Full NCAA Men’s Recap: Jarrion Lawson Pulls Off the 100-200-LJ Triple, King Ches Wins #15, Mason Ferlic Dominates 2800m of Steeple and Florida Claims the Team Title

by LetsRun.com
June 10, 2016

The 2016 NCAA Men’s Outdoor Track and Field Championships came to a close Friday night with a performance for the ages by Donavan Brazier, as he shattered Jim Ryun’s collegiate 800m record on its 50th anniversary by running a US-leading 1:43.55. We recap that separately here.

An hour previously, Clayton Murphy ran a US leader of his own, an impressive 3:36.38 1500, which we recap separately here.

We recap the rest of the meet below with the distance action first where Mason Ferlic of Michigan dominated the steeple to win his first NCAA crown and Oregon’s Edward Cheserek held off a tough challenge to win his 13th (15 including relays) NCAA crown.

Elsewhere on the track, Jarrion Lawson of Arkansas created history of his own, pulling off the Jesse Owens 100/200/long jump triple, Randall Cunningham II won the high jump, and Florida piled up points to win the team title: AP: Jarrion Lawson matches Jesse Owens and wins three events, but Gators win NCAA track and field title .

Men’s 5000: No One Has Won More NCAA Titles Than Edward Cheserek

Cheserek celebrates #15 Cheserek celebrates #15

No track and field athlete has won more NCAA titles than Oregon junior Edward Cheserek as tonight Cheserek was able to sprint past Stanford’s Sean McGorty to win his record-tying 15th NCAA title, tying UTEP’s Suleiman Nyambui for the most ever.

Cheserek closed in 57.07 over the final 400 to win in 13:25.59, as McGorty was second (13:26.10) with Patrick Tiernan of Villanova third (13:27.07).

The Race

ACC champ Thomas Curtin got the honest pace started as he led the field through 800 in 2:09. Then it was Villanova’s Patrick Tiernan who took over the pacing duties, The Aussie, who pushed the pace relentlessly in cross country trying to break Cheserek, would lead the race until 4k (1600 was reached in 4:20 and 3200 in 8:40). Cheserek moved into the lead briefly at 4k but McGorty wanted to have the lead and he eventually took it with 600 meters remaining.

At the bell, it was a three-person race for the win. As the runners ran down the backstretch, McGorty still led with Cheserek behind him and Tiernan behind Cheserek. Midway down the back stretch, it briefly looked as if Cheserek might get boxed as Tiernan tried to move up on the outside. But Chesrek saw the danger and made his move, spurting to the outside into the lead past McGorty.

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But this wasn’t a repeat of the 10k on Wednesday where the race was instantly over. McGorty hung close for most of the final turn as Cheserek repeatedly looked over his shoulder. Only as the turn was ending, did Cheserek’s 2-3 meter gap really start to widen. With 80 to go, the race seemed to be over as Cheserek had some real daylight on McGorty who was soon nearly passed by Tiernan.

The final trun The final trun

But as McGorty started to battle Tiernan he came back on Chesrek a little bit during the final 50. Victory never really became in doubt for Cheserek but this certainly was not a cake walk for King Ches, who by our count turned his head at least 10 times (we think it was 11) over the final 200 to make sure he was going to win.

Behind the top 3 there was a battle for the fourth spot which was won by Curtin in 13:27.54. Curtin’s last lap of 57.45 wasn’t too far off of Cheserek’s. A pair of freshman finished fifth and sixth as Wisconsin’s redshirt freshman Morgan McDonald was fifth in 13:29.79 and Stanford true-freshman Grant Fisher was sixth in 13:30.14, a time that moved him to the #3 all time on the US junior list. Canadian junior record holder Justyn Knight, the Syracuse sophomore, started the last lap in fourth but blew up and ran a 70.40 and failed to score as he ran 13:40.40.

Results and our quick take analysis appear below.

