LetsRun.com Goes To Ethiopia – 2018

By LetsRun.com
November 27, 2018

During our 18 years of existence, we’ve been to Kenya a lot (see bottom of document for Kenya coverage). However, we only made our first trip to Ethiopia earlier this month. If you missed our coverage of Ethiopia, catch up now.

Getaneh on the left and Assefa Mezgebu on the rightDay 4 Ethiopian Training Run: Kenenisa Bekele’s Bar & Training “Camp” With A Guy Who Beat Gebrselassie At Worlds See what a training run is like with the world’s former #1 marathoner, Tsegaye Kebede, and his Global Sports Group coached by Getaneh Tessema .

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Day 3 LRC Day 3 In Ethiopia: Hagos Gebrhiwet Wins, Haile G Dances, And … No Porta-Potties? LRC spent Day 3 at the Great Ethiopian Run, which saw wins for Hagos Gebrhiwet (28:54) & Foten Tesfaye (33:43). Our distinguished author even managed to run the race himself and went to Haile G‘s house afterwards.
*MB: Day #3 in Ethiopia: I broke bread with Haile G, watched him dance, and watched the Dallas Cowboys soar to 5-5 ask me anything 

Day 2: MB: Day #2 in Ethiopia: I went to a kids race in Ethiopia…they give out finishers medals… ask me anything

IMG_20181115_233657553Day 1 LRC LetsRun.com Goes To Ethiopia, Day 1: Arrival In Addis Ababa, Meeting Haile G, & A Run-In With The Ethiopian Military
*MBLetsRun.com Is Making Its First Trip to Ethiopia. … What Should We Know and What Do You W

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