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Hippy New Year
Pain in hip/ass area 12/31/2002 12:52PM Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
I've got some pain in what I would describe as the outer upper quadrant of my ass - in the area where a "divot" appears upon ass-flexion while standing, at least in skinny guys like me.

It first came on during a hard long run three weeks ago. It seemed to subside almost entirely after 5-6 days (I run 80+ miles a week, often in doubles) but came back with a vengeance. It now sets in after about 20 minutes of running and gradually worsens from there, and and is a little worse at higher speeds and while climbing hills.

I can isolate some of the pain after a run to the superficial bony area right where the femur seems to disappear into the hip socket but for the most part the discomfort - which is steady more than it is "lancinating" or jabbing - feels fairly deep and muscular.

I have started taking 800 mg ibuprofen 3x / day and was wondering if this sounds like piriformis syndrome (I have no personal experience with this or related injuries so I am clueless) or otherwise rings familiar bells with anyone out there. Thanks and Hippy New Year.

RE: Pain in hip/ass area 12/31/2002 12:54PM - in reply to Hippy New Year Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
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SD runnin in Phoenix
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 12/31/2002 1:08PM - in reply to Hippy New Year Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
upper outside of quad-basically. sounds like I T band sydrome to me. speed and hills, gets worse into the run? stretch, and ice...i would check it can suck. don't let it spread down to the patellar area or you will be done for awhile. can be one of the unjuries that can nag at a runner over time. usually from sudden increases, too many hills, too much speed, no stretching, etc.
Hippy New Year
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 1/1/2005 1:01AM - in reply to SD runnin in Phoenix Reply | Return to Index | Report Post

SD runnin in Phoenix wrote:

upper outside of quad-basically. sounds like I T band sydrome to me.

Thanks, but the pain is really on the other side (back) of the "point" of my hip from the quadriceps; I've had ITB pain before and that is of a "shooting" nature, much more intense but brief in duration.

If anything the pain does seem to extend faintly down the BACK of my leg after I've been running for 60-70 minutes. It's one of those things that (for now) hurts a little right from the get-go, but is insidious in that it is just comfortable enough for me to rationalize one more run on the f***er. I am planning golf course fartlek tomorrow and that, as opposed to an easy distance run, has the potential to be interrupted. I am considering icing my ass. That is my New Year's Eve activity. I wonder if chiropractic might help if I can find a non-charlatan.

Jason, thanks for the contribution. Jokes about anal sex and San Francisco lost their novelty long before you ventured to the Orient to jam your ham into all manner of unwitting schoolgirls, but humor is always appreciated.
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 12/31/2002 1:31PM - in reply to Hippy New Year Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
Try this... Lay down sideways. Get a tennis ball and lower yourself on it with the ball touching the area that hurts. Roll it around the area using your body weight. It will hurt a LOT probably cause it is extremely tight. Thats why it hurts now. Anyways this will help loosen it up.... :) good luck gettin better.
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 12/31/2002 3:01PM - in reply to Hippy New Year Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
I may have the same problem. I first felt the pain, which lasted one week, when running sand dunes last summer. About 10 weeks ago pain returned after hill workout, which I don't do often. Still have pain, am running, trying to avoid hills and speed. If I am too tired to unlace my shoe and use the opposite shoe force my shoe off, I am reminded of the injury. I think my injury is actually in the back part of the hip joint. I have arthritis in the front of the hip and take glucosamine for that. After 10 weeks it is much better,
johnny utah
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 1/1/2003 11:40AM - in reply to JasonInKunming Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
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My ass hurt once too
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 1/1/2003 2:31PM - in reply to Hippy New Year Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
I had pain in the upper butt region too. I went to a doctor who said it might be a stress fracture. I was doing 30mpw and I knew it wasnt. I told her this. I got a bone scan. I was right. So I went to another doctor, and he said it was probably tightness in my upper quad and/or growth plate stuff. Basically I started doing this stretch where you "take a knee" and then get your back as straight as possible and flex your butt. You should feel the stretch near the very top of your upper leg. Then I just kept running and it went away in like a week and a half. It was really an unexplainable injury, I have no idea where it started, it just randomly hurt one day, and it went away almost as quickly as it came.
Ah come to help
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 1/1/2003 2:33PM - in reply to My ass hurt once too Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
Quit running. American system lead to many injury of people.