Results *Lap by lap splits appear here

Pl Athlete Affiliation Time
1 Edward Cheserek JR Oregon 13:25.59
2 Sean McGorty SO Stanford 13:26.10
3 Patrick Tiernan SR Villanova 13:27.07
4 Thomas Curtin SR Virginia Tech 13:27.64
5 Morgan McDonald FR Wisconsin 13:29.79
6 Grant Fisher FR Stanford 13:30.13
7 Ryan Walling SR Mississippi 13:31.30
8 Patrick Corona SR Air Force 13:31.66
9 William Kincaid SR Portland 13:32.49
10 Justyn Knight SO Syracuse 13:40.40
11 Cerake Geberkidane FR Oklahoma State 13:53.70
12 Arse’ne Guillorel SO Samford 13:53.85
13 Colby Gilbert SO Washington 13:54.45
14 Morgan Pearson SR Colorado 13:54.99
15 Tony Smoragiewicz JR Michigan 13:55.19
16 Vegard Oelstad SR Oklahoma State 13:55.66
17 Lawrence Kipkoech SO Campbell 14:00.90
18 Jake Leingang SO Oregon 14:01.30
19 Rory Linkletter FR BYU 14:06.62
20 Chartt Miller SO Iona 14:09.84
21 Amon Terer SR Campbell 14:12.54
22 Thomas Awad SR Penn 14:21.06
23 Steven Flynn JR George Mason 14:28.08
24 James Dwyer SR Clemson 14:44.14


#1: Don’t doubt the King

Cheserek has won 15 NCAA titles because he is very good. He lost 2 surprise races this year after suffering an injury at the start out outdoors, but he put it all together when it mattered most. He said he felt tired this morning but knew what he had to do. It may not have been 100% Cheserek tonight, but it was vintage Cheserek- as he won.

Quick Take #2: Sean McGorty feels that he’s closing the gap on Edward Cheserek

McGorty said that he enjoys racing Cheserek as it brings out the best in him and was pleased about his performance tonight as it showed that he’s getting closer to beating Cheserek. He was 1.15 seconds back of Cheserek in the 3k indoors but that race was never close on the final lap. This one was, as McGorty hung tough around the final turn and was actually gaining on Cheserek at the very end. McGorty acknowledged that Cheserek will be better when healthy next year, but McGorty said he plans to be better as well.

Quick Take #3: Thomas Curtin was very happy with a PR and fourth place and was glad someone else did the leading for a change

Curtin beat Cheserek at Pre-Nats last fall by taking it out hard and he did so again tonight, passing 400 in 61 seconds. He said he didn’t mind going that quick as he’s gone out at faster than that pace in the past. Curtin was pleased overall with the place but was a little bummed as he thought he missed the Olympic Trials standard. We’ve got good news Thomas: you made it by .36! (The standard is 13:28.00 and Curtin ran 13:27.64)

Quick Take #4: Wisconsin’s Morgan McDonald exceeded expectations by placing 5th

McDonald broke 13:30 for the first time tonight and exceeded his goal by placing 5th against a strong field. McDonald also said he’s feeling good about the upcoming cross country season and feels that his Badger teammates are ready to put the disappointment of 2015 (when their 43-year NCAA qualification streak ended) behind them.

Quick Take #5: Grant Fisher moves up to #3 all-time on the US junior list

Will Fisher one day do this? Will Fisher one day do this?

Considering he was a 2-time Foot Locker champion in high school, expectations are always high for Fisher but this was a very strong run for the freshman. Earlier in the year, Fisher had already run 13:39.42, making him the 7th fastest US junior, but now he’s #3 on the US junior list.

Fisher ran an exceptional race to take sixth in 13:30.13 (a nine-second PR) — not bad for a 19-year-old who had never run a 5,000 on the track as of six weeks ago. Fisher said that he’s glad he’s been able to experiment with every distance this year (he ran 3:42 for 1500 this spring and 7:50 for 3k unattached this winter) and that he still doesn’t know what event he’ll focus on going forward. On current evidence, 5k definitely seems to be the play. Fisher broke 4:00 for the mile last year in high school but didn’t improve in his two 1500’s this spring (both 3:42’s). He didn’t even make the final in the event at Pac-12s. Meanwhile, he’s made rapid progress in the 5,000 and just got sixth in the country at that distance.

