USATF DQ Report Analysis / We Refuse To Fall To The Holiday Weekend News Dump

LRCUSATF DQ Report Released: Did Alberto Salazar Have Undue Influence? We Still Don't Know

We wonder if it's normal for an official to tell a coach about a foul he admits he didn't see. Then we start to go off into la-la conspiracy land as we notice a key part of the report regarding Salazar shows up in a different font. To us, the whole report reads like a 5th grader's book report, not a report worthy analysis of a decision that (illegally) fixed the outcome of a national championship race.

Mid-D Stars In The News

  • Wilson_AjeeSF-USAout14Good Ajee’ Wilson Profile: Why Ajee’ Is A Winner “I used to race my mum every year. … It was huge to beat my mum for the first time. I can’t remember when I first beat her, but after I did she stopped racing me.” And for the record, her name is pronounced “ah-jhay.”

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Weekly Recap – The Week That Was

LRCWeek That Was: Thou Shall Not Skip USAs, Medals For Emma And Evan, And Thou Shall Not Compare Matt Llano To Ryan Hall

This week we wonder if there is a skip USAs jinx, marvel at some amazing field eventers, get ready for World Juniors, tell the suits how to market our beloved sport better, praise a racewalker, dash the dreams of those who compare Matt Llano to Ryan Hall, and wonder why Nike seems to be embarrassed by the fact that elite runners are skinny.

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Tuesday’s Distance News

Gold Coast Marathon: An Unknown Kenyan, A New 2:10 American

Unknown Kenyan Silah Limo Wins Gold Coast Marathon In Australian All-Comers’ Record With 2:09:14; US’s Jeffrey Eggleston PRs By A Minute With 2:10:52 For 2nd Limo came in with a 1:01:26 half, but this was his full debut. Yuki Kawauchi was 3rd in 2:11:27, coming from way back after falling over a traffic cone.
*IAAF Recap
*MB: Jeffrey Eggleston 2:10:52 PR for 2nd at Gold Coast