2014 Portland Track Festival: The King Returns, Andrew Wheating Wins and Says He’s Back, Jordan Hasay Gets Double Wins, and Andy Bayer is a Steepler

by: LetsRun.com
June 16, 2014

The king is back in his castle.

After taking a detour to the roads for the Virgin London Marathon, Mo Farah, the world’s greatest long distance track runner, returned to the track Sunday night in the 5000m at the Portland Track Festival and the result was a scorching last lap (we had Mo unofficially in 52.6 (25.5 from 4600-4800 for Mo, 27.1 the final 200m)) and easy victory in 13:23.42.

“It’s a different feeling. I’ve been away so long. It was good to be back on the track. I’m glad I started off with a low key race,” Mo said.

The Race
The Portland Track Classic takes placed in an intimate setting at Lewis and Clark College. In addition to the fans in the stands, there were fans and athletes standing on the infield cheering on the runners.  Galen Rupp was on hand to watch his training partner from the infield. Matt Centrowitz, Alan Webb, Will Leer, Chris Solinsky, and Vin Lananna were all on the infield as well.

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Make no doubt about it, the star of the night was Mo Farah and the buzz increased when he took the track.

Mo Farah swarmed for autographs after the meet Mo Farah swarmed for autographs after the meet

The first 1600 was covered in 4:22.2 and Mo hung behind Aussie David McNeil who was racing the race, and serving as a de facto rabbit. Just before the half way point, Farah took over the lead, but he did not do anything drastic to the pace. 3200 was reached in 8:41.6. Over the final mile there was a pack of five contending of the win, Farah and McNeill, and Aron Rono of WCAP, and Joe Stilin and Tyler Pennel of Zap fitness. Farah gave up the lead to Pennel during the final mile, but was always right on the lead. A 64 second penultimate lap made it a two man race between Farah and former NCAA champ McNeil.

Farah pounced at the bell. He hit the afterburners and flew around the turn. The race was immediately over. Farah covered the next 200 in 25.5 on our watch. Farah kept sprinting around the final bend, not being content to just win. He was pouring it on in impressive faction. He slowed a little to  27.1 the next 200m to get the win in 13:23.42. McNeil was a clear second in 13:28.13 and Rono third in 13:35.80.

The night was Farah’s. Young fans surrounding him on the infield, having him sign whatever they could including their shirts. Farah was gracious as he signed for the fans. However, his night was not over as after a brief chat with the media, Mo still had a post-race workout to do.

Mo Farah Talks About Galen Rupp and the 10,000m World Record

After the race, Mo said he was not worried about how he would do in his track return as his workouts had gone well. He did not sound like a man who would return to the marathon soon, saying, “The marathon is completely different. In life you have to try as many things as you can.”

Up next for Mo is a 5000 at the Diamond League meet in Glasgow on July 12th, then a possible 5000-10,000 double at the Commonwealth Games (the 5k is first).

Without a major championship this year, Mo was asked if he would like to have a world record. He turned his attention to the 10,000 m world record and said he felt that one was more attainable . “It would be nice to get closer to the world record. Probably the one closest really, not too far away is probably the 10k, having seen Galen and what he can do. (He ran a) hell of a race (when he ran 26:44.36), he ran so well to go that fast and it gives you another belief that if we can work together maybe one day we can get closer to it.”

Then Mo was asked if he and Galen might target the record this year and Mo talked about Galen, “It depends. I definitely think Galen can go close, a lot faster than what he has run just with having rabbits all the way.”

