Press Release Confirming Haile Gebrselassie’s Retirement

May 10, 2015

Earlier today we reported the news that Haile Gebrselassie announced his retirement from competitive running after today’s the Great Manchester Run.

Later, Haile’s agent Jos Hermens told Gene Cherry or Reuters, “No, he’s not retiring; he will be in Glasgow in October. He’ll probably never retire,” which confused a bunch of people.

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To confuse people even more, then Hermen’s agency released the press release below saying Gebrselassie is retiring.

What we think happened is Haile retired from competitive running, but Hermens was just trying to say that Gebrselassie will still show up and run events like the Great Scottish Run in October where we assume he is getting paid to show up, but he’ll no longer be competing for the win as a competitive runner. Geb may even run 30 minutes like he did today, but in his mind, his career as a competitive runner is over.

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