Jos Hermens

Jos Hermens

April 07, 2022

Jos Hermens: Kenenisa Bekele Has Recovered From An Injury While Training For Boston But Didn't Have "Enough Time" To Do Well

Bekele's camp has revealed that the soon to be 40-year old isn't done. "[For his] next race after New York, he wants to be top [fitness] and show something special!"
August 17, 2020

25 Years Later: A Look Back At One of the Greatest Nights in Distance Running History

At the 1995 Weltklasse Zürich meet, Moses Kiptanui became the first man under 8:00 in the steeplechase and Haile Gebrselassie took over 10 seconds off the 5,000m world record.  It was the Golden Age of one of Europe's finest meets. A quarter century later, those who were there reflect on the famous night.
August 10, 2020

Now That Kipchoge vs Bekele Is Set, The Question Is - Are They In Shape?

How have the greatest marathoner and greatest distance runner in history been training during the pandemic? Where is their fitness two months before London? Superagent Jos Hermens gives us the inside scoop.
July 09, 2020

RRW: Sondre Moen To Attack The European One-Hour Record On Friday

Jos Hermens' record of 20,944m from 1976 is the second-oldest European record on the books. Moen came close to it when he broke the European 25k record last month (he ran 20,703m in an hour, about half a lap short of the record record).
October 22, 2018

Jos Hermens Rips (and Praises) Kenenisa Bekele After Amsterdam Marathon Disappointment

It's rare for an agent to speak honestly about an athlete but Jos Hermens didn't hold back in sharing his thoughts about the greatest distance runner in history, Kenenisa Bekele, after Amsterdam. "It all comes down to preparation. He has just as much talent as Kipchoge, but while Kipchoge will prepare for six months before a marathon, Bekele only started 7 weeks ago. That just can’t work...It’s extremely frustrating.... I think he has some kind of dyslexia, an inability to plan...It’s really hard with him."
October 02, 2017

Kenenisa Bekele “dismayed” by Jos Hermens’ comments about his professionalism after Berlin Marathon, vows to break world record

Bekele is confident that the best is yet to come for him at the 26.2 mile distance. “I definitely will break it before my retirement. For all the skeptics, I will show them with my hard work,” Bekele said, waving his hands with confidence. “I want to seize my future. And I don’t want anyone to get into my way of proving myself.”
September 26, 2017

Jos Hermens: Kenenisa Bekele Must Become More 'Professional' If He Is To Realize Marathon Potential

Agent Jos Hermens thinks Kenenisa Bekele is capable of much more in the marathon if he focuses on running and not his business empire. "Eight marathons, two wins, that’s not Kenenisa Bekele....What do you want to be, businessman or professional runner?"
January 17, 2017

Kenenisa Bekele vs. the World Record: Will Kenenisa Bekele Become The First Man In History To Hold The 5,000, 10,000 and Marathon World Records at the Same Time on Friday?

Distance fans, it's time to get excited. Jos Hermens reveals that Kenenisa Bekele is healthy and going for the world record on Friday in Dubai. Bekele has his sights firmly set on Dennis Kimetto's 2:02:57 WR and plans to go out faster than any man in history. Will the weather cooperate?
March 09, 2016

WTW: Meet Germany's Teen Phenom, How Not To Run A Marathon, The End Of The Diamond League In New York, And Praise For Doper Maria Sharapova

We introduce you a German teen sensation and try to figure out if she's most like Cain, EfraimsonHasay and Ostrander, prove to you that it's a real bad idea to just go for it in a race, talk about the end of NY Diamond League, and do something we almost never do - praise a doper.
January 22, 2015

Organizer Preview: Jos Hermens Says Bekele Is In Best Marathon Shape Of Life, 2:04-Low Would Be A Good Result

CR holderAselefech Mergia leads the women’s entries.

October 10, 2014

Kenenisa Bekele on the 2 Hour Marathon: "A human being can not go that (fast)"

Kenenisa Bekele, the worlds most credentialed distance runner, says we'll see a 2 hour marathon, "if the scientists create different human beings." His agent Jos Hermens is much more optimistic.

January 31, 2014

Running Legend Craig Virgin Calls For More Transparency Revealing The Medications And Supplements Athletes Are On: "In Sight It Must Be Right"

Two-time World Cross-Country champion Craig Virgin generated some heated debate when he took to his Facebook page after Galen Rupp's American two-mile record run and said among other things, "What is Galen taking or doing ... that is giving him such amazing recuperative/restorative powers?" Virgin called for more transparency in the legal supplements/medications athletes may be taking. LRC spoke with Virgin on his comments and with Galen Rupp's agent Ricky Simms about Virgin's comments and the calls for more transparency. Plus, Simms tells LRC Mo Farah has never been on thyroid medication.
*MB: Craig Virgin and Fam have interesting comments on Rupp and NOP