2022 Boston Marathon Weather: Near-Perfect Marathon Conditions Forecast For 1st Spring Boston Since 2019

by Robert Johnson
April 12, 2022

April 17th update- The race is less than 12 hours away and the weather forecast is still really good for race day.

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It is supposed to be 43 degrees at 9 am in Hopkington with 4 mph winds. The only bad news is the wind should e from the north so any chance of a slight tailwind looks to be gone (course runs west to east).

Original article below:

The 2022 Boston Marathon – the first spring Boston Marathon in more than three years (April 15, 2019 was the last spring Boston) – will take place in less than a week as the pro men will take off at 9:37 am ET on Monday, April 18th.

And with Boston, the big question is almost always, “What is the weather going to be like?”

The answer – it looks like it’s going to be a near-perfect day to run a marathon. The temperature looks ideal – between 44 and 50 degrees for the duration of the race for the pros. And it will be dry as there is a zero percent chance of rain according to DarkSky. Plus there will be hardly any wind (5-7 mph) and the wind that is happening will either be a cross wind, coming from the NW, or a a tail wind, coming from the West, as the Boston course runs from West to the East with a slight Northerly component.

Oh, and it’s expected to be nearly 100% overcast (91% to 100%) so the sun won’t be a factor. And did I forget to mention the humidity will be super low (35%, dew point of 20).

Except for the fact there won’t be a massive tailwind, the weather looks to be a little bit better than the weather was in 2011 when the crazy fast men’s course record was run as the temperature will be a little bit less than 2011, it will be less humid and the sun won’t be out.

Have fun out there.

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Boston course map. Photo via Marathonguide.com

Predicted temp (Elite men start at 9:37 am, women at 9:45, wave 1 at 10)

Predicted wind

Predicted humidity

Predicted dew point

Predicted cloud cover

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