Post-Nuptial Shutoff T-Shirts Now On Sale

The shirts are on sale for this week only and are priced at $18 as 18 is amount of sex a married couple can expect to have in a year after one year of marriage

In recent years, one of the better developments at has been the unveiling of our super soft t-shirts. We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the t-shirt lineup.

The Post-Nuptial Shutoff shirt owes its origins to a 2007 messageboard thread that instantly became a 71-page LRC classic: Post-nuptial shutoff?

front of shirt
back of shirt

Two years ago, the Burrito Track Club t-shirt that was unveiled on April 1 became an instant classic and this shirt has even greater potential as it’s bound to be a bachelor party classic. Act now as the Post-Nuptial Shutoff T-Shirt is being sold for just $18 during this week only. Why 18? Because 18 is the average amount of times that a married couple can expect to have sex per year* after one year of marriage.

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In case you aren’t familiar with the post-nuptial shutoff thread, the first post in the thread gives you a perfect idea of what the thread is all about. An anonymous poster using the name “need data” wrote, “Married guys: how long after the ceremony did it take for your wives to start shutting you off?”

What’s not widely known about the thread is that in addition to it becoming an LRC classic, it’s also had a huge impact on US society. Researchers have recently determined that it has resulted in a massive decline in marriage rates in the US.

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In 2007, a LetsRun visitor who works at the US Census Bureau saw the thread and decided to start tracking the marriage rate in the US moving forward. Researchers at Bowling Green have recently determined that US marriage rates have declined by a whopping 20.1% from 2008 to 2021.

“The impact that the internet and the LetsRun forum have had on American society can not be overstated. Prior to the LetsRun forum, runners had no way of knowing how to train properly and running times in the US sucked as a result. Once the knowledge got out there, people quickly corrected their errors and started kicking ass,” said the lead Bowling Green researcher. “A similar thing has happened with marriage rates. Prior to the LRC forum, the average guy who was contemplating marriage had no idea that he was about to be almost totally cut-off from sex. You think women broadcast that fact while dating? But once the truth got out there on the LRC forum, men quickly changed their behavior and started getting married at a much lower rate.

“As one guy who called off his engagement said to me, ‘You know the old sexist saying, ‘Why buy the cow if the milk is free?’ Well I’ve now updated it for the 21st century: Why buy the cow if you know there’s not going to be any milk?”

The Bowling Green researcher said they have applied for federal stimulus funds to try to improve the sex lives of Americans.

“We carefully read the stimulus bill and it didn’t stipulate that the money had to be spent only on things that stimulate the economy. We want to stimulate people’s sex lives. Our goal is to increase the married couple sex rate by 33% from 1.5 times per month to 2 times per month. And we are optimistic. Double threshold training has taken off worldwide in running so hopefully the double horizontal shuffle does so as well.”

Act now to get the limited edition Post-Nuptial Shutoff T-Shirt today for just $18. They will be available only for our Supporters Club members after this week so the price will be $100.

Talk about the shirt on our messageboard: MB: We have a new t-shirt in the LRC store. Get your Post-Nuptial Tshirt for just $18 this week only!!

*Editor’s note: We know many unmarried guys will think we made a typo and meant to write per month instead of per year as their girlfriends are very frisky during the dating phase, but that’s not a typo.

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