Who’s In? Who’s On The Bubble? 2016 US Men’s Olympic Trials Descending Order Lists

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by LetsRun.com
June 16, 2016

*Women’s Descending Order List

The 2016 US Olympic Track and Field Trials are just over two weeks away, starting on July 1st in Eugene, Oregon. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at where things stand with the qualifying lists.

For many, just making it into the Trials is a career accomplishment, so those runners will regularly be checking their place on the US descending order list over the next two weeks. Additionally, there are several big names who haven’t hit the automatic qualifying time in their event and could be left watching the Trials from home. As always, USATF have left themselves open to making arbitrary controversial decisions by listing “approximate field sizes” and not promising to fill the fields. Hopefully the 2016 entry process is a smooth one, but sadly it almost never is.

Below we give you the top qualifying marks in each men’s distance event (according to All-Athletics.com) along with automatic mark, “approximate” field size and the Olympic qualifying standard (the qualifying window opened May 1, 2015). Athletes who have the Olympic standard (so can go to Rio if they are top 3) are bolded. We have done the same for the women here. Where there was an athlete listed who obviously won’t be in that event (Matthew Centrowitz in the 800 for example), we crossed out there name, so each runner has a more accurate “Trials Rank”. USATF lists the standards and qualifying procedures for each event here.

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800m (Trials Auto: 1:46.00; Olympic standard: 1:45.80; Approximate Field Size: 32)

This is an event where there will not be 30 auto qualifiers. Let’s hope USATF fills the field.

ResultRankTrials PositionAthlete
1:43.3411Boris BERIAN
1:43.5522Donavan BRAZIER
1:44.5333Nick SYMMONDS
1:44.624Matthew CENTROWITZ
1:44.8454Erik SOWINSKI
1:44.9265Casimir LOXSOM
1:44.9976Shaquille WALKER
1:45.248Leonel MANZANO
1:45.4098Charles JOCK
1:45.47109Michael RUTT
1:45.471110Duane SOLOMON
1:45.581211Brannon KIDDER
1:45.591312Clayton MURPHY
1:45.651413Drew WINDLE
1:45.761514Jesse JORGENSEN
1:45.761615Isaiah HARRIS
1:45.791716Ryan MARTIN
1:45.891817Mark WIECZOREK
1:45.911918Alex AMANKWAH
1:45.9820Robby ANDREWS
1:46.122119Brandon JOHNSON
1:46.132220Craig ENGELS
1:46.172321Julian PARKER
1:46.332422Harun ABDA
1:46.442523Sampson LAARI
1:46.522624Christian SANDERS
1:46.622725Alex AMANKWAH
1:46.662826Joseph WHITE
1:46.692927Daniel KUHN
1:46.693028Christian HARRISON
1:46.703129James GILREATH
1:46.733230Nick HARTLE
1:46.813431Goarner DENG
1:46.903532Abraham ALVARADO
1:46.963633Carlton ORANGE
1:47.033734Blair HENDERSON
1:47.113835Jesse GARN
1:47.133936Holland SHERRER
1:47.164037Edose IBADIN
1:47.184138Dusty SOLIS
1:47.204339Dylan CAPWELL
1:47.214440Chris LOW

1,500m (Trials Auto: 3:38.00; Olympic standard: 3:36.20; Approximate Field Size: 30)

This is an event where it’s unlikely there will be 30 auto qualifiers. Let’s hope USATF fills the field. Personally we think they should fill it to at least 36 entrants as otherwise the first round will take us from 30 to 24 entrants.