Take Ah ahvice and quit running to save body from further damage.
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 1/1/2003 4:00PM - in reply to Hippy New Year Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
Do not do the tennis ball exercise unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it is piriformis syndrome!! From your description, it sounds as though you are suffering from the same symptoms I went through and appears that you could have a case of sacroillitis, of which I have been trying to recover from for the past 11 months, 8 of which have been absolutely run-free. I was misdiagnosed several times with a stress fracture, piriformis syndrome, etc. and by the time I was diagnosed correctly, I had practically destroyed my joint. If the pain and symptoms continue or worsens and if possible, try to get a CT scan and MRI. The CT should clearly reveal if it is SIitis.

Read this:
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 1/1/2003 4:05PM - in reply to Emmel Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
I almost forgot, it would be a good idea to stop running until you have figured this out. Be exceedingly careful. Even piriformis syndrome will not go away if you continue to run on it. Nonetheless, I hope all turns out well.
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 1/2/2003 1:36AM - in reply to Hippy New Year Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
Could be piriformis. Could be bursitis. The pain extending down the leg suggests that some nerves might be involved, which could be piriformis or disks. I'd check with a doctor, but they'll probably give you a bunch of back strengthening and stretching exercises regardless of what they think the problem is, which are good, but might take a while.

My experience is that what ever the current problem is, it was probably caused by some sort of imbalance, probably tight hamstrings. So consider that sort of stretching, too. But it would probably help to see a doctor and try and narrow things down.
Ryan Wilson
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 1/2/2003 3:55AM - in reply to Hippy New Year Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
Sounds similar to an injury I've been battling for years. If so, it would be called something like a chronic hamstring tear. This is not to be confused with the hamstring tears that sprinters/jumpers get. It is an overuse injury that 99.9999% of US doctors will misdiagnose. Gerard Hartmann has written some articles on this injury and I've been lucky enough to have him treat it. Basically, its an accumulation of micro-tears at the top of the hammy where it attaches to the pelvis(?). Once a small tear starts, possibly from a speed workout etc., the problem only increaes, the small tears heal and then retear, continuosly getting larger. The radiating pain is fron the surronding muscles taking on extra workload, from the hammy shutting down, big problem is that the longer this continues the weaker the hammy becomes, basically atrophy sets in, compounding the problem. While the hammy was the root of the problem, the aches and pains were all around the ass/hip area, it causes sciatic pain and can create IT problems, but those are only symptoms of the real injury. This is the injury that basically ended my competitive running.

Ways to fixed it: Must take a certain amount of time off from running and possibly even cycling etc. Deep tissue massage workout and multiple physical therapy tools( ultra sound etc.) need to be used in order to promote blood flow in the area, as it is essential to begin the healing process. This is a several week scenario. If a person with this injury thinks they will be back running in a few weeks they will only end up repeating this process at a later date.
Once the pain seems to be gone, the real work begins, a complete core strengthing program needs to be implemented. focusing on the hips, hammys, lower back, and most importantly on the lower abdomen. If you have a large curve in your lower back from your lower back muscles being stronger than your ab's, then the tension on your hammy's will never be released and you'll be susceptible to reinjury. This is a little tough to describe in writing.

If this sounds like your problem let me know and I'll give some more advice.

