Surprising! But Great For The Fans

LRCOregon Announces Edward Cheserek & Eric Jenkins Will Skip Outdoor NCAAs; Will Run 5,000-Meter Match Race At Prefontaine Classic Instead

The move is somewhat controversial, but the Oregon stars had to decide between the Pre meet or NCAA regionals. For once, someone in the sport is listening to the what the fans want.

#The State Of Running Journalism

LRCEmployee 1.1 Admits To Living Large Off Of Payoffs From Nike To Not Report Negative Stories

He said he took the model of Runners World and Flotrack to another level. This explains how he can afford to live or get married off of what he gets paid by the Brojos. He even details some of the stories he helped cover up.

The Wait Is Over

LRCFeel Good About Yourself Again: 26.2 Stickers With Your Finishing Time Are Here

No longer do you have to feel equal to your neighbor who slogged out a marathon in over 5 hours. The 26.2 stickers with your time are finally here. Get your "Sub 3:00" sticker today.

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Bye Bye Mile, Hello 1,500

BBTM USATF Bans Mile Races From Being Run In America USATF and Stephanie Hightower have once again ignored popular sentiment and shown they know best. From now on, only the 1,500 can be run as it’s appeals to a more diverse crowd as it’s run all over the globe.
*LRC Analysis – Two Quick Thoughts: “The move to ban the mile announced by USATF today is actually a logical outcome of USATF’s recent shift in direction. The mile is an old event originated by white men. As Bob Hersh can attest, old and white and male has no place in USATF moving forward.”


LRCEthiopia's 800m World Champion Mo Aman To Become A US Citizen

Earlier in the year, Aman joined the OTC, but that was just a precursor to getting his citizenship and representing team USA at Rio 2016.

Track Getting Some Mainstream Coverage

LRCProducers Of HBO Documentary "The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst" Ink Deal To Do Documentary On Alberto Salazar

Will it end with Olympic gold in Rio for Rupp? Or Salazar in the bathroom searching for a bottle of Viagra confessing?

 LRC Announcement 

You Will Have To Confirm Your Identity To Post On LRC Starting April 15th

New LRC co-owner Sally Bergesen and the Brojos explain the decision that will lead to a better LRC.

A Look Back – Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction – April 2014

Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction