Aman Wote CRUSHES the field and Nick Willis at Drake – Wins by 7+ seconds in 3:53.39

April 26, 2014

On a windy day at the 2014 Drake Relays, the competitors toeing the start line for the men’s mile assumed the race would be slow and tactical. Someone forgot to send the memo to Aman Wote of Ethiopia. The world indoor silver medallist this year was the only one to go with the rabbits. Wote himself barely stayed with them early but he had plenty left to victory as he cruised to a DOMINANT VICTORY IN 3:53.

How dominant? Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words for a reason.

The definition of domination

The definition of domination

Aman Wote in total control

Aman Wote in total control

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2008 Olympic silver medallist, Nick Willis, who initially crossed the line fourth at World Indoors this winter (later DQd), was best of the rest in 4:00.

*Race video here

Quick Thought #1: We imagine Wote wanted the large meet record bonus which was being offered for anyone breaking Alan Webb‘s 3:51.71 record. We know there was a bonus, but just can’t remember how much it was. If you know, post it in the messageboard below. Update: The bonus was $10,000.

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vent 410  Men 1 Mile Run Special
     Stadium: S 3:51.71  4/28/2007   Alan Webb, Nike           
      Relays: D 3:51.71  4/28/2007   Alan Webb, Nike           
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Aman Wote                    Unattached             3:53.39
  2 Nick Willis                  New Zealand            4:00.71
  3 Pat Casey                    Oregon TC              4:00.86
  4 Jordan McNamara              Unattached             4:03.06
  5 Dorian Ulrey                 Unattached             4:03.26
  6 Lee Emanuel                  Great Britain          4:03.38
  7 AJ Acosta                    USA                    4:03.44
  8 Ciaran O'Lionaird            Nike                   4:03.64
  9 Matt Elliott                 Brooks                 4:04.73
 10 Jeremy Rae                   Canada                 4:05.36
 11 Andy Bayer                   USA                    4:05.43
 12 Tyler Mulder                 USA                    4:07.73
 -- Daniel Stockberger           Unattached                 DNF
 -- Silas Kisorio                Kenya                      DNF
 -- Russell Brown                USA                        DNS