Pac 12 Network, World’s Biggest Track Fan Fall For April Fool’s Day Hoax

April 2, 2015

Well our annual April Fool’s day edition (link fixed) was a hit once again.

In year’s past, the Examiner has fallen for it and we’ve been so successful that we’ve been threatened with a lawsuit. This year, the main fallout was the media on the West Coast totally fell for our article on Jenkins and Cheserek skipping NCAAs to run the Pre Classic hook, line and sinker. This video from the PAC 12 Network pretty much sums up how successful everything was (watch in full screen and check out the scrolling ticker at the bottom):

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The University Of Oregon student paper also thought our article on Jenkins/Cheserek skipping NCAAs was true.The author, to his credit, admitted to his mistake with good humor on Twitter.

But we guess we can’t be to critical of those people falling for our hoax. Even one of the biggest track and field fans in the world fell for it. Check out this email we got from a Eugene resident:

Mr. Johnsons:

I’ve lived in Eugene the past 15 years. moving from Los Angeles so I could live my passion of viewing track and field, a sport that I fell in love with some 55 years ago when I was in high school.  I’m a die hard Oregon fan.  Well, you got me hook, line and sinker on that article regarding Cheserek and Jenkins skipping the NCAA’s.  I was about to call and cancel myseason tickets.  I contacted Ken Goe and he gave me a “heads up.”  Great job!  Keep up the great work; I read your site every day, at least once.

To be honest, it makes sense why so many people fell for the article. It’s actually believable that it could happen. One of track’s biggest problems is that that every single meet is technically optional save the Olympic/World Championship Trials and World Championships. Athletes run what they think is important.

Normally NCAA athletes view NCAA action as mandatory but not always. Case in point, NCAA xc champ Kate Avery just skipped NCAAs last month.

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