SR ARKANSAS 10.22 q +0.3 2(4)
9 Godson OGHENEBRUME JR LSU 10.23 Q -0.3 3(2)
10 Da’Marcus FLEMING SR LSU 10.24 [.235] +0.3 2(5)
11 Jehlani GORDON FR GEORGIA 10.24 [.238] +0.3 2(6)
12 De’montray CALLIS JR BAYLOR 10.27 +0.3 2(7)
13 PJ IZE-IYAMU SO OREGON 10.28 [.271] +0.3 1(4)
14 David FOSTER JR CALIFORNIA 10.28 [.273] -0.3 3(3)
15 T’Mars MCCALLUM SO TENNESSEE 10.29 -0.3 3(4)
16 Nyck HARBOR FR SOUTH CAROLINA 10.30 -0.3 3(5)
17 Jamarion STUBBS SO ALABAMA STATE 10.31 +0.3 1(5)
18 Marcellus MOORE SR TEXAS 10.32 -0.3 3(6)
19 James CRAWFORD SO CSUN 10.33 +0.3 1(6)
20 Jamal MILLER SR CAMPBELL 10.35 +0.3 2(8)
21 Max THOMAS SO USC 10.36 +0.3 1(7)
22 Trayvion WHITE-AUSTIN SR ARIZONA 10.42 [.412] -0.3 3(7)
23 Nolton SHELVIN SR TEXAS 10.42 [.420] -0.3 3(8)
24 Malachi SNOW FR SAN JOSE ST. 10.60 +0.3 1(8

Men’s 400 Prelims

Heat 1

A race that looked like it would be all Georgia indoor champion Christopher Morales-Williams was not quite that. He made up the stagger in the first 100 meters but then cruised the next 200, letting the rest of the field stay in it. Most of the field was in the race with 100 to go and Morales-Williams had to work hard as the field was led by indoor second placer Auhmad Robinson out of Texas A&M, but it was Morales-Williams who pulled out a win by .04 running 44.96. Morales-Williams looked labored in the heats and will need to perform better to win his second NCAA title. 

Heat 2

Alabama duo of Khaleb McRae (#5 in NCAA) and Samuel Ogazi (#2 in NCAA) headlined the second heat and came off the turn in the lead, only challenged by Florida’s JeVaughn Powell. But it was ultimately Ogazi (1st, 45.14) and Powell (2nd, 45.17) that clinched the second heat’s automatic qualifying spots, McRae faded heavily over the final 50 meters and finished third in 45.76 seconds.

Heat 3

It was Johnnie Blockburger of USC who was out to the quick start in this heat. He made up the stagger 250 meters in and came around the turn with three of his competitors in tow. USA indoor champion Justin Robinson of Arizona State challenged him with a strong final 100 but was too late and had to settle for second with Blockburger running 45.13 and Robinson running 45.21.

Pl Name Affiliation Time Ht(Pl)
1 Christopher MORALES WILLIAMS SO GEORGIA 44.96 Q 1(1)
2 Auhmad ROBINSON JR TEXAS A&M 45.00 Q 1(2)
3 Johnnie BLOCKBURGER SR USC 45.13 Q 3(1)
4 Samuel OGAZI FR ALABAMA 45.14 Q 2(1)
5 JeVaughn POWELL SR FLORIDA 45.17 Q 2(2)
7 Judson LINCOLN IV SO VIRGINIA TECH 45.42 q 3(3)
8 Emmanuel BYNUM SR TENNESSEE 45.50 q 1(3)
9 Reheem HAYLES JR FLORIDA 45.59 q 3(4)
10 Khaleb MCRAE SR ALABAMA 45.76 2(3)
11 James BENSON II SR ARKANSAS 45.79 2(4)
12 Antonie NORTJE JR UCLA 45.84 2(5)
13 Nathan KENT SO NAVY 45.85 1(4)
14 Jevon O’BRYANT SR TEXAS A&M 45.87 [.864] 1(5)
15 Jamel MILLER SR CAMPBELL 45.87 [.867] 1(6)
16 Jaden SMITH SO SAN JOSE ST. 45.95 1(7)
17 Logan POPELKA SO TEXAS 46.06 3(5)
18 Dillon BEDELL JR LSU 46.28 3(6)
19 Shaemar UTER SO TEXAS TECH 46.31 2(6)
21 Solomon STRADER SR MIAMI (FLA.) 46.63 3(7)
22 D’Andre ANDERSON SR CLEMSON 47.10 3(8)
23 Nabil TEZKRATT FR UTSA 47.16 2(8)
DQ Eugene OMALLA SR KANSAS STATE DQ [R: 15.5-2b] 1

