2014 Berlin Marathon - BMW Berlin Marathon

September 28, 2014
Berlin, Germany
World Athletics:

So too was Emmanuel Mutai's 30K record.


His fastest was 2:46. His slowest 3:01.


As I was thinking about the numbers behind this effort I got kinda scared, holy hell this was going to be a pisser of a long run! ... This was the most nervous I had been before a race in a long while."

"But like it has happened to thousands of other runners, in thousands of other marathons, at around 32km the pace began taking its toll. We backed off briefly in attempts to regroup. Just as that was happening a train of Ethiopian women came streaming by. For a lot of runners this would be pretty demoralizing- Shalane was already in her own little world of hurt, then these ladies just show up and float on by. This is when Shalane showed just why she is one of the best in the world. She kept completely calm and focused, she didn’t flinch. She waited, regrouped and then she dug the hell down! she began to fight back! (I have no idea where this strength came from, when this happens to me I usually start whimpering and drooling on myself.)"

The Balanced Runner™:

Did Mutai's underpronation cost him the race?

BBC News:

The course, the competition and the weather obviously. Some interesting stuff though from Science of the Sport's Ross Tucker who says he doesn't expect to see a sub-2 hour marathon for at least 40-years "if at all".

Alberto Stretti:

Includes a lot of interesting stats including comparisons to Wilson Kipsang's previous record, a look at Kimetto's negative splits (the first time since Haile G in 2008 and that was only by a second) and a shout out to the excellent Berlin pacers.

Capital Sports:

After finishing 2nd for the 7th time at a WMM race Mutai should be pulling his hair out, but he's not. He must have one of the best losing attitutudes in sport and is already plotting what he can change in his training. He's even thinking of doing 42K in training so he can practice finishing the last 2K faster.


Vail talks a little about pacing Shalane Flanagan in Berlin.

Runner's World:

She split 25K in 1:22:36 to breat Janet Cherobon-Bawcom's previous mark by by exactly 2-minutes. Flanagan just missed Deena Kastor's 30K AR by 7-seconds.

LRC WTW: All Hail Larry Rawson And Dennis Kimetto, Sub-2 Here We Come, Shalane And Emmanuel Win By Losing, Rupp's Medal Chances Go Up, Runners Are Crazy And Deena Says Paula's WR Was Bad For The Sport

Last week was a momentous week with Dennis Kimetto breaking the 2:03:00 marathon barrier. We take another look at that, compare Tsegaye Kebede to all American marathoners ever,  praise Shalane Flanagan, like Galen Rupp's medal chances, and tell you why runners are officially crazy.

Human Limits:

He talks about the ideal conditions for a marathon WR attempt, but financial incentives, course and weather conditions.

The Standard:

Kipsang: “If I get a chance, I want to return to the same course in Berlin in 2015 and make an attempt to break the record. But it is a big stride ahead of the competitions. The bar has been raised and many athletes will find it harder to beat. But I believe there are about five or seven Kenyan runners who can try to break it and will be successful. ... I believe I can run faster. That record can be brought down to under two hours and two minutes."

LRC World Record Holder Dennis Kimetto Warns Rivals To Expect Another Decade Of His Marathon Virtuosity

Kimetto talked about his father's reaction when he went from farming to running: “My father said, train as well as you can and go for it, you can change your life."

The New York Times:

If the current trend continues the sub-2 hour mark would go down in a decade or two. We still say no way.
*LRC Archive: The Myth Of The Sub-2-Hour Marathon

Runner's World:

“We went big. I don’t race conservatively. We’d come to test our limits and we found out today where it was. ... That pace takes its toll, though. It’s another PR, so I can’t really complain. Maybe I was too aggressive; maybe a negative split would have worked out better, but I’ve no regrets. I put everything into it.”

Runner's World:

Wilson Kipsang: "1 year I was proud to carry the name of WRholder. Now I say congrats to my collegue Kimetto. "

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