Bob Hersh

Bob Hersh

January 18, 2023

Bob Hersh - announcer for 6 Olympics and 9 World Championships - has died at 82

The long-standing member of the World Athletics Council got involved in the sport as a manager of his HS team and then repeated that role at Columbia. As a result, he says the greatest race he ever saw was Columbia's 4 x 800 win in 2007. *WA Tribute *MB: RIP Bob Hersh - Announcer at 6 Olympics games & big USATF/WA guy dies at 82
March 18, 2015

Jenkins Vs. Cheserek, Jenkins Vs. Rupp And Solinsky, The Worst Cross-Country Coach In America, Ryan Hall, Ryan Gregson, Andrew Wheating And More

We take one more look at Jenkins vs. Cheserek and our first at Jenkins vs. Rupp and Solinsky and Leah O'Connor vs. Simpson and Coburn. Plus a look at the worst cross-country coach in America, whether Ryan Hall went out too fast, and Ryan Gregson and Andrew Wheating.

March 06, 2015

Editorial: "The System Didn't Work" - USATF Board Should Do The Right Thing And Reverse The Stephanie Hightower Decision Next Week

Next week, the USATF Board has the opportunity to do the right thing and honor the wishes of 85% of USATF delegates and nominate Bob Hersh to the IAAF Council. The track and field community that the Board is supposed to serve could not have made it more clear - Bob Hersh, not Stephanie Hightower, should be the USA nominee to the IAAF Council.

February 11, 2015

USATF Activist Becca Gillespy Peter Responds To Latest USATF Memo On IAAF Council Controversy

Peter has harsh criticisms of Stephanie Hightower, citing a time when she broke rules to kick people out of an AAC meeting. She praises Bob Hersh and says he played a role in getting the DMR added to the 2015 World Relay Championships.

February 09, 2015

USATF Board Of Directors Releases Detailed Statement Explaining Decision To Nominate Stephanie Hightower For IAAF Council Over Bob Hersh

Many have poken out after the USATF board of directors rejected the 85% membership vote which chose Hersh for IAAF Council and instead chose Hightower. The board states, "We fully understood that our choice of Stephanie Hightower would not be popular among the delegates who voted for Mr. Hersh. We fully understood that our selection was in direct conflict with the recommendation, and that some people would be (and are) very upset by the fact that we didn’t simply accept the recommendation. But we also fully understood that our function was to select the best – and not necessarily the most popular – candidate based on everything we know."

December 12, 2014

WTW: Double Wins for Bill Aris, Sarah Disanza Rocks It, Jeff Eggleston Goes for It, Paula Radcliffe Improves and More

We recap the week that was and talk about Sarah Disanza rocking it, Jeff Eggleston going for it, Paula Radcliffe improving, Patrick Makau returning and investigate whether Bill Aris is the greatest high school coach ever? 

December 10, 2014

USATF Board Of Directors Responds To Extreme Backlash For Rejecting Membership IAAF Council Vote

Many spoke out after the USATF board of directors rejected the 85% membership vote which chose Bob Hersh for IAAF Council and instead chose Stephanie Hightower.
*MB: USATF BS Letter to its Members

December 06, 2014

Lauren Fleshman And David Torrence Irate On Twitter Over Bob Hersh / Stephanie Hightower USATF Election

They had some choice words for the USATF board of directors as well as Hightower.