Mens 400H Prelims

Heat 1

Sean Burrell of LSU was out quick but was overtaken by Big 12 champion Nathaniel Ezekiel of Baylor 200m in. It was that pair along with last year’s runner-up Corde Long of Alabama away from the field the last 100, but Long tripped on the last hurdle making him the time qualifier as Ezekiel won in 48.93. 

Heat 2

National indoor 60 hurdles champion Caleb Dean got out hard and blasted the second heat with a winning time of 48.05 seconds. Dean’s teammate Oskar Edlund grabbed the second auto qualifying spot, running 49.44 seconds.

Pl Name Affiliation Time Ht(Pl)
1 Caleb DEAN JR TEXAS TECH 48.05 Q 2(1) =PB
2 Clement DUCOS SR TENNESSEE 48.64 Q 3(1)
3 Chris ROBINSON SR ALABAMA 48.79 Q 3(2)
4 Nathaniel EZEKIEL JR BAYLOR 48.93 Q 1(1)
5 Sean BURRELL SR LSU 49.03 Q 1(2) SB
6 Oskar EDLUND JR TEXAS TECH 49.44 Q 2(2)
7 Corde LONG SR ALABAMA 49.51 q 1(3)
8 Jakwan HALE SR TENNESSEE 49.88 q 3(3)
9 Ja’Qualon SCOTT JR TEXAS A&M 49.93 q 2(3) PB
10 Ryan MATULONIS FR PENN 50.12 1(4)
11 Kody BLACKWOOD SO TEXAS 50.14 3(4) SB
13 Rasheeme GRIFFITH SR TENNESSEE 50.22 3(5)
14 Yan VAZQUEZ SO ARIZONA 50.42 1(6) PB
15 Javed JONES SR LOUISIANA 50.47 2(4)
16 Caleb CAVANAUGH SR TEXAS 50.64 2(5)
17 Noah LANGFORD SR HOWARD 50.84 2(6)
18 Clayton ELDER SR ALABAMA 50.89 1(7)
19 Robert WILLIAMS SR ILLINOIS 50.99 3(6)
20 Jonathan BIRCHMAN SR WASHINGTON 51.05 1(8)
21 Bryce MCCRAY JR TEXAS A&M 51.10 3(7)
22 Devontie ARCHER SO SOUTH FLORIDA 51.22 2(7)
23 Omri SHIFF JR LONG BEACH ST. 51.50 3(8)
24 Darek HACKETT JR AIR FORCE 51.60 2(8)

Men’s 200 Prelims

Heat 1

It was Robert Gregory of Florida and Cheickna Traore who were out quick in heat one but it was Traore who was first to the straight and won the heat in 20.02 as Gregory finished second.

Heat 2

Between Tarsis Orogot (NCAA leader), Wanya McCoy (19.93 PB), and Shaun Maswanganyi (7x All-American), this heat promised to leave a big name on the bubble. It was Alabama’s Orogot that pulled away down the homestretch to claim the win, running 20.09. McCoy was able to hold on for second (20.22) and Maswanganyi finished third (20.25). For the second time today, Maswanganyi had to wait for the heats to conclude for his fate to be decided and would ultimately qualify for the 200-meter final as well.

Heat 3

Arkansas Razorback Lance Lang was out quickly but it was SWAC champ Jamarion Stubbs who powered through the last 100 to win in 20.15 followed by Saminu Abdul-Rasheed of South Florida in 20.30.

