After fall in Lausanne, Caleb Ndiku has to go to hospital, receives 3 staples and will miss some training, still hoping to race in Monaco

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July 10, 2015

We have an update on the aftermath of the fall in the men’s 5000 involving Caleb Ndiku. Coach Renato Canova posted the following on the messageboard late last night:

Caleb Ndiku went to the hospital after the race. He was spiked on his left foot in several points, and needed a medication and 3 Staples near the first finger.

Now he has to stop training for some day, of sure till Tuesday. Maybe can run 3000m in Monaco, if next Tuesday is able to put his foot in the shoe.

Fortunately he has already a wild card for WCh, as winner of DL 2014, and doesn’t need to qualify in Kenyan trials (where, if he’s ok, can ask to run 1500m for increasing his speed).

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Thomas Longosiwa got injury the previous day (Wed), doing some sprint in front of the Hotel, and it’s not sure can run Kenyan Trials.

In terms of other late night / early morning news, totally unrelated, but on a positive front, it looks like Usain Bolt will be returning to racing this summer.


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