Not bad for a guy who might have only been the second most talented HS mid-d runner in his state last year: 🙂  MB: I just got a text from a top HS coach: “Grant Fisher is not the best kid in Michigan.” LetsRun, meet Donavan Brazier

(Fisher video above with McGorty)

The US All-Time Junior List (Updated from Track and Field News)

13:25.46 German Fernandez (Oklahoma St) 06/26/09
13:29.98 Chris Derrick (Stanford) 05/02/09
13:30.13 Grant Fisher (Stanford) 065/10/16
13:32.2+ Gerry Lindgren (Washington St) 07/10/65
13:37.64 Sean McGorty (unattached) 05/04/14
13:37.91 Galen Rupp (Oregon HS) 07/31/04
13:38.39 Franklyn Sanchez (Georgetown) 03/31/01
13:39.6 Steve Prefontaine (Oregon) 07/16/70
13:44.30 Hassan Mead (Minnesota) 06/13/08
13:44.6+ Garry Bjorklund (Minnesota) 05/30/70

MB: Freshman battle: Mcdonald over Fisher

Men’s Steeple: Mason Ferlic Dominates 2800m of the 3000m Steeple

Ferlic celebrates Ferlic celebrates

Michigan’s Mason Ferlic put on an exhibition for the first 2800 meters on the men’s steeplechase final. He began to pull away from the field with 5 laps to go in the race and would extend his lead until the final lap. At the bell, he led the field by nearly 7 seconds. A few times when he looked back to see how far back the chasers were, he had to turn his head twice: they were that far behind him.

The only question at the bell seemed to be could he blitz the final lap and get under the 8:20 barrier? That came to a crashing halt at the final water barrier where he had a ton of trouble exiting the water. He didn’t fall, but he came to a stop and lost all his momentum. Afterwards, he said it was a combination of a bad water jump and starting to tire a bit. After the final water jump, it was just a matter of getting to the finish line for Ferlic. The win was never in question as long as he made it over the final barrier safely, which he did, and he was rewarded with an NCAA title in a personal best of 8:27 (8:28.77 previous pb).

Arkansas’ Frankline Tanoui won a tight sprint to the finish for second over Edwin Kibichiy of Louisville, as Dylan Blankenbaker got 4th, and Darren Fahy of Georgetown 5th,and FSU’s Zak Seddon faded from 2nd to 6th on the final lap.

Results and our quick take analysis appear below.

Results *Lap by lap splits here

Pl Athlete Affiliation Time
1 Mason Ferlic SR Michigan 8:27.16
2 Frankline Tonui JR Arkansas 8:30.67
3 Edwin Kibichiy JR Louisville 8:30.71
4 Dylan Blankenbaker JR Oklahoma 8:34.69
5 Darren Fahy JR Georgetown 8:36.73
6 Zak Seddon SR Florida State 8:38.26
7 Troy Reeder SO Furman 8:42.26
8 MJ Erb JR Mississippi 8:43.81
9 Bryce Miller JR UMKC 8:46.15
10 Benard Keter JR Texas Tech 8:47.70
11 Jakob Abrahamsen SO Eastern Kentucky 8:48.86
12 Caleb Hoover SR Northern Arizona 8:55.58
13 Aaron Fletcher SR BYU 9:14.56


Ferlic led by a large amount throughout Ferlic led by a large amount throughout

QT #1: Ferlic: “I think I can run 8:15 or faster”
Afterwards, Ferlic said he felt great until that final 200m. “I felt fantastic until the last 200. I started hearing the splits 66, 65 and I felt like I could keep pressing no problem. I felt really smooth.”

He was surprised he broke away from the field so early as he thought he’d be battling over the final km with someone.

As for the final water barrie,r he said, “I landed awkward and it blew all my momentum” and “I felt like I was swimming through the water.”

Ferlic got a little emotional when asked what it felt like crossing the line. He said, “It’s so many years of hard work. That was amazing. I know a lot of people are rooting for me… I accomplished my dreams, it’s an amazing feeling.”

Now he shifts his attention to the running professionally and the Olympic Trials. He ran like a pro today for 2800m and said, “I think I can run 8:15 or faster (now).” If he can do that at the Trials he will be a contender. But if you saw him run the first 2800m today that wouldn’t be a surprise.

QT #2 Ferlic’s last lap was his slowest
It’s rare for the winner of a race to have his last lap be his slowest but that was the case tonight. His last lap was a 69.64, more than a second and a half slower than any of his others.

Runner-up Frankline Tonui followed up teammate Gabe Gonzalez‘s third in the 10k with more surprise points of his own, just edging Kibichiy by .04 for second. Tonui was asked about following his brother and ex-Razorback Stanley Kebenei into the army upon graduation in order to expedite U.S. citizenship and his no-comment on the matter suggested that that is a distinct possibility.

3rd place Edwin Kibichiy said he has bigger things in store if he comes back next year.

