Galen Rupp Gets Back The American Indoor Two-Mile Record, Runs 8:07.41 In Boston

January 25, 2014

Two for two.

Galen Rupp‘s hot start to the 2014 indoor season continued as for the second time in eight days at Boston University he reclaimed an American indoor record that he used to hold. Tonight, Rupp got back the American 2-mile record he used to hold by running 8:07.41, beating the 8:09.49 that Bernard Lagat ran last year at Millrose. Last Thursday on the same Boston University track, Rupp reclaimed the 5,000 record by running 13:01.26 to beat Lopez Lomong‘s old American indoor 5,000 record of 13:07.00.

The rabbits in the race did a VERY good job on this one as Rupp was ahead of world record pace (Kenenisa Bekele 8:04.35) until the final 1,000. Former UVA runner Taylor Gilland took the field through the first mile in 4:01.6. Rupp was in 4th at this point and we had him at 4:02.0 as we had Rupp’s opening 400 meter splits, not yards as 59.7 –  60.6 (1:59.9)- 60.0 (2:59.8) – 60.2 (4:00.5). Add 1.4 for Rupp’s mile so 4:01.9, maybe 4:02 flat.

Then Kenyan Bethwel Birgen (3:30.77 1,500 PR) took over after Pat Casey led for only one lap from 1600 to 1800 (Once Birgen passed him, Casey dropped out). The pace actually picked up for a minute as the duo would run the fastest split of the night (29.4). Birgen led for a total of 800 meters as Rupp hit 2,000 in 5:00.1 (59.6) and 2,400 in 6:01.2 (61.1). Things were certainly getting tough for both Rupp and Birgen at this point. Birgen had one more lap in him but his final 200 from 2400 to 2600 was a 31.4 – the first lap of the night over 31.0. Rupp was all alone for the final three laps but considering it takes close to 3 seconds (2.83 at Rupp’s pace) to run the extra 18+ meters, it seemed as Kenenisa Bekele’s indoor world record of 8:04.35 was  slipping out of reach (Having gone back and looked at the tape, Rupp needed a 1:30.0 final 600 meters to get the WR).

A lap later , heading into the final 400 (31.3 – 7:03.9 for 2800m or 7:06.7 for 2818m),  it was clear there was no WR possibility, but Rupp dug deep and held on for the American record as Rupp closed in 60.9 (31.0, 29.9).

Quick Take #1: Today’s record run for Rupp was pretty much exactly what we expected. Prior to the race, we had coaching/stat guru John Kellogg convert Rupp’s indoor 3,000 PR (7:30.16) and indoor 5,000 PR (13:01.26) to 2 miles. Here is what he came up with:

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7:30.16 3k = 8:06.23 2M

13:01.26 5k = 8:08.00 2M

And Rupp ran in the middle of those two times. Moreover, tonight’s run was a tiny bit better than the one last week, which makes sense as it’s later in the season.

Quick Take #2: While Rupp’s two-mile tonight is the indoor American record, he just missed setting the fastest 2-mile run under any conditions indoors or out by an American.

Galen Rupp sets the AR Galen Rupp sets the AR.

Outdoors, Matt Tegenkamp has the record at 8:07.07. That lives to see another day.

Of course, if we are talking 3,000/2-mile records, Bernard Lagat holds the US record outdoors in the 3,000 of 7:29.00 (Rieti 2010), which converts to roughly 8:04.98 for 2 miles.

Quick Take #3: In case you are wondering, here are the World Records for 2 miles. Indoors, Kenenisa Bekele ran 8:04.35 in the UK in 2008 as stated above. Outdoors, Daniel Komen ran 7:58.61 in Belgium in 1997.

That being said, the indoor and outdoor 3,000 marks are superior to the 2-mile marks, which makes sense given the 3,000 is run more often.

Indoors, Daniel Komen ran 7:24.90 for 3,000 in Budapest in 1998, which converts to about 8:00.55 for two miles.

Outdoors, arguably the greatest distance world record on the books is the 7:20.67 that Komen ran for 3,000 in Rieti in in 1996. 7:20.67 converts to about 7:55.98 for two miles.

Quick Take #4:  Want lap by lap 200 meters splits for Rupp? Go here: LRC Galen Rupp’s 8:07.41 Two Mile Record Broken Down – Lap by Lap Splits

Results and Photos from today’s race appear below. Sorry, the photos aren’t in order. Click on them and they should enlarge.

Note: This article originally incorrectly stated that Rupp had broken his own American 2-mile record. Rupp used to hold the American 2-mile record at 8:09.72, but that was eclipsed by Lagat last year. The article also incorrectly stated the indoor 3,000 record at 7:24.98 instead of the 7:24.90 which Komen, not Bekele, holds.

Results From Lancer Timing

Event 39  Men 2 Mile Run Invitational
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals                
  1 Rupp, Galen                  Nike Oregon Project    8:07.41  3000m: 7:34.68
  2 Harvey, Brian                Baa                    8:51.48                
  3 Karwoski, Nick               Whirlaway              8:51.55                
  4 Alexander, Sam               Baa                    8:53.07                
  5 Brimstein, Alex              Syracuse Chargers      8:54.52                
  6 Gibson, Robert               Unattached             9:13.37                
 -- Casey, Patrick               Otc Elite                  DNF                
 -- Birgen, Bethwel              Unat-Nike Or               DNF  3000-7:37.17  
 -- Gilland, Taylor              Boston Sharks              DNF

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Screenshot (109)

Galen Rupp after 2 mile Screenshot (114) Screenshot (116) Screenshot (117) Screenshot (121) Galen Rupp 2 mile AR Galen Rupp after 2 mile - 4 Galen Rupp after 2 mile - 3 Galen Rupp after 2 mile - 2

8:09.72 is history 8:09.72 is history.

Screenshot (130) Screenshot (110) Screenshot (111) Screenshot (112)



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