Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr

March 12, 2024

Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Josh Kerr, & Yared Nuguse Will Race Bowerman Mile at Pre Classic on May 25

Kerr and Ingebrigtsen have not raced since the 2023 World Championship final. Pre will be Ingebrigtsen's first race of 2024 after battling Achilles problems this winter.
March 02, 2024

Josh Kerr is Golden at 3000m as Yared Nuguse Gets Silver at 2024 World Indoors

Josh Kerr was golden for the second straight World Championships as American Yared Nuguse got his first global medal
February 29, 2024

Boots on the Ground in Glasgow: Josh Kerr Expects "Electric" Crowd, Seb Coe Explains Why Beijing Got 2027 Worlds

Plus Kerr was asked about Jakob Ingebrigtsen saying he could have beaten Kerr blindfolded at Millrose, but for once he had no response, saying only, "No comment."
February 28, 2024

World Champ v Olympic Champ v 3:43 Miler: Who Wins the Incredible Men's 3000 at World Indoors?

Between Josh Kerr, Selemon Barega, & Yared Nuguse, three of distance running's biggest stars are racing in Glasgow but only one can win. *MB: Race of the year (so far): Men's 3000 at World Indoors - Who you got? Kerr, Nuguse or Barega?
February 20, 2024

WTW: Noah Lyles is better than ever but so is Letsile Tebogo, Josh Kerr & Yared Nuguse are ready, & BYU alums and Aussie teens impress

Oh what a year 2024 is going to be. Josh Kerr vs Yared Nuguse is on! Noah Lyles looks like he's ready to make a statement but so does Letsile Tebogo. And how about those Australian teenagers and BYU alums.
February 08, 2024

2024 Millrose Preview: Kerr & Nuguse Headline Loaded Races and WR Attempts

Plus Grant Fisher makes his post-Bowerman debut, Elle St. Pierre Jess Hull in the mile, Laura Muir Alicia MonsonNikki Hiltz in the 2-mile, & more. *MB: Offical 2024 Millrose Games Discussion Thread - Will the men's mile and 2-mile WRs fall?
February 01, 2024

Jakob Ingebrigtsen says Josh Kerr's "desperate attempt" at psychological warfare may look "silly at somepoint" as he knows he wins "98 out of 100 times" against Kerr and Wightman

Stavanger Aftenblad's Erlend Nesje went to Jakob's house to catch up with one of the sport's biggest stars who is on the comeback trail from injury. After finishing up an hour-long run, Jakob had some interesting comments to say about fame, Josh Kerr, and Jake Wightman. *MB:  Jakob Ingebrigtsen on Wightman / Kerr: "I know that I win 98 out of 100 times against them."

December 19, 2023

Jake Wightman Won't Run 2024 World Indoors in Glasgow; Josh Kerr Still Deciding

Wightman's coach (and father) Geoff tells LRC that Jake will not compete at World Indoors while Kerr's coach Danny Mackey explains why the world champ is considering skipping World Indoors. Plus World Athletics president Seb Coe weighs in.
December 10, 2023

Shots Fired: Josh Kerr Takes Aim at Ingebrigtsen's "Major Weaknesses", Tactics, "Yes-Men"

Let the countdown to the Olympic 1500m final begin. It's only 240 days way. On a recent podcast, Kerr seemed to relish the fact he had the opportunity to point out that Ingebrigtsen has some flaws by saying "He doesn't win a lot of non-paced races. I would love for him to be listening to this."
September 10, 2023

Josh Kerr and Jemma Reekie Deliver Third Straight Scottish Sweep at 5th Avenue Mile

World Champion Josh Kerr dominated the end of the men's race and Jemma Reekie got her 2nd win.
August 30, 2023

Josh Kerr Responds to Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Noah Lyles Responds to NBAers, & Mondo vs Warholm at 100m?

Jonathan Gault has the highlights from an entertaining pre-race press conference for the Weltklasse Zurich featuring a bunch of newly-crowned world champions.
August 30, 2023

Thursday's Track Meet in Zurich Looks Incredible - 2023 Weltklasse Preview

We hope you are recovered from Worlds as an incredible Weltklasse meet takes place on Thursday. It features Sha'Carri Richardson, Shericka Jackson, Noah Lyles, a 1500 with everyone not named Jakob Ingebrigtsen and a 5000 with Lamecha Girma and Grant Fisher.
August 23, 2023

Josh Kerr Follows His Instincts to Incredible Upset in 1500m at 2023 World Championships

For the second year in a row, a runner from Edinburgh AC upset Jakob Ingebrigtsen in the world final as Kerr replicated Jake Wightman's race from a year ago to take gold.
July 10, 2023

WTW: A WET & Wild British Champs, New Stars Emerge In Kenya, A Competitor Hops In A Vehicle And Wins Badwater & Oregon's Future Looks Bright?

There was a ton of great action last week outside of the US champs and we break it down for you. Plus is Oregon's future actually bright?
February 11, 2023

What Impressed Us Most at Millrose: 9 Notable Moments Including Alicia Monson's American Record at 3000

Josh Kerr had a big run and Chase Ealey a big throw, but when this was all over we were wondering, "Is the OAC the top group in America?"
December 20, 2022

WTW: Max Siegel Is a HYPOCRITE, Francine Niyonsaba Is Back and $86K For a 2:25

How Max Siegel and USATF handled Chattanooga's Olympic Marathon Trails bid is far different than how they handled giving out a "six-figure, no-bid contracts to Indianapolis marketing firm Matchbook Creative, a marketing firm that previously billed itself as 'a Max Siegel company.'"

March 02, 2022

WTW: Sub-4 Isn't What It Used To Be, The SEC Meet Was Incredible (As Usual), Josh Kerr 3:48 And Yared Nuguse Comes Up Short

We take a look back at the NCAA conference meets from last week and wonder if Donavan Brazier would have even made the final at SECs. We also give out some praise to Josh Kerr and Yalemzerf Yehualaw.
August 07, 2021

Ingebrigtsen Dethrones Cheruiyot in Olympic Record 3:28.32 to Win 1500 Gold

Jakob Ingebrigtsen took down Timothy Cheruiyot for the first time on the biggest stage.