Jarrion Lawson Pulls the “Jesse Owens,” Winning the 100, 200, & Long Jump

Jarrion Lawson of Arkansas came into the NCAA meet as a very good long jumper (he had won NCAA indoors twice) who had no outdoor NCAA titles.

He left the meet with three NCAA outdoor titles having won the 100, 200, and long jump. The last athlete to do so was the legendary Jesse Owens.

Lawson won the long jump Wednesday and came into the 100 and 200 finals on Friday not as the favorite in either. First, he won the 100m in 10.22 which was run into a big headwind (2.3 meters per second), edging Christian Coleman of Tennessee and Senoj-Jay Givans of Texas, who went sub-10 in the prelims. Cameron Burrell, son of former 100m world record holder Leroy Burrell, had the lead until late in the race but faded to 4th as Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake of Great Britain and LSU, one of the favorites, could not fully exert himself after getting injured at the end of the 4×100, and finished last.

Then Lawson had the 200. It was tight down the homestretch but Lawson had a burst of speed that put him in front of Coleman again, and this time he had time to celebrate, putting his arms out wide to celebrate his impressive triple.

Now it’s onto the Olympic Trials and running professionally. Lawson said he will attempt the triple at the Trials.

QT #1: Believe it or not, Lawson was only 4th at SECs in the 100 and 6th at SECs in the 200.
Now he’s pulled off the “Jesse Owens” at NCAAs. Amazing. This was only the third meet Lawson had attempted the triple (SECs and NCAA regionals).

Men 100 Meter Dash
 3 Heats. Advance top 2 from each heat plus next best 2 to final
College Best: C  9.89  6/10/2011   Ngonidzashe Makusha, Florida State          
   NCAA Meet: M  9.89  6/10/2011   Ngonidzashe Makusha, Florida State          
     Hayward: H  9.77  6/28/2008   Tyson Gay, USA                              
    Name                    Year School               Prelims     Finals  Wind Points
  1 Jarrion Lawson            SR Arkansas               10.13      10.22  -2.3  10   
  2 Christian Coleman         SO Tennessee              10.03      10.23  -2.3   8   
  3 Senoj-Jay Givans          JR Texas                   9.96      10.25  -2.3   6   
  4 Cameron Burrell           SO Houston                10.16      10.26  -2.3   5    10.253
  5 John Teeters              JR Okla. State            10.16      10.26  -2.3   4    10.257
  6 Markesh Woodson           SR Missouri               10.05      10.32  -2.3   3   
  7 Kenzo Cotton              SO Arkansas               10.07      10.35  -2.3   2   
  8 Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake  JR LSU                    10.09      12.05  -2.3   1   
Men 200 Meter Dash
 3 Heats. Advance top 2 from each heat plus next best 2 to final
College Best: C 19.69  5/26/2007   Walter Dix, Florida State                   
   NCAA Meet: M 19.87  6/3/1988    Lorenzo Daniel - MS  State / John Capel, Flo
     Hayward: H 19.57  6/29/2015   Justin Gatlin, USA                          
    Name                    Year School               Prelims     Finals  Wind Points
  1 Jarrion Lawson            SR Arkansas               20.28      20.19  -0.2  10   
  2 Christian Coleman         SO Tennessee              20.32      20.26  -0.2   8   
  3 Brendon Rodney            SR LIU Brooklyn           20.40      20.39  -0.2   6   
  4 Renard Howell             JR LSU                    20.56      20.55  -0.2   5    20.543
  5 Kenzo Cotton              SO Arkansas               20.61      20.55  -0.2   4    20.544
  6 Tevin Hester              SR Clemson                20.45      20.68  -0.2   3   
  7 Nick Gray                 FR Ohio State             20.65      20.93  -0.2   2   
 -- Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake  JR LSU                    20.17        DNS  -0.2 

Men’s 4×100: LSU wins but loses

This was the first event of the day and LSU, with Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake on the anchor, won but right at the finish he began limping. He would finish last in the 100 and pull out of the 200, ending LSU’s title hopes.

Men 4x100 Meter Relay
 3 Heats. Advance top 2 from each heat plus next best 2 to final
College Best: C 38.23  6/2/1989    Texas Christian                             
   NCAA Meet: M 38.23  6/2/1989    Texas Christian                             
     Hayward: H 38.47  6/12/2015   Arkansas, ARK                               
                       McLeod, Lawson, Cotton, Washington                
    School                                            Prelims     Finals  Points
  1 LSU                                                 38.73      38.42H  10   
     1) Jaron Flournoy FR               2) Renard Howell JR               
     3) Tremayne Acy JR                 4) Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake JR    
  2 Houston                                             38.73      38.44H   8   
     1) Leshon Collins SR               2) Mario Burke FR                 
     3) Jacarias Martin FR              4) Cameron Burrell SO             
  3 Arkansas                                            38.71      38.49    6   
     1) Kenzo Cotton SO                 2) Jarrion Lawson SR              
     3) Josh Washington JR              4) Kemar Mowatt SO                
  4 Florida                                             38.83      38.54    5   
     1) Antwan Wright SR                2) Hugh Graham, Jr SR             
     3) Arman Hall SR                   4) Ryan Clark FR                  
  5 Western Kentucky                                    38.85      38.60    4   
     1) Kyree King JR                   2) Ventavius Sears JR             
     3) Emmanuel Dasor SR               4) Julius Morris SO               
  6 TCU                                                 38.91      38.72    3   
     1) Raymond Bozmans JR              2) Sam Watts SR                   
     3) Darrion Flowers FR              4) Ronnie Baker SR                
  7 North Carolina St.                                  39.11      39.48    2   
     1) Nyheim Hines FR                 2) Jonathan Addison SR            
     3) Shannon Patterson SO            4) Quashawn Cunningham SO         
  8 Arizona State                                       39.26      39.90    1   
     1) Benjamin Trotter SR             2) Isiah Underwood SR             
     3) Brandon Hasson FR               4) Reggie Lewis SR                

Men’s 400 Arman Hall Goes Sub-45 to Win

Hall got the big 10 points for Florida and his teammate Najee Glass was later DQ’d. LSU picked up 14 points but their team title hopes evaporated with Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake’s injury.

Men 400 Meter Dash
 3 Heats. Advance top 2 from each heat plus next best 2 to final
College Best: C 44.00  6/6/1992    Quincy Watts, USC                           
   NCAA Meet: M 44.00  6/6/1992    Quincy Watts, USC                           
     Hayward: H 43.74  6/19/1993   Michael Johnson, USA                        
    Name                    Year School               Prelims     Finals  Points
  1 Arman Hall                SR Florida                45.19      44.82   10   
  2 Fitzroy Dunkley           SR LSU                    45.35      45.06    8   
  3 Michael Cherry            JR LSU                    45.27      45.11    6   
  4 Marcus Chambers           JR Oregon                 45.28      45.27    5   
  5 Nathan Strother           SO Tennessee              45.07      45.72    4   
  6 Kunle Fasasi              FR Florida                45.55      46.10    3   
  7 Ricky Morgan Jr           SO USC                    45.67      46.63    2   
 -- Najee Glass               SR Florida                45.31         DQ   Lane violation

Men’s 110 Hurdles: Devon Allen’s Return is Complete

Allen came out of nowhere to win NCAAs and USAs as a freshman in 2014, but then missed last year after blowing out his knee. He’s back this year on top of the NCAAs.

Men 110 Meter Hurdles
 3 Heats. Advance top 2 from each heat plus next best 2 to final
College Best: C 13.00  5/6/1979    Renaldo Nehemiah, Maryland                  
   NCAA Meet: M 13.16  6/14/2014   Devon Allen, Oregon                         
     Hayward: H 12.90  7/3/2010    David Oliver, USA                           
    Name                    Year School               Prelims     Finals  Wind Points
  1 Devon Allen               SO Oregon                 13.38      13.50  -0.9  10   
  2 Nick Anderson             JR Kentucky               13.67      13.67  -0.9   8   
  3 Adarius Washington        SR Ind. State             13.64      13.68  -0.9   6   
  4 Freddie III Crittenden    JR Syracuse               13.64      13.70  -0.9   5   
  5 Amere Lattin              FR Houston                13.64      13.80  -0.9   4   
  6 Tony Brown                JR Alabama                13.71      13.81  -0.9   3   
  7 Dondre Echols             SR South Carolina         13.67      13.84  -0.9   2   
  8 Jordan Moore              JR LSU                    13.57      13.88  -0.9   1   

Men’s 400m Hurdles: Florida Crushes It For Team Points

Florida brought it’s A+ game to NCAAs and this event showed it. Their 1-2 finish here was instrumental in their team title.

