LetsRun.com’s Top 10 Video Interviews From The 2015 USATF Outdoor Nationals

by: LetsRun.com
July 2, 2015

We conducted over 120 post-race interviews at the 2015 USATF Outdoor Nationals which you can watch on youtube if you are a total track and field nerd with no family commitments. But if you don’t have hours to spend, you are in luck as below we list our ten favorites.

We like it when athletes speak honestly and say something interesting which you’ll definitely see below.

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1) Kara Goucher on NOP Investigation and Alberto Salazar

This one is juicy to say the least and there is a reason the British press has been embedding it. It’s got Kara standing up publicly and calling out Alberto Salazar. The NOP doping investigation was the big subplot at USA nationals and Kara’s interview shows it is not going away anytime soon. Kara’s interview was so important it got its own article.

(We’ve got it set to start at doping part):

2) Bernard Lagat Tears Up For His Kids as Father Times Catches Up With Him: “I wanted to win it for them”

We thought we’d seen it all from Lagat over the years but we hadn’t seen this, Lagat tearing up after thinking about his kids after a question from LRC’s Jonathan Gault about not making worlds for the first time in ten years. Very touching and human.

3) Matt Centrowitz on Dominating 1500 and NOP

Centrowitz absolutely dominated the men’s 1500m final and he talks about how that was the goal. It’s refreshing to hear a track athlete say he just didn’t want to win, he wanted to dominate. Plus, Centro answers all the doping investigation questions with no trepidation and talks about his belief in his team. Centro’s interview was so good it got its own article.

4) Duane Solomon Talks About Going to the Twiglight Zone

After the 800 semis, Solomon said he was going to take the 800m final out sub 50 and try and go to a place only Nick Symmonds had been too, the Twiglight Zone.

Two days later, he did exactlyl that but it ended terribly for Solomon as he tied up and fell on the track 50 meters from the finish, but we applaud the gusto. (If you want to see Duane’s interview after the final click here)

5) Nick Symmonds Speaks What He Believes

If you haven’t detected a pattern, you can see we like it when athletes speak what they believe and don’t couch what they are saying. After the 800 semis, Nick spoke out about the Nike Oregon Project investigation, said he believes it is good for the sport, and at the same time said he was impressed with Alberto’s response, and that he would owe Alberto an apology if more evidence did not come out. After 800 final, Nick gave another good interview, saying he doesn’t like being a sit and kicker but it is what he has to do to win.

6) Lauren Johnson Arrives on the World Stage – Stars Aren’t Made Overnight

Lauren Johnson made the US 1500m team as a big surprise. She was obviously pleased, and the interview below talks about some of the struggles she over came to get on Team USA including the death of her cousin in May. The road to the top is not easy.

7) Emily Infeld Makes Team USA

One of the most exciting parts of covering a USA meet is talking with athletes who make their first USA team. Watch the interview below. You don’t think Emily Infeld is excited to be on her first USA team do you? She acts how most of us would act if we made Team USA- ecstatic.

8) Dan Huling Talks Honestly About His Allergies

Huling admitted to LRC he is on an asthma inhaler and he has mixed emotions about it because of the NOP investigation. We appreciate the honesty and being willing to talk about a sensitive subject.

9) Ben Blankenship Comes and Addresses the Media Like a Man

After missing Team USA by .02, Blankenship hopped the fence and avoided the media on Saturday. He atoned for his mistake by coming on his own on Sunday to talk to the media. We’re all human and make mistakes. LRC can’t stand it when athletes skip out on their obligation to talk to the media (Mary Cain after 1500m final).

10) Shameless Plugs – Kara Goucher And Nick Symmonds Thank LRC

If we led with Kara we can end with Kara. She “especially” wanted to thank LRC for focusing on the doping investigation in the interview below. Nick Symmonds also thanked LRC for asking the tough questions and says the investigation is healthy for the sport. We don’t like focusing on the negative side of the sport, but have to do it because we believe in clean sport. So when we get a little praise from athletes we like it and thus they make our top 10.

(Nick saying investigation is healthy for sport. His thank you gets cut off but he applauded us for our questions in the middle as well)