Ryan Wilson
the new guy
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 1/2/2003 4:48AM - in reply to Hippy New Year Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
I had the same thing last month, what took care of it for me was a couple of stretches and some strengthening in my back...
1) one leg bent over the other sitting, rotate your whole back with your opposite elbow on your bent knee trying to stretch your upper hip/ass area (this took care of the debilitating pain)
2) on stomach put hands up by sholders press up relaxing back muscles only pushing up with arms (this took care of residual shooting pain in ass cheek.
3) glute stretch...bent knee over straight leg sitting hug knee to chest, pushing hip out to stretch glute.
4) back strengthening...lie on stomach with arms at side palms up, dont lift hands off ground, but arch back up slowly hold and go back down, 3 sets 15.

new guy
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 1/2/2003 5:40AM - in reply to Hippy New Year Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
See a chiropractor.
RE: Pain in hip/ass area 1/2/2003 6:14AM - in reply to NORTHERN MICHIGAN RUNNER Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
I just got back from an hour long extremely painful butt massage at Stanford Myofascial Institute for a piriformis problem. The Therapist told me I had some tightness in that hinge area that you mention and showed me the little fan shaped muscle group on an anatomy chart...ecxlaiming..."what was God thinking when he did that?"...which I took to mean that its not the greatest bit of engineering in the body and is prone to breaking down.

Turns out my piriformis packed up because pretty much every muscle group from my shoulders down to my hammies were knotted up and the piriformis just happened to be the one to pop first.

Go see a good deep tissue therapist and have it worked out. It hurts like hell but I can definitely feel the difference now.
Chronic ham tear 1/2/2003 6:54AM - in reply to Ryan Wilson Reply | Return to Index | Report Post

I've been dealing with a chronic upper ham problem for years and suspect it is a chronic tear based on Dr. Tim Noakes description of chronic ham tears. Do you know of anyone within the US who understands and can treat this injury like Hartmann can?


Ryan Wilson
RE: Chronic ham tear 1/2/2003 9:27AM - in reply to DougC Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
The only people I can really recommend, would be the guys at Stanford Myofascial Institute in Palo Alto. They have a few people who are capable enough to do the massage work. It has been several years since I've been there, but knowing the people there, I imagine they have only gotten better. The only thing they were lacking, again several years ago, was the access to ultra sound etc., that require a physical therapist to administer. One particular treatment I felt helped was using cortisone cream with the ultrasound, there is a technical term for this but I'm not going to try to spell it.

The most important aspect in my view, is the core strength program, this will be the only way to totally get rid of the problem. I actually had a small avulsion(bone chip)at the sight of the tear, and it went undiagnosed for sometime. This required an MRI to diagnose, and several months of NO running at all, not even up the stairs or down the street or anything.

So the process, in my opinion, is 1) time off with treatment, 2) treatment and strengthening 3) treatment, strengthening, and gradual running 4) strenghtening, running, and occasional treatment.

Hope that helps.
Ryan Wilson
RE: Chronic ham tear 1/2/2003 11:59AM - in reply to Ryan Wilson Reply | Return to Index | Report Post

Were you ever able to resume running completely pain free? I have a chronic injury that sounds similar to what you mentioned, although I have other symptoms as well. For example, popping hip. I'm only 18, and this has been going on now for nearly 16 months. I've never felt the same ever since the original injury, which struck me like a freight train without warning one day at practice. I'm just wondering if it is possible to ever truly beat this.
RE: Chronic ham tear 3/9/2003 3:49PM - in reply to mlbfan24 Reply | Return to Index | Report Post
Does anyone have any links to articles regarding chronic hamstring tears? I know Gerard Hartmann is the class of his field and was wondering if anyone could provide some of his articles.
Would an MRI effectively diagnose something like this? I have been sidelined for over 3 months now with deep hip pain. I've seen alot of the best doctors in the Boston area and most have said that it is an SI problem, but I haven't really been able to get over the hump and do any significant running on it. It's been particularly difficult within the context of the collegiate season as my trainer has encouraged me to continue some easy runs to try and work through it but my situation hasn't improved at all really. 3 weeks of non-running improved it enough to where I got 2 good easy runs in but then it reverted right back to where it was previously.
Also, anyone have any advice on steroid injections for this type of hip/hamstring injury?
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