Men 400 Meter Hurdles
 3 Heats. Advance top 2 from each heat plus next best 2 to final
College Best: C 47.56  6/11/2005   Kerron Clement, Florida                     
   NCAA Meet: M 47.56  6/11/2005   Kerron Clement, Florida                     
     Hayward: H 47.69  6/18/1993   Kevin Young, USA                            
    Name                    Year School               Prelims     Finals  Points
  1 Eric Futch                JR Florida                49.07      48.91   10   
  2 TJ Holmes                 JR Florida                49.70      49.31    8   
  3 Kenny Selmon              SO North Carolina         49.31      49.56    6   
  4 Robert Grant              SO Texas A&M              49.36      49.62    5   
  5 Taylor McLaughlin         FR Michigan               49.73      49.74    4   
  6 Rai Benjamin              FR UCLA                   49.84      49.82    3   
  7 Mica-Jonathan Petit-Homm  SR LIU Brooklyn           50.49      50.71    2   
  8 Jussi Kanervo             JR South Carolina         50.64      52.11    1   

Men’s 4×400: Florida Clinches Team Crown

Florida entered the final event 2 points behind Arkansas in the team competition which meant they had to finish 6th or better to win the team title outright. The lost a tight race with LSU but won the NCAA title for coach Mike Holloway. 

The Gators only finished sixth at SECs but Holloway told his team afterwards that he still thought they could win the NCAA title. He didn’t feel that they exceeded expectations at this meet as he knew his guys were all capable of placing highly. He said that even though Florida was only 4th in the 4×100, that event really got things going for his team as they ran a really fast time (38.54).

Holloway and the Gators deserve massive credit for coming through when it counts. Amazingly, they almost scored more points at NCAAs (62) than they did at SECs (64).

Men 4x400 Meter Relay
 3 Heats. Advance top 2 from each heat plus next best 2 to final
College Best: C 2:59.59  6/11/2005   LSU                                       
   NCAA Meet: M 2:59.59  6/11/2005   LSU                                       
     Hayward: H 2:59.60  6/14/2014   Texas A&M, TAMU                           
                         Bailey Jr., Roundette, Taplin, Leondore           
    School                                            Prelims     Finals  Points
  1 LSU                                               3:03.72    3:00.69   10   
     1) Lamar Bruton JR                 2) Michael Cherry JR              
     3) Cyril Grayson SR                4) Fitzroy Dunkley SR             
       1:30.591 (1:30.591)          2:16.400 (45.809)          3:00.683 (44.284)
  2 Florida                                           3:02.78    3:01.12    8   
     1) Kunle Fasasi FR                 2) Arman Hall SR                  
     3) Hugh Graham, Jr SR              4) Najee Glass SR                 
       1:30.370 (1:30.370)          2:16.033 (45.664)          3:01.117 (45.084)
  3 Nebraska                                          3:03.31    3:03.39    6   
     1) Levi Gipson SR                  2) Tanner Townsend JR             
     3) Sam Bransby SO                  4) Cody Rush SR                   
       1:31.969 (1:31.969)          2:18.221 (46.252)          3:03.382 (45.162)
  4 Texas A&M                                         3:03.59    3:03.94    5   
     1) Hector Hernandez SR             2) Fred Kerley JR                 
     3) Donavan Brazier FR              4) Robert Grant SO                
       1:33.448 (1:33.448)          2:19.221 (45.774)          3:03.937 (44.717)
  5 Clemson                                           3:04.56    3:04.75    4   
     1) Cordell Lamb SO                 2) Michael Cheeks JR              
     3) Jorel Bellafonte SO             4) Jeffrey Green SO               
       1:32.369 (1:32.369)          2:19.448 (47.079)          3:04.741 (45.293)
  6 Purdue                                            3:05.95    3:06.25    3   
     1) Nicholas Parks SR               2) Kyle Webb JR                   
     3) Kendal Frederick JR             4) Shawndail McLaren FR           
       1:33.780 (1:33.780)          2:19.928 (46.149)          3:06.248 (46.320)
  7 Ohio State                                        3:05.99    3:06.27    2   
     1) Antonio Blanks SR               2) Nick Gray FR                   
     3) Jerry Jackson SO                4) Champ Page SR                  
       1:32.866 (1:32.866)          2:20.816 (47.951)          3:06.268 (45.453)
 -- Miss State                                        3:05.16         DQ   Misconduct
     1) Vince Castillo FR               2) Alfred Larry SR                
     3) Juston Waters SO                4) Rasheed Tatham FR              
       1:33.107 (1:33.107)          2:18.310 (45.203)          3:04.180 (45.870)

Men High Jump: Randall Cunningham Wins – Yes Same Family
Randall Cunningham of USC, son of the NFL great, and sister of the World indoor champ, Vashti, showed he’s a pretty good athlete himself winning the NCAA crown.

