April 01, 2023

Breaking News: Nike to Purchase

As part of the new deal, LetsRun won't be reporting on events sponsored by rival shoe brands. Sorry, Boston Marathon.
March 27, 2023

Emily Sisson withdraws from 2023 London Marathon with hip injury

"I tweaked something in my hip during a workout a few weeks ago, and it just didn’t quite heal fast enough," explained Sisson. Does London still have the best women's field or is now surpassed by Boston?
March 26, 2023

Male Track and Field Stars Doping Polls: "Clean" or "Dirty"?

When track and field fans walk into a bar or go on a run, doping is often the topic of conversation. With that in mind, we want your thoughts on which current track and field stars you think are clean and which you think are dirty.
March 24, 2023

World Athletics Bans Transgender Women, Extends DSD Restrictions to All Events

Any male-to-female transgender athlete who went through male puberty won’t be able to compete in top track competitions. The DSD restrictions have major implications for athletes such as Francine Niyonsaba.
March 22, 2023

 Three American Record Holders Added to adidas Atlanta City Games Lineup

Aleia Hobbs, anna Hall and Ajeé Wilson will all be competing on May 6th on an elevated, custom-built, 150m track straightaway that traverses Centennial Olympic Park, the crown jewel of the 1996 Olympic Games.
March 22, 2023

Olympic Steeple Bronze Medalist Benjamin Kigen And World XC Champ Beatrice Chebet Lead Fields For BAA 5k On April 15

The men's 5k also includes Emmanuel Bor, Mason Ferlic and BAA Half winner Geoffrey Koech while Chebet faces World XC bronze medalist Agnes Ngetich, world steeple bronze medalist Mekides Abebe and US's Weini Kelati, Natosha Rogers and Marielle Hall. The BAA Mile has Johnny Gregorek, Hobbs Kessler, Ellie Shea and GB steepler Lizzie Bird.
March 22, 2023

Berlin Marathon Champion Tigist Assefa Withdraws From London Marathon Due To Injury

GB runners Charlotte Purdue and Jess Piasecki also withdrew with injury.
February 25, 2023

2023 Birmingham World Indoor Tour Results: Gudaf Tsegay just misses 3k WR (8:16.69); Neil Gourley (3:32.48 NR), Keely Hodgkinson (1:57.18 NR), Dina Asher-Smith (7.03 NR), Grant Holloway (7.35 WL) shine

Tsegay missed the WR by only .09. The British w800 and m1500 records fell as Gourley took down Josh Kerr and others to win the 1500 points title and book his ticket to 2024 World Indoors as Holloway crushed Roberts.
February 19, 2023

Sam Prakel Completes the Double*, Nikki Hiltz, Nia Akins Get First USATF Track Titles

Sam Prakel made the most of USA indoors, 11 new champions were crowned, and Aleia Hobbs ran really fast.
February 18, 2023

Leo Young Leads USA U20 Men's Team to First World XC Medal Since 1982

The US junior team executed a great race across the board and ended up with the bronze.
February 15, 2023

Grant Fisher Races The Big Boys in France and Comes Up Short

"I looked at the schedule and said, where do the best guys go?¨