Full interview with Farah below and then results. (A big thanks to LRC poster nikeman for the video below. Wejo’s battery died right as Farah started talking)

  1 Farah, Mo                    Nike Oregon Project   13:23.42A
  2 McNeill, David               New Balance           13:28.13A
  3 Rono, Aron                   Wcap                  13:35.80 
  4 Stilin, Joseph               Zap Fitness           13:36.21 
  5 Keveren, Sean                Ragged Mount          13:39.26 
  6 Quigley, Daniel              Oregon Track Club     13:41.37 
  7 Pennel, Tyler                Zap Fitness           13:41.56 
  8 Peterson, Jonathan           Team Usa Mn/Brooks    13:42.65 
  9 Bruchet, Luc                 Point Grey Tfc        13:45.66 
 10 Fernandez, German            Nbsv                  13:47.08 
 11 Finan, Eric                  Team Usa Minneso      13:47.83 
 12 Dahlberg, Scott              BoulderRunCo/adidas   13:56.94 
 13 Kwiatkowski, Chris           Pacers New Balance    13:58.67 
 14 Reid, Phillip                Asics Aggie           13:59.02 
 15 Britt, Barry                 Vandal Track Club     14:01.38 
 16 Puskedra, Luke               Nike Oregon Project   14:01.48 
 17 Zarda, Zach                  Unattached            14:13.05 
 18 Halsted, Trevor              Unattached            14:21.59 
 19 Gildea, Sean                 Colorado Sch          14:34.39 
 -- Smail, Nouredine             American Dis               DNF

Other Highlights: Andrew Wheating is Back!, Jordan Hasay Double Wins, Cas Loxsom, Kate Grace Win

Andrew Wheating Wins and Says He’s Back In the men’s 1500m, Andrew Wheating also returned to the track for the first time in 2014 and got an impressive victory in 3:38.53 with a strong final 100m.  Wheating had run aggressively early on with the rabbit, then let the field catch up to him by the bell, and then blasted the final 100m once challenged by Kentucky’s Matt Hellenbrand. Perhaps more importantly afterwards an exuberant Wheating said, “I’m back, baby. I’ve been waiting three freaking years to say that. I’ve been running too many races unsure of myself and unconfident. Rowland has transformed me into a monster and I can  not wait to see what becomes of it.” Wheating went on to say how the American record may not be out of reach for him even though he only ran 3:38 today.

Full interview with Wheating below:

  1 Wheating, Andrew             Nike Otc Elite         3:38.53R   
  2 Hillenbrand, Matt            University of Ke       3:39.84R   
  3 Miner, Matt                  Unattached             3:40.62A   
  4 Masters, Riley               Brooks                 3:40.73A   
  5 Crawford, Graham             North Carolina St.     3:40.80A   
  6 Schmitz, Tommy               Speed Unlimited        3:40.96A   
  7 Herrera, Daniel              Unattached             3:41.07A   
  8 Alexander, Colby             Unattached             3:41.45A   
  9 Joseph, Patrick              Virginia Tech          3:43.70A   
 10 Vail, Ryan                   Brooks                 3:43.94A   
 11 Ferris, Dylan                Nbsv                   3:44.27A   
 12 Saunders, Philo              Unattached             3:46.27A   
 13 Maldonado, Matt              Oregon Track Club      3:52.86A   
Splits 57.1, 58.9 (1:56.0), 2:40.58, 2:55.84


Jordan Hasay Wins Portland 1500 Jordan Hasay Wins Portland 1500

Jordan Hasay Closes Well to Win 1500  Jordan Hasay ran a strong final 300m to win the 1500m over Angela Bizarri. This race went out in 65.8, then slowed to 68.3, (2:14.1) and was 3:06.7 at the bell. Hasay hit the afterburners with 300m to go, and showed a strong finish for the first time this year, which was what she wanted to work on. She is aware she has a long way to go with finishing speed noting that Aregawi closes in 57 seconds. Up next is the 10,000m at Nationals. However, before that Jordan had to run the 5000m as a workout (see that next).