1, Randall Cunningham, USC, 2.25m, (7-04.50). 2, Christoff Bryan, Kansas
State, 2.22m, (7-03.25). 3, Trey McRae, Charlotte, 2.19m, (7-02.25). 4, Avion
Jones, East Carolina, 2.19m, (7-02.25). 5, Trey Culver, Texas Tech, 2.19m,
(7-02.25). 6, Bradley Adkins, Texas Tech, 2.19m, (7-02.25). 7, Matthew
Campbell, Albany, 2.19m, (7-02.25). 8, Keenon Laine, Western Kentucky, 2.19m,
(7-02.25). 8, Kyle Landon, Southern Illinois, 2.19m, (7-02.25). 10, Brett
Pozolinski, Wis.-Milwaukee, 2.14m, (7-00.25). 11, Branden Greene, Mississippi,
2.14m, (7-00.25). 12, Ty Anderson, UTSA, 2.14m, (7-00.25). 13, Eric Moore,
Central Arkansas, 2.09m, (6-10.25). 13, Zachary Blackham, BYU, 2.09m,
(6-10.25). 13, Curtis Richardson, Akron, 2.09m, (6-10.25). 13, Grant Anderson,
Nebraska, 2.09m, (6-10.25). 13, Cody Stine, Akron, 2.09m, (6-10.25). 18,
Jordan Wesner, Memphis, 2.09m, (6-10.25). 18, Seth Peace, Miss State, 2.09m,
(6-10.25). 18, Thilina Karunaratne, Kansas State, 2.09m, (6-10.25). 18, Ken
LeGassey, Arkansas, 2.09m, (6-10.25). 22, Andre Dorsey, Kennesaw State, 2.09m,
(6-10.25). 22, Justin Fondren, Alabama, 2.09m, (6-10.25). –, Xaivier
McAllister, Kentucky, NH.

Men Triple Jump
1, Latario Collie, Texas A&M, 16.97m, w:1.4 (55-08.25). 2, KeAndre Bates,
Florida, 16.73m, w:3.2 (54-10.75). 3, Matthew Oneal, South Florida, 16.59m,
w:-0.6 (54-05.25). 4, Tim White, Arizona State, 16.57m, w:-2.6 (54-04.50). 5,
Shawn Johnson, Auburn, 16.28m, w:0.9 (53-05). 6, Brian Leap, Penn State,
16.13m, w:1.4 (52-11). 7, Lathone Collie, Texas A&M, 16.02m, w:-1.8
(52-06.75). 8, Kaiwan Culmer, Nebraska, 15.93m, w:1.0 (52-03.25). 9, Marcus
Ghent, FIU, 15.87m, w:1.3 (52-01). 10, Felix Obi, Baylor, 15.86m, w:1.7
(52-00.50). 11, John-Patrick Friday, Miami, 15.77m, w:2.4 (51-09). 12, Tony
Carodine, Missouri, 15.74m, w:1.6 (51-07.75). 12, John Warren, Missouri,
15.74m, w:1.1 (51-07.75). 14, Shane Green, Coppin State, 15.69m, w:1.2
(51-05.75). 15, Jeffrey Prothro, Texas A&M, 15.66m, w:0.6 (51-04.50). 16, Ben
Williams, Louisville, 15.48m, w:1.7 (50-09.50). 17, Josh Dixon, Arizona State,
15.45m, w:-1.7 (50-08.25). 18, Phillip Smith, Mid. Tenn. State, 15.22m, w:1.8
(49-11.25). 18, Charles Brown, Texas Tech, 15.22m, w:1.7 (49-11.25). 20,
Scotty Newton, TCU, 15.19m, w:2.7 (49-10). 21, Bobby Plummer, Cornell, 15.17m,
w:1.1 (49-09.25). 22, EJ Reddick, Charleston Southern, 15.05m, w:3.2
(49-04.50). 23, Clive Pullen, Arkansas, 15.01m, w:-0.7 (49-03). 24, Donovan
Tolbert, Kent State, 14.92m, w:-0.8 (48-11.50).

