Results From 2016 KBC Night of Athletics In Heusden, Belgium

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July 17, 2016

Results from the 2016 KBC Night of Athletics in Heusden, Belgium are below. Select men’s distance highlights include Ayanleh Souleiman winning in the 1500 in 3:31.68 with Ryan Hill 7th in a PB of 3:35.38, Albert Rop dominating the 5K in 13:09.98, and Kenya’s Timothy Kitum taking the 800 in 1:45.43 with US’s Harun Abda 3rd (1:46.16) and Olympic Trials 3rd placer Charles Jock back in 10th (1:48.23).

On the women’s side, UAE’s Betlhem Desalegn won the 1500 in 4:05.86 as Americans Cory McGee and Rachel Schneider were 6th and 7th (4:07.34 and 4:07.84). Former USA runner (now representing Jamaica) Aisha Praught was 9th (4:11.57). Poland’s Plis Renata won the 5,000 (15:23.19) as Lauren Paquette was 4th (15:28.40).

*MB: Ryan Hill runs 3:35 in Hesuden

TimeEvent namePhaseCatM/W# Partic# HeatsStatusTime
18:451500m Men BSenM121Checked18:56
18:55800m Men BSenM81Checked19:03
19:03800m WomenSenW91Checked19:09
19:15100m Hurdles WomenSenW81Checked19:17
19:23200m Men NationalSenM81Checked19:26
19:31200m Women NationalSenW71Checked19:37
19:393000m steeple MenSenM131Checked19:54
19:59110m Hurdles MenSenM71Checked20:03
20:00High Jump WomenSenW71Checked21:16
20:081500m WomenSenW151Checked20:19
20:15Long Jump MenSenM91Checked21:22
20:181500m MenSenM181Checked20:27
20:30400m MenSenM71Checked20:32
20:405000m WomenSenW111Checked20:57
21:06400m Hurdles WomenSenW71Checked21:10
21:15800m MenSenM121Checked21:21
21:255000m Men ASenM151Checked21:48
21:455000m Men BSenM151Checked22:03

Night Program

TimeEvent namePhaseCatM/W# Partic# HeatsStatusTime
22:055000m Men CSenM211Checked22:26
22:255000m Men DSenM181Checked22:43
22:455000m Men ESenM191Checked23:01
23:055000m Men FSenM191Checked23:19

Pre Program

TimeEvent namePhaseCatM/W# Partic# HeatsStatusTime
14:00100m Women Nat HeatsSenW81Checked14:03
14:12100m Men Nat heatsSenM162Checked14:19
14:251500m Women Nat heatsSenW252Checked14:42
14:491500m Men Nat heatsSenM383Checked15:10
15:30800m Women Nat heatsSenW384Checked15:50
15:50800m Men Nat heatsSenM525Checked16:13
16:20800m Sch MenSchM202Checked16:27
16:30800m Sch WomenSchW131Checked16:32
16:35800m Sch MenSchM91Checked16:38
16:45800m Sch WomenSchW91Checked16:47
16:50800m Cad MenCadM212Checked17:00
17:00800m Cad WomenCadW141Checked17:06
17:10800m Cad MenCadM121Checked17:13
17:15800m Cad WomenCadW141Checked17:20
17:221000m Min MenMinM262Checked17:33
17:341000m Min WomenMinW191Checked17:40
17:401000m Min MenMinM151Checked17:46
17:461000m Min WomenMinW181Checked17:52
17:521000m Pup MenPupM302Checked18:02
18:041000m Pup WomenPupW141Checked18:10
18:101000m Pup MenPupM81Checked18:14
18:161000m Pup WomenPupW61Checked18:20
18:22600m Ben MenBenM212Checked18:31
18:30Triple Jump WomenSenW71Checked19:19
18:34600m Ben WomenBenW101Checked18:36