  1 Hasay, Jordan                Nike Oregon Project    4:11.23A   
  2 Bizzarri, Angela             Brooks Beast           4:11.63A   
  3 Kesselring, Anne             Oregon Track Club      4:12.02A   
  4 Mergaert, Amanda             Oiselle                4:12.83A   
  5 Morton, Shannon              Virginia Tech          4:13.29A   
  6 Coogan, Katrina              Georgetown             4:14.35A   
  7 Legg, Kristy                 Unattached             4:14.95A   
  8 Holt, Hillary                College of Idaho       4:14.98A   
  9 Rodgers, Christina           Spirit of Oregon       4:15.82A   
 10 Schneider, Rachel            Georgetown             4:16.85A   
 11 Friday, Becca                Rogue Ac/ Adidas       4:17.12A   
 12 Findley, Kristen             Rogue Ac/Adidas        4:17.17A   
 13 Carlyle, Laura               Oiselle                4:17.73A   
 14 Kanuho, Rochelle             Brc/Adidas             4:21.30A   
 15 Feldman, Greta               Nike Otc Elite         4:25.09A

Jordan Hasay Doubles Back and Wins 5000 With Faster Close Than in 1500

Jordan did more than just get in a workout in the women’s 5000m, she got the win with a faster last lap than in her 1500m. This one went out in 5:00, 12:37 for 4000, and at the bell Hasay led but former Oregon teammate Alexi Pappas was in contention a meter behind Jordan. It was no contest the final lap as Jordran ran 63.6 for the win in a new pb of 15:28.56 (previous pb of 15:29.63).

  1 Hasay, Jordan                Nike Oregon Project   15:28.56
  2 Pappas, Alexi                Oregon Track Club     15:34.23
  3 Drake, Lindsey               Bowerman TC           15:44.93
  4 Cliff, Rachel                Vancouver Th          15:48.14
  5 Peyton, Meghan               Saucony/Team          15:52.72
  6 Mollenkopf, Ingrid           Approved by           15:52.91
  7 Seccafien, Andrea            Speed River           15:53.44
  8 Crouch, Sarah                Zap Fitness           15:53.73
  9 Maier, Deborah               Brooks                15:55.09
 10 Behm, Mia                    Rogue Ac/Adidas       15:56.13
 11 Baillie, Renee Metivier      Mizuno                16:00.58
 12 goldring, katja              Skechers/Ang          16:03.23
 13 Kiser, Hannah                Unattached            16:06.88
 14 Dinius, Stephanie            Nbsv                  16:07.85
 15 Navarro, Anayelli            Corre A.C.            16:09.95
 16 Hutchison, Bradi             Unattached            16:15.85
 17 Rohde, Kristen               Bowerman TC           16:21.62
 18 Accurso, Juliane             Unattached            16:24.43
 19 Silis, Alejandra             Corre A.C.            16:43.08
 20 Sexton, Leslie               London Runne          16:48.82
 21 Del Toro, Rosa               SoCal Elite           16:51.52
 22 McLaughlin, Erin             Unattached            16:56.10
DSCN6845 Andy Bayer Steepler All Alone at the Finish

Andy Bayer the Steepler

Former NCAA 1500 champ Andy Bayer made his steeple debut in impressive fashion getting the win in 8:39.96 and a USATF qualifying time by .04. Bayer actually fell in this race on the second lap going over a hurdle, but his steeple coach Pascal Dobert afterwards said it was a freak steeple fall where Bayer just got clipped by another athlete, not anything that was Bayer’s fault. Bayer was excited to debut with the win and thinks his future is bright with 8:06 and 8:15 training partners Evan Jager and Dan Huling.

  1 Bayer, Andrew                Nike Bowerman Tr       8:39.96A
  2 Bor, Hillary                 Unattached             8:47.31 
  3 Kent, Justin                 Coastal Track Club     8:48.08 
  4 Romo, Jesus                  Nbsv                   8:48.34 
  5 Sorensen, Dylan              Georgetown             8:51.85 
  6 McGuirk, Alex                Chico State            8:55.71 
  7 Darrah, Max                  Georgetown             8:57.46 
  8 Endoqui, Christopher         Mexico                 8:58.45 
  9 Curtis, Tyler                Colorado Mines         8:59.91 
 10 Fahy, Darren                 Georgetown             9:04.45 
 11 Mulverhill, Chris            Unattached             9:10.07 
 12 Clifford, Deon               Florida A&M            9:14.77 
 13 Therrien, Cody               U. of Victoria         9:15.77 
 14 Mugrage, Kris                Unat-Everett CC        9:38.14

Bridget Franek Surprises Self With Win

Bridget Franek is an Olympian but she surprised herself getting the win over training partner Aisha Praught in the women’s steeple. Franek knows how fit Praught is, so the win was a surprise here for Franek who just wanted to get in a competitive performance before USAs in two weeks. Franek has been getting an MBA at the University of Oregon and it took up more of her time than she thought it would.