Men Discus Throw
1, Nicholas Percy, Nebraska, 61.27m, (201-00). 2, Sam Mattis, Penn, 60.96m,
(200-00). 3, Marek Barta, Virginia Tech, 60.96m, (200-00). 4, Gerhard De Beer,
Arizona, 60.88m, (199-09). 5, Filip Mihaljevic, Virginia, 60.28m, (197-09). 6,
Jan-Louw Kotze, South Alabama, 59.79m, (196-02). 7, Reginald Jagers, Kent
State, 59.56m, (195-05). 8, Kevin Farley, SE Missouri, 57.90m, (189-11). 9,
Jayson Kovar, Southern Utah, 57.76m, (189-06). 10, Mitchell Cooper, Kansas,
57.39m, (188-03). 11, Joe Williams, Alabama, 57.13m, (187-05). 12, Jordan
Young, Virginia, 57.02m, (187-01). 13, Nicolai Ceban, Kansas, 56.74m,
(186-02). 14, Adam Damadzic, TCU, 55.18m, (181-00). 15, David Lucas, Penn
State, 55.12m, (180-10). 16, Hayden Reed, Alabama, 55.06m, (180-08). 17, Kord
Ferguson, Alabama, 54.99m, (180-05). 18, Nicholas Scarvelis, UCLA, 54.50m,
(178-10). 19, Jeff Bartlett, Texas A&M, 54.36m, (178-04). 20, Dotun Ogundeji,
UCLA, 53.67m, (176-01). 21, Josh McDonald, Wisconsin, 47.57m, (156-01). –,
Reno Tuufuli, Iowa, FOUL. –, Daniel Haugh, Alabama, FOUL. –, Phillip Jagers,
Akron, FOUL.

Team Title: Florida Wins Despite Only Being 6th at SECs


  Men - Team Rankings - 21 Events Scored
    1) Florida                     62        2) Arkansas                   56   
    3) Texas A&M                   50        4) Oregon                     48   
    5) LSU                         41        6) Tennessee                  30   
    7) Virginia                    20        8) Virginia Tech              19   
    9) Miss State                  18       10) Nebraska                   17   
   10) Houston                     17       12) USC                        16   
   13) Stanford                    15       13) Michigan                   15   
   15) Purdue                      14       15) Oklahoma State             14   
   17) Penn State                  13       18) Washington                 12   
   18) UCLA                        12       18) Wisconsin                  12   
   18) Mid. Tenn. State            12       22) Kentucky                   11   
   23) Akron                       10       23) Arizona                    10   
   23) Northern Arizona            10       26) Kansas State                9   
   26) Mississippi                  9       26) Cornell                     9   
   29) Penn                         8       29) Arkansas State              8   
   29) LIU Brooklyn                 8       29) Georgia                     8   
   33) Texas Tech                   7       33) North Carolina St.          7   
   33) Clemson                      7       36) South Florida               6   
   36) North Carolina               6       36) Texas                       6   
   36) SE Louisiana                 6       36) Charlotte                   6   
   36) Louisville                   6       36) Arizona State               6   
   36) Colorado St.                 6       36) BYU                         6   
   36) Indiana State                6       36) Villanova                   6   
   47) Connecticut                  5       47) Minnesota                   5   
   47) Southern Miss.               5       47) East Carolina               5   
   47) Oklahoma                     5       47) South Carolina              5   
   47) Syracuse                     5       47) Colorado                    5   
   47) Ohio State                   5       47) Rutgers                     5   
   57) Western Kentucky             4.50    58) Georgetown                  4   
   58) Air Force                    4       58) Auburn                      4   
   58) Portland                     4       58) Rice                        4   
   63) Southern Illinois            3.50    64) Alabama                     3   
   64) Navy                         3       64) La Salle                    3   
   64) Eastern Michigan             3       64) South Alabama               3   
   64) TCU                          3       64) Missouri                    3   
   64) Florida State                3       72) Northwestern St.            2   
   72) Albany                       2       72) Kent State                  2   
   72) Furman                       2       76) Yale                        1   
   76) Wake Forest                  1       76) Butler                      1   
   76) SE Missouri                  1       76) Princeton                   1   
   76) Samford                      1


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