Pl Name Affiliation Time Wind Ht(Pl)
1 Cheickna TRAORE SR PENN STATE 20.02 Q +0.7 1(1)
2 Tarsis OROGOT JR ALABAMA 20.09 Q +0.5 2(1)
3 Robert GREGORY SR FLORIDA 20.15 [.143] Q +0.7 1(2) SB
4 Jamarion STUBBS SO ALABAMA STATE 20.15 [.144] Q +0.0 3(1)
5 Makanakaishe CHARAMBA JR AUBURN 20.16 q +0.7 1(3)
6 Wanya MCCOY JR FLORIDA 20.22 Q +0.5 2(2)
7 Shaun MASWANGANYI SR HOUSTON 20.25 q +0.5 2(3)
8 Saminu ABDUL-RASHEED SO SOUTH FLORIDA 20.30 Q +0.0 3(2) PB
9 Lance LANG SR ARKANSAS 20.31 q +0.0 3(3)
10 Nyck HARBOR FR SOUTH CAROLINA 20.32 +0.5 2(4)
11 Shevioe REID SR SOUTH FLORIDA 20.36 [.351] +0.7 1(4)
12 Cameron MILLER SO PURDUE 20.36 [.353] +0.0 3(4)
13 Garrett KAALUND SO NEBRASKA 20.38 +0.0 3(5)
14 Kennedy LIGHTNER SR KENTUCKY 20.39 +0.0 3(6)
15 John RUTLEDGE SO TEXAS 20.50 +0.7 1(5)
16 De’montray CALLIS JR BAYLOR 20.51 +0.5 2(5)
17 Devin AUGUSTINE JR MINNESOTA 20.54 +0.7 1(6)
18 Trayvion WHITE-AUSTIN SR ARIZONA 20.59 [.582] +0.7 1(7)
19 Chase MARS JR CSUN 20.59 [.583] +0.7 1(8)
20 Laurenz COLBERT JR BAYLOR 20.59 [.590] +0.5 2(6)
21 Nolton SHELVIN SR TEXAS 20.60 +0.5 2(7)
22 Max THOMAS SO USC 20.88 +0.0 3(7)
23 Kashie CROCKETT JR TCU 20.98 +0.5 2(8)
24 Jaleel CROAL SO SOUTH FLORIDA 20.99 +0.0 3(8                                       

Men’s 4×400

Heat 1

It was the Florida team leading LSU and Tennessee on the first handoff, with the bunch coming to the second handoff together. Florida separated in a big way on the third leg and LSU was a clear second. Florida cruised home for a heat win in 3:01.78 as LSU came on strong the final leg to snag second. 

Heat 2

Arkansas was first to the handoff, followed by Texas A&M and UCLA. Arkansas and Texas A&M handed off in close proximity to their third legs. 

They held the same order going into the final leg where Texas A&M star Auhmad Robinson was able to come back for the win, running a 44.59 leg en route to a 3:01.17 time. 

Heat 3

Alabama was first to the handoff but it was Arizona State who made a move to hand off first at a crowded second exchange. Alabama had a strong third leg to get a gap going into the bell and would keep that lead to win in 3:01.88 over USC, who sat in second the entire final lap.

Pl Team Time Ht(Pl)
1 TEXAS A&M 3:01.17 Q 2(1)
2 ARKANSAS 3:01.56 Q 2(2)
3 FLORIDA 3:01.78 Q 1(1)
4 ALABAMA 3:01.88 Q 3(1)
5 USC 3:02.29 Q 3(2) SB
6 LSU 3:02.95 Q 1(2)
7 TEXAS 3:03.51 q 3(3)
8 TENNESSEE 3:04.28 q 1(3)
9 ARIZONA STATE 3:04.48 q 3(4)
10 UCLA 3:04.60 2(3)
11 CAMPBELL 3:05.48 2(4)
12 SOUTH FLORIDA 3:05.59 1(4)
13 VIRGINIA TECH 3:05.80 2(5)
14 OKLAHOMA STATE 3:06.33 3(5)
15 UTSA 3:06.74 1(5)
16 BAYLOR 3:07.00 3(6)
17 MISS STATE 3:07.08 1(6)
18 BYU 3:07.46 3(7)
19 PURDUE 3:07.71 2(6)
20 PITTSBURGH 3:08.44 2(7)
21 HARVARD 3:08.73 1(7)
22 KANSAS STATE 3:08.86 2(8)
23 PENN STATE 3:11.01 1(8)

Decathlon Day 1 Scores

You can see them here.

Talk about the day 1 action on our world-famous fan forum / messageboard.

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