  1 Franek, Bridget              Nike Otc Elite         9:41.21R
  2 Praught, Aisha               Nike Otc Elite         9:42.76R
  3 Vaughn, Sara                 Brooks ID              9:48.94R
  4 Goldkamp, Mary               Rogue ac               9:54.94A
  5 Rolland, Megan               Oiselle                9:56.98 
  6 Finn, Michelle               Rogue Ac/Adidas        9:57.89 
  7 Mattox, Kimber               Team Run Eugene        9:58.26 
  8 Webb, Julia                  Bowerman Track Club   10:02.64 
  9 Hamric, Jordan               Oiselle               10:02.87 
 10 Potratz-Lee, Allix           Vandal Track Club     10:09.38 
 11 DeWalt, Kara                 Bay Area Track Club   10:09.41 
 12 Callahan, Maggie             Hts Elite             10:16.07 
 13 Neale, Amy-Eloise            Unattached            10:16.18 
 14 Textoris, jessica            Milestone Tr          10:37.64

Cas Loxsom Wins 8

Cas Loxsom, the former Penn State star, made a power move on the final turn and held it to the line to get the win over a fast close by Jordan McNamara. Cas wants to make the 800 final at USAs and see what happens. This was the first competitive 800 LRC could find for McNamara.

Section  1                                                         
  1 Loxsom, Casimir              Brooks Beasts          1:46.74A   
  2 McNamara, Jordan             Nike Otc Elite         1:47.16A   
  3 Kemboi, Edward               Unattached             1:47.33A   
  4 Martin, Ryan                 Asics                  1:47.46A   
  5 Abda, Harun                  Oregon Track Club      1:47.77    
  6 Wieczorek, Mark              Brooks                 1:47.77    
  7 Solares, Pablo               Imagining Mo           1:47.98    
  8 Eichberger, James            Unattached             1:48.19    
  9 Heath, Garrett               Brooks Beasts          1:49.10


Kate Grace and Her Tshirt Kate Grace and Her Tshirt (click for larger pic)

Kate Grace Wins 8 in a TShirt

Yale’s finest, Kate Grace, got the win in the 800 in a tshirt. The Oiselle athlete who relocated to Bend, Oregon this year from coach Gags’ group in New Jersey, had packed up her stuff for the trip to Portland from Bend and is going to Seattle afterwards, but she forgot her racing singlet. The goal was just to get in a competitive effort before USAs as Kate’s last race was the World Relays 4×1500.

Grace and Shannon Leinert of the Oregon Track Club were neck and neck at the finish with Gracy winning by .01. Grace said afterwards she thought Leinert had beaten her.

Section  1                                                         
  1 Grace, Kate                  Oiselle                2:02.00R   
  2 Leinert, Shannon             Oregon Track Club      2:02.01R   
  3 Johnson, Lauren              Nike Otc Elite         2:02.19R   
  4 Moore, Erica                 Brooks                 2:02.22R   
  5 Wright, Phoebe               Nike                   2:02.47R   
  6 Mackey, Katie                Brooks                 2:02.49R   
  7 Brown, Sarah                 New Balance            2:04.20    
  8 Keklak, Andrea               Georgetown             2:04.44    
  9 Southerland, Sabrina         Georgetown             2:06.23    

Full meet results here

Kate Grace and Bridget Franek interviews coming.

Alan Webb (center) was a hit with the high schoolers Alan Webb (center) was a hit with the high schoolers
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