ResultRankTrials PositionAthlete
3:30.4011Matthew CENTROWITZ
3:32.972Evan JAGER
3:34.1332Garrett HEATH
3:34.5443Kyle MERBER
3:35.3654Cory LESLIE
3:35.4865Ben BLANKENSHIP
3:35.5276Robby ANDREWS
3:36.068David TORRENCE
3:36.1697Leonel MANZANO
3:36.23108Clayton MURPHY
3:36.49119Riley MASTERS
3:36.561210Colby ALEXANDER
3:36.701311Jeff SEE
3:36.7714Andrew BAYER
3:36.931512Frezer LEGESSE
3:36.981613Ford PALMER
3:37.061714Isaac PRESSON
3:37.201815Jordan MCNAMARA
3:37.361916John GREGOREK
3:37.562017Daniel WINN
3:37.6521Hassan MEAD
3:37.732218Ahmed BILE
3:37.742319Izaic YORKS
3:37.752420Thomas AWAD
3:37.8725Peter CALLAHAN
3:38.052621Henry WYNNE
3:38.1727Ryan HILL
3:38.202822Brandon HUDGINS
3:38.232923Will LEER
3:38.2430Daniel HULING
3:38.283124Duncan PHILLIPS
3:38.303225Dorian ULREY
3:38.353326Chad NOELLE
3:38.403427Ben SAAREL
3:38.493528Graham CRAWFORD
3:38.523629Jack BOLAS
3:38.603730Andrew WHEATING
3:38.623831Matthew MATON
3:38.773932Lex WILLIAMS
3:38.804033Patrick CASEY
3:38.824134Craig ENGELS
3:38.9842Eric JENKINS
3:39.154335Chad NOELLE
3:39.324436Dusty SOLIS
3:39.344537Garrett O’TOOLE
3:39.594638Cristian SORATOS
3:39.644739Sam PENZENSTADLER
3:39.894840Weston STRUM
3:39.024941Robby CREESE
3:39.055042Kirubel ERASSA
3:39.665143Daniel HERRERA
3:40.045244Mac FLEET
3:40.055345Will GEOGHEGAN
3:40.115446Brannon KIDDER
3:40.115547Samuel PRAKEL
3:40.155648James RANDON
3:40.165749Dan CASTLE
3:40.205850Michael ATCHOO
3:40.215951Eric AVILA
3:40.316052Justin BRINKLEY
3:40.446153David ELLIOTT
3:40.466254Blake HANEY
3:40.606355Travis BURKSTRAND
3:40.676456Cale WALLACE
3:40.746557Sean MCGORTY
3:40.776658Trevor DUNBAR

*NOTE: The mile standard is 3:54.00 and Sean McGorty has run 3:53.95.

Men’s 1500m updated on 6/25.

5,000m (Trials Auto: 13:28; Approximate Field Size: 24; Olympic standard: 13:25)

This is an event where it’s unlikely there will be 24 auto qualifiers. Let’s hope USATF fills the field.

ResultRankTrials PositionAthlete
13:04.1711Hassan MEAD
13:05.5422Ben TRUE
13:05.6933Ryan HILL
13:07.3344Eric JENKINS
13:08.3855Galen RUPP
13:14.9766Bernard LAGAT
13:16.3177Garrett HEATH
13:17.3088Diego ESTRADA
13:17.8599Will GEOGHEGAN
13:17.971010Riley MASTERS
13:18.521111Shadrack KIPCHIRCHIR
13:19.4212David TORRENCE
13:19.561312Chris DERRICK
13:21.161413Jeff SEE
13:21.321514Lopez LOMONG
13:21.611615Paul CHELIMO
13:24.251716Sean MCGORTY
13:27.531817Samuel CHELANGA
13:27.641918Thomas CURTIN
13:29.512019Abbabiya SIMBASSA
13:29.8721Donald CABRAL
13:30.092220Brian SHRADER
13:30.132321Grant FISHER
13:30.272422Reed CONNOR
13:30.572523Kirubel ERASSA
13:31.212624Jeff SEE
13:31.302725Ryan WALLING
13:31.662826Patrick CORONA
13:32.062927Tyler PENNEL
13:32.213028Joe STILIN
13:32.233129Reed CONNOR
13:32.493230William KINCAID
13:33.163331George ALEX
13:33.173432Jonathan PETERSON
13:34.003533Aaron BRAUN
13:34.213634Craig FORYS
13:34.423735Thomas JOYCE
13:35.203836Colby GILBERT
13:35.573937George ALEX
13:35.704038Martin HEHIR
13:35.994139Andrew SPRINGER
13:36.204240Jim SPISAK
13:36.774341Erik OLSON
13:36.794442Morgan PEARSON
13:36.834543Sydney GIDABUDAY
13:36.884644Frezer LEGESSE
13:37.054745Pierce MURPHY
13:37.564846Mason FERLIC
13:37.894947Futsum ZIENASELLASSIE
13:38.025048Tim RITCHIE
13:38.365149Cory LESLIE
13:39.145250Johnnie GUY
13:39.295351Dan QUIGLEY
13:39.525452Dan LOWRY
13:39.555553Brian SHRADER
13:39.875654Isaac PRESSON
13:39.895755Eric FINAN
13:41.775856Thomas AWAD

10,000m (Trials Auto: 28:15; Approximate Field Size: 24; Olympic standard 28:00)
Qualifying window opened January 1, 2015.

This is an event where it’s unlikely there will be 24 auto qualifiers. Let’s hope USATF fills the field.

ResultRankTrials PositionAthlete
27:08.9111Galen RUPP
27:30.5322Diego ESTRADA
27:33.0433Hassan MEAD
27:43.7944Ben TRUE
27:48.0255Eric JENKINS
27:49.3566Bernard LAGAT
27:52.7077Futsum ZIENASELLASSIE
27:54.2588Jason WITT
27:54.5799Samuel CHELANGA
27:54.981010Parker STINSON
27:55.191111Christopher LANDRY
27:56.591212Bobby CURTIS
27:58.911313Shadrack KIPCHIRCHIR
27:59.371414Jacob RILEY
27:59.881515Jon GREY
28:00.431616Scott FAUBLE
28:03.271717Brendan GREGG
28:04.601818Ryan VAIL
28:06.641919German FERNANDEZ
28:17.032020Alex MONROE
28:20.652121Jim SPISAK
28:22.322222Aron RONO
28:22.622323Noah DRODDY
28:22.902424Tyler PENNEL
28:24.272525Scott SMITH
28:25.322626Ben BRUCE
28:26.082727Erik PETERSON
28:26.772828Tim RITCHIE
28:26.982929John CRAIN
28:27.702027Martin HEHIR
28:28.563030Brian SHRADER
28:30.132229Trevor DUNBAR
28:31.753131Chris DERRICK
28:31.913232Robert CHESERET

3,000m Steeplechase (Traisl Auto: 8:32; Approximate Field Size: 24; Olympic standard: 8:28)

This is an event where it’s unlikely there will be 24 auto qualifiers. Let’s hope USATF fills the field.

ResultRankTrials PositionAthlete
8:00.4511Evan JAGER
8:13.3722Donald CABRAL
8:14.1133Daniel HULING
8:18.0844Andrew BAYER
8:18.5255Stanley Kipkoech KEBENEI
8:19.1266Cory LESLIE
8:23.3877Donnie COWART
8:25.4488Travis MAHONEY
8:26.8199Tabor STEVENS
8:27.011010Hillary BOR
8:27.161111Mason FERLIC
8:27.191212Craig FORYS
8:31.421313Isaac UPDIKE
8:32.551414Mike HARDY
8:32.941515Aric VAN HALEN
8:33.771616Caleb HOOVER
8:34.131717M.J. ERB
8:34.321818Bryce MILLER
8:34.401919Craig FORYS
8:34.692020Dylan BLANKENBAKER
8:35.252121Darren FAHY
8:35.472222Michael JORDAN
8:35.562323Mark PARRISH
8:35.592424Carl STONES
8:35.672525Matt CLEAVER
8:36.242626Darren FAHY
8:36.512727Troy REEDER
8:36.582828Austin BUSSING
8:36.602929Austin O’NEIL
8:36.653030Bailey ROTH
8:36.813131Aaron FLETCHER
8:36.883232Jackson NEFF
8:37.623333Matt CLEAVER
8:37.643434Mark PARRISH
8:38.283535Jordan MANN
8:38.353636Brandon DOUGHTY
8:38.773737Austin BUSSING
8:39.263838Meron SIMON
8:39.583939Aaron NELSON
8:39.724040Kyle KING
8:40.144141Scott CARPENTER
8:40.